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30 National Dishes of the Caribbean

If you’re here to read about the national dishes of the Caribbean, it means that you are a foodie just like me. Welcome.

This is an open call to all foodies who want to sample the national dishes of the Caribbean. Many Caribbean countries have national dishes that reflect their culinary culture and heritage. National dishes are often resourceful meals that utilise ingredients that are plentiful in the country. These meals have been handed down from generation to generation and have remained unchanged for many years. Recently, there have been several innovative interpretations of the national dishes of the Caribbean. However, they are not intended to change the past, but instead propel them even further forward.

National Dishes of the Caribbean

One of the things to do when you visit the Caribbean, is to taste local delicacies and beverages. Caribbean islands may share some of the same delicacies, but there might be a specific ingredient that is added, to make the meal unique to the country. Caribbean food is very flavourful and naturally excites the palette. To start, you should try the national dish which is essentially a culinary gateway into the destination.

The national dishes of the Caribbean are:

  1. Anguilla: Pigeon Peas and Rice
  2. Antigua and Barbuda: Fungi and Pepperpot
  3. Aruba: Keshi Yena
  4. Bahamas: Cracked Conch with Peas and Rice
  5. Barbados: Cou Cou and Flying Fish
  6. Belize: Rice and Beans With Fish Stew
  7. Bonaire: Stewed Goat Meat
  8. British Virgin Islands: Fish and Fungi
  9. Cayman Islands: Turtle
  10. Cuba: Ropa Vieja
  11. Curacao: Keshi Yena
  12. Dominica: Mountain Chicken/ Callaloo Soup
  13. Dominican Republic: Sancocho
  14. Grenada: Oil Down
  15. Guadeloupe: Porc Colombo
  16. Guyana: Pepperpot
  17. Haiti: Rice and Beans
  18. Jamaica: Ackee and Saltfish
  19. Martinique: Grilled Snapper With Sauce Chien
  20. Montserrat: Goat Water
  21. Puerto Rico: Arroz con Gandules
  22. St. Kitts and Nevis: Stewed Salt Fish with Dumplings, Spicy Plantains and Breadfruit
  23. St. Lucia: Green Figs and Salt Fish
  24. St. Maarten: Conch and Dumplings
  25. St. Martin: Callaloo Soup
  26. St. Vincent and the Grenadines: Roasted Breadfruit and Jackfish
  27. Saba: Goat Meat With Peas and Rice
  28. Trinidad and Tobago: Crab and Callaloo
  29. Turks and Caicos: Conch
  30. United States Virgin Islands: Fish and Fungi

Anguilla: Pigeon Peas and Rice

The national dish of Anguilla is pigeon peas and rice. Pigeon peas are a popular legumes that are commonly grown throughout the region. The peas are very tasty and are often prepared with fresh herbs and onions and garlic. Here is a simple recipe from Taste the Caribbean on how to make pigeon peas and rice.

Where to Eat Pigeon Peas and Rice in Anguilla

Restaurants that serve pigeon peas and rice in Anguilla are:

English Rose: Carter Rey Blvd., The Valley Anguilla
Coconos: Blowing Point Anguilla
B & D’s BBQ: Long Bay Village Anguilla

Antigua and Barbuda: Fungi and Pepperpot

Fungi and pepperpot is the national dish of Antigua and Barbuda. Core ingredients for fungi are cornmeal and okra; and pepperpot is made with different meats, vegetables, spices and onion. Learn how to make a fungi and pepperpot meal with these videos from Fluffy’s Kitchen and the Benjamin Sisters.

Where to Eat Fungi and Pepperpot in Antigua and Barbuda

Restaurants that serve fungi and pepperpot in Antigua and Barbuda are:

Caribbean Taste Restaurant: Near Nelson’s Boatyard, English Harbour, Antigua 268-562-3049
The Captains Quarters Restaurant: Saint Paul, Antigua, and Barbuda, 1 268-562-7159
Miracles of the Caribbean Restaurant and Bar: Valley Road, Jolly Harbour Antigua 1-268-783-0045

Aruba: Keshi Yena

The national dish of Aruba is keshi yena. It is a cheese casserole made with edam cheese that is baked or steamed in a double boiler. The recipe can be tailored to add spiced chicken or seafood or even vegetables. For detailed instructions on how to make keshi yena, check out this recipe on Visit Aruba.

