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Spa and Wellness Retreats in St. Lucia

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When I was younger, a friend told me about a young woman who would head to St. Lucia whenever she wanted to relax. She would leave Barbados on a Friday evening and check into one of the top spas and wellness retreats in St. Lucia, and then return home on the Sunday evening. I made a promise that I would try this, but I never took the time to research the top spas in the island.

My body is calling for a break. My brain is frazzled, my muscles are aching and I am thinking more and more about planning a wellness retreat. It has always been said that St. Lucia is one of the best destinations for health and wellness because of its therapeutic beaches, relaxing waters and beaches and options to enjoy rejuvenating volcanic mud baths. These are treats that nature has blessed St. Lucia with and I believe that I should enjoy them now.


Spa and Wellness Retreats in St. Lucia

To create a shortlist of wellness retreats in St. Lucia, I checked several sources. I wanted to find as many retreats as possible, but only those that met certain characteristics. My ideal spa and wellness resort should be on an island that encourages relaxation; offers wellness activities in calming and harmonious surrounding; encourages mindful practices and actively promotes well-being; engages in the practice of therapeutic and relaxing treatments; and leaves me feeling fulfilled at the end of my stay.

There are several retreats which meet these requirements and I believe that they will inspire a healthier lifestyle even after my stay. The best spa and wellness retreats in St. Lucia are:

  1. Spa at The Landings Resort
  2. Stonefield Villa Resort and Spa
  3. Health & Beauty Day Spa
  4. The Rainforest Spa at Sugar Beach
  5. Boucan by Hotel Chocolat
  6. Cool Water Day Spa
  7. Wellness Centre at The Body Holiday
  8. Ti Kaye Resort & Spa
  9. The Spa Village at Capella Marigot Bay Resort and Marina
  10. The Spa at Ladera
  11. Tranquillity Body & Soul Spa
  12. La Mer Spa At Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa
  13. Spa Maison
  14. The Spa – Serenity at Coconut Bay

Spa at The Landings Resort

Located on the Pigeon Island Causeway in Rodney Bay, the luxurious spa at The Landings Resort spans an impressive 7,000 square feet. There are 8 therapy rooms, facial rooms, massage rooms, a wet therapy room and VIP rooms. The spa menu at the Landings Resort reveals a relaxing array of treatments, packages and services. Body treatments, classic and signature massage rituals, skin care and facial treatments are only a handful of what’s available for wellness-oriented guests. There is also the Health Club which is one of the top fitness facilities in St. Lucia. The club features modern weight training and cardiovascular conditioning equipment.

Stonefield Villa Resort and Spa

The land on which Stonefield Villa Resort and Spa sits, is a rich, fertile ground with historic landmarks that faces the Petit Piton mountain. This location, in the heart of the rainforest, creates a calming experience for guests seeking peace and a path to wellness. As one of St. Lucia’s top luxury spa resorts, Stonefield was designed with relaxation and rejuvenation in mind. In addition to massage therapies, manicures, pedicures and body treatments, there are options to create a fitness holiday or meditative retreat. Restorative yoga sessions, challenging scenic adventures and organic meals can be arranged.

Health & Beauty Day Spa

Guinot is an international salon brand that was founded in 1972 by Jean-Daniel Mondin. He used his vision for cosmetics to create a range of products and services that are described as the alternative to aesthetic medicine. Health and Beauty Day Spa represents the French brand in St. Lucia and pampers guests with exclusive treatments. The spa offers a number treatments including detox treatments, waxing, body wraps, massages and specialty Guinot facials. These facials consist of a number of specific treatments that are designed to remove toxins, deep clean the facial glands, and make your skin appear younger.

The Rainforest Spa at Sugar Beach

The beauty of the Rainforest Spa can be felt in the nourishing treatments that utilise the natural resources from the nearby volcanic springs and fertile cocoa plantations. The spa is one of the offerings of Sugar Beach, one of the most luxurious resorts in St. Lucia, and one of the most popular Viceroy Resort properties. The resort is on the site of an old sugar plantation and gazes at the famed Pitons. This enviable location is one of the reasons why the Rainforest Spa’s spa menu can focus on the three Rs – restoration, renewal and reflection.

Cacao by Hotel Chocolat

Cacao by Hotel Chocolat is one of those spa and wellness retreats in St. Lucia that provides guests with a small, yet impactful suite of services. The wellness therapies feature handmade products made from the cacao bean. The cacao bean is rich in antioxidants and vital minerals which do the body good. Services include cacao massages; cacao body treatments (exfoliation and moisturisation); cacao detox body wrap; and the cacao facial. Cacao is located on the property of the Rabot Hotel (previously known as Boucan). There are 14 private eco-lodges set on the grounds of a cacao farm in full view of the Pitons.

Cool Water Day Spa

In the heart of the Rodney Bay Tourism Village, Cool Water Day Spa provides a suite of services to individuals and groups. With over 30 years of tending to the health and wellness of clients, Cool Water promises a premier spa day experience. The spa provides a number of massage therapies, facial treatments, body experiences, treatment enhancements, spa packages and beauty services. The highlight of the spa are the spa packages which combine popular treatments for an unforgettable pampering experience. My favourite spa package on the menu is the Sanctuary Retreat which consists of a facial, Mediterranean salt scrub, Swedish massage and hand and foot rejuvenation.

