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Endless Caribbean - National Parks in the Caribbean
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National Parks in the Caribbean

The national parks in the Caribbean are special protected areas that are under the management of local governments and non-profit organisations. Special designations attached to these parks ensure that they will be preserved for many years, and current and future generations will benefit from them. Although the Caribbean’s national parks […]

Endless Caribbean - The Belize Cultural Mosaic Itinerary 2
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The Belize Cultural Mosaic Itinerary

The Belize Cultural Mosaic itinerary was developed with the assistance of a tourism student of the University of the West Indies’ St. Augustine campus, as part of the Endless Caribbean internship programme.  Belize is a traveller’s dream with its lush landscapes, healthy reefs (including the Great Blue Hole), friendly people […]

Top 18 Sites to Visit in Suriname - Foodica
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Top 18 Sites to Visit in Suriname

With a land area of over 63,000 square miles, there are many fascinating sites to visit in Suriname. Bordered by other exciting countries such as Guyana, French Guiana and Brazil, Suriname has carved out its own unique space in the South America continent. We’ve sourced eighteen of the most exciting […]

art galleries and museums in haiti
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Art Galleries and Museums in Haiti

The art galleries and museums in Haiti display the exciting culture of a country with African, European and American influences. Haitian art consists of sculptures; paintings; and flag-making and is an important part of the culture and history of Haiti and the Caribbean. As a result, Haitian art is a […]