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Endless Caribbean - Guadeloupe’s History and Heritage
Culture, Heritage and History, Guadeloupe

Delve Into Guadeloupe’s History and Heritage

Guadeloupe’s history and heritage has shaped the country’s national identity which consists of its language, religious beliefs, social construct, economic and political institutions, culinary and cultural ideas. Research into the island’s rich and fascinating history will reveal a comfortable and harmonious blend of diversity. As a result, there are many […]

Endless Caribbean - The Many Cultures in Haiti
Culture, Heritage and History, Haiti

The Many Cultures in Haiti

The many cultures in Haiti are visible in the country’s norms, mores, and values. This diverse cultural heritage has shaped the country’s history as well as its language, religions and beliefs, music and dance, cuisine, demographics, and overall way of life. African, Spanish, French, and indigenous Taino people have had […]

Endless Caribbean - National Parks in the Caribbean
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National Parks in the Caribbean

The national parks in the Caribbean are special protected areas that are under the management of local governments and non-profit organisations. Special designations attached to these parks ensure that they will be preserved for many years, and current and future generations will benefit from them. Although the Caribbean’s national parks […]