Wellness Centre at The Body Holiday

A health and wellness anywhere in the world, should be a luxurious experience that is pleasurable and memorable. Body Holiday is a unique concept, that has been changing lives since it first opened in 1988. As a full all-inclusive wellness resort, Body Holiday provides personalised services to guests. Its activities are based on four pillars – exercise, good diet, restorative beauty and relaxation. Guests who stay at the wellness retreat can partake in body treatments, wraps and scrubs, thalassotherapy, fitness classes, yoga, land sports and water sports. There are also restorative beauty services, Ayurvedic therapies, and ageing treatments.

Ti Kaye Resort & Spa

Although you love your children, sometimes you have to take a break and enjoy some adult time with your partner. If you book a stay at Ti Kaye, you cannot bring your children because it’s an adult-only resort. This means that you can spend endless hours on the secluded Anse Cochon beach. The hotel’s relaxing vibe encourages guests to focus on themselves when indulging in spa services. The Kai Koko Spa is aptly located with jaw dropping views of the ocean. Main spa treatments which include massages, facials and body wraps are separated into four categories – sooth, nourish, detox and energise.

The Spa Village at Marigot Bay Resort and Marina

The Spa Village at Marigot Bay Resort and Marina is described as an oasis of privacy and relaxation that allows you to clear your mind. Its pillars of service reflect core beliefs that guide its experiences. There is a strong focus on holistic health and restoring, soothing and invigorating. A partnership with the VOYA brand, is testimony to the spa’s commitment to sustainability and health. The spa is a hidden haven that is decked out with a jacuzzi and sauna. Both of them provide perfect views of the Caribbean Sea. Treatments include signature treatments, traditional health therapies, ancient mind, body and spirit therapies, skin care, and traditional massage therapies.

The Spa at Ladera

If it is a luxury spa in the Caribbean that you want, then The Spa at Ladera is what you need. Nestled in the mountains and surrounded by tropical plants, the spa allows guests to enhance their senses. Clean, fresh air; sounds of nature; views of the island; and therapies that engage the skin are all soothing to the body and the soul. The spa’s treatments are varied and include a number of relaxing and therapeutic options. Massages, facials, body scrubs, body wraps, beauty services and spa packages are a few of the items on the spa’s brochure. The highlight of the brochure is the sulphur mud treatment at the Sulphur Springs.

Tranquility Body & Soul Spa

There is nothing more relaxing than spending a much-needed vacation at a hillside retreat in the Caribbean that overlooks the ocean. Tranquility Body and Soul Spa aims to nurture your wellbeing through its spa therapies and art facilities. Its spa treatments include the Massage Collection, a Specialty Massage Collection, Body Wrap Treatments, Pevonia Facial Treatments, and a teen spa experience. There also a Day Experience, Spa Outings for ladies and gents, nail services, beauty services such as waxing, and salon services. Popular spa and wellness treatments include an aromatic salt scrub, an aromatherapy massage and a detox seaweed wrap.

La Mer Spa At Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa

Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa is one the most popular hotels in Rodney Bay Village in St. Lucia. Its beachfront spa overlooks Reduit Beach and specialised in pure indulgence. Skillful specialists deliver spa services that renew their clients’ senses through a variety of spa offerings. Spa packages include La Mer branded massages, couples’ treatments, skin care, body treatments and packages. The La Mer packages provide the best value for peace and relaxation. Packages which are either two or three hours, combine massages, facials, manicures and pedicures and include special pampering for men.

Spa Maison – Cap Maison

Cap Maison is a beloved boutique hotel that exudes luxury from its secluded location in Cap Estate. This luxurious experience is also available at Spa Maison, the resort’s wellness retreat. The spa offers a range of treatments for both men and woman, which feature products from Sothys of Paris. Treatments include massages, exfoliation rituals and facials designed to ease away the stresses of life and work. Cap Maison also incorporates a wellness component into its offering. Yoga, pilates and fitness classes are available, and there is a running and hiking club that explores the remote beaches and trails on St. Lucia’s Atlantic coast.

The Spa – Serenity at Coconut Bay

The purpose of many spa and wellness retreats in St. Lucia is to rejuvenate clients who purchase their products and services. Serenity at Coconut Bay is more than just a spa at a luxurious resort in St. Lucia. It is an elevated experience with carefully curated treatments that are designed to revive, restore and reconnect you. The spa brochure reveals a body therapy collection, a skin care collection, specialist massage treatments, couples treatments, and a weddings collection. Treatments occur in 6 treatment rooms and there are private showers, private beachfront cabanas, saunas, steam rooms, relaxation lounges, changing rooms and a beauty salon.

Why You Should Consider the Wellness Retreats in St. Lucia

We are living in world that is defined by rising statistics of people suffering from stress, depression and chronic diseases thanks to various economic, social and environmental factors. One way to deal with these ailments is to commit to a wellness retreat in the Caribbean. There are many Caribbean destination spas which specialise in health and wellness experiences and St. Lucia is home to several of them. There are many reasons why island is one of the top spa destinations in the world.

St. Lucia is one of the top locations for health, spa and wellness retreats because of their unique nature hydrothermal and therapeutic practices that incorporate natural resources into their experiences. The spas in St. Lucia provide ancient and modern spa techniques. Examples include massage therapy, facials and beauty treatments, skin rejuvenation services and toxin elimination among others.

The experience will benefit your mind and body in many ways. Physical benefits, which may accrue due to natural treatments, include muscle pain relief, a stimulated immune system, an improved digestive system, increased flexibility and accelerated metabolism. Psychological benefits include reduced stress, higher self-esteem and an improved emotional and mental state.

Image Credit: The Spa at Ladera

Spa and Wellness Retreats in St. Lucia

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