Where to eat Keshi Yena in Aruba

Restaurants that serve keshi yena in Aruba are:

Gasparito: Gasparito 3, Noord, Aruba, 1-297-593-6245
The Old Cunucu House: Palm Beach 150, Noord, Aruba, 1-297-586-1666
Aquarius Restaurant: L.G. Smith Boulevard 82, Oranjestad, Aruba, 1-297-583-6000 Ext: 6156

Bahamas: Cracked Conch with Peas and Rice

The national dish of the Bahamas is cracked conch with peas and rice. Conch is a large sea snail that is plentiful in the waters surrounding the Bahamas. For this dish, the conch is fried in a tempura batter and fried until golden brown. The peas and rice are flavoured with onions, tomato, thyme, pepper and tomato.

Where to Eat Conch and Peas and Rice in the Bahamas

Restaurants that serve conch and peas and rice in the Bahamas are:

Bahamian Cookin Restaurant: Downtown, Parliament Street, Nassau, Bahamas
Oh Andros Fish Fry: Arawak Cay, Nassau City, Bahamas, 1-242-326-7115
Goldie’s Conch House: Arawak Cay, Nassau, New Providence Island, Bahamas 1-242-352-3400

Barbados: Cou Cou and Flying Fish

Cou cou and flying fish is the national dish of Barbados. This meal is one the resourceful national dishes in the Caribbean because it makes use of ingredients that are grown locally in Barbados. Flying fish was once plentiful in Barbados’ waters and coucou can be made with locally made cornmeal. Learn more about coucou and flying fish from Barbados Pocket Guide.

Where to Eat Cou Cou and Flying Fish in Barbados

Restaurants that serve cou cou and flying fish in Barbados are:

Mustor’s Restaurant: McGregor Street, Bridgetown, St. Michael, Barbados
Granny’s Restaurant: Oistins, Christ Church, Barbados
Fisherman’s Pub: Speightstown, St. Peter, Barbados

Belize: Rice and Beans

Rice and beans is one of the national dishes of Belize. The core ingredients are coconut milk and spices, and is often paired with stewed chicken or fish and either potato salad or fried plantain on the side. For more about Belizean rice and beans and other must-try foods in Belize, check out this article by the Belize Collection.

Where to Eat Rice and Beans in Belize

Restaurants that serve rice and beans in Belize are:

Antojito’s Restaurant: San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize
Marva’s Restaurant: Water Lane, Belize City, Belize
Caladium Restaurant: Belmopan, Belize

Bonaire: Stewed Goat Meat

The national dish of Bonaire is stewed goat meat which is locally known as stroba kabritu. There are many goats on the island, which provide goat meat, goat milk, goat cheese and goat yoghurt. In this hearty recipe from Taste the Islands, you will need two pounds of goat meat, onion, garlic, lime juice, spices, butter, beef broth and white vinegar.

Where to Stewed Goat Meat in Bonaire

Restaurants that serve stewed goat meat in Bonaire are:

Eddy’s Bar & Restaurant: Kaya Gobernador N. Debrot 79, Kralendijk Bonaire 1-599-717-6731
Konfo Grill Bar Restaurant: 12 Julio A. Abraham Boulevard, Kralendijk, Bonaire +599 717 9733
Verona’s Bar Restaurant: Kaya Para Mira 2, Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean, +599-717-6440

British Virgin Islands: Fish and Fungi

The national dish of the British Virgin Islands is fish and fungi. It’s very similar to Barbados’ coucou and flying fish and uses some of the same ingredients. The foundations of the meal are cornmeal, okra and firm white fish, usually red snapper. Check out this easy to follow recipe for fish and fungi from the British Virgin Islands government.

Where to Eat Fish and Fungi in the British Virgin Islands

Restaurants that serve fish and fungi in the British Virgin Islands are:

Sebastian’s on the Beach: Apple Bay, Tortola, BVI, 1-284-495-4212
Pink Flamingo Restaurant and Bar: Pomato Point, VG1140 Anegada, 1-284-343-5467

Cayman Islands: Turtle Stew

The national dish of the Cayman Islands is turtle stew. The traditional dish consists of turtle meat, onions and peppers and ground provisions such as cassava and potatoes. The Cayman Islands is one of the few countries in the world where turtle meat is a legal delicacy. There is an interesting article by the Cayman Compass that assesses the country’s national dish.

Where to Eat Turtle Stew in the Cayman Islands

Restaurants that serve turtle stew in the Cayman Islands are:

The Cracked Conch: 857 N W Point Rd, West Bay, Cayman Islands, 1-345-945-5217
Grand Old House Cayman: 648 South Church Street, Cayman Islands, 1-345-949-9333
Amelia’s Kitchen: Crewe Rd, George Town, Cayman Islands, 1-345-949-5522

Cuba: Ropa Vieja

Ropa Vieja is the national dish of Cuba. The meal originated in Spain and when translated to English, it means old clothes. The story behind the name is an interesting one. There was a poor man who cooked his clothes to feed his family. He prayed over the food and he received a miracle that turned the food into a tasty stew.

Where to Eat Ropa Vieja in Cuba

Restaurants that serve ropa vieja in Cuba are:

La Vitrola: San Ignacio, Havana, Cuba +53 5 2857111
Paladar Doña Eutimia: Callejón del Chorro 60C Plaza de La Catedral Habana Vieja Havana, Cuba +53 7 8013332
La Esquina De Cuba: La Habana Vieja, Havana, Cuba +53 5 9110994

Curacao: Keshi Yena

Similar to Aruba, keshi yena is the national dish of Curacao. Back in the 17th and 18th centuries, when the slave owners ate gouda and edam cheese, they gave the leftovers, which were the wax rinds to the slaves. The slaves would take the hollowed-out gouda or any other cheese round, fill it with meat and vegetables, and bake it until the cheese melted.

Where to Eat Keshi Yena in Curacao

Restaurants that serve kesha yena in Curacao are:

Restaurant & Café Gouverneur De Rouville: De Rouvilleweg, Willemstad, Curaçao +599 9 462 5999
Nautilus Restaurant: Baden Powellweg 1, Renaissance Curacao Resort & Casino, Willemstad, Curacao +599 9 435 5034
Restaurant The Pen: Avila Beach Hotel, 130, Penstraat, Willemstad, Curaçao, +599 9 788 1949

Dominica: Callaloo Soup (Formerly Mountain Chicken)

The national dish of Dominica is callaloo soup. However, it was only given this title in 2013 after the previous national dish, mountain chicken, became scarce on the island. Callaloo soup consists of leafy vegetables, seasonings, onions, fresh herbs, ground provisions, meat and coconut milk. Visit Dominica Explorer for a tasty callaloo soup recipe.

Where to Eat Callaloo Soup in Dominica

Restaurants that serve callaloo soup in Dominica are:

Riverside Cafe: Citrus Creek Plantation – Main Road, Taberi, La Plaine Taberi, Dominica 1-767-617-1234
Pearl’s Cuisine: 28 Great Marlborough St, Roseau, Dominica, 1-767-613-8707
Iguana Café: Michael Douglas Blvd, Portsmouth, Dominica, 1-767-315-0471

Dominican Republic – La Bandera

The national dish of the Dominican Republic is la bandera. Because the Dominican Republic has such a rich culinary history, there are many other dishes that could hold this title. Lan Bandera is a tasty meal that consists of rice, red beans and meat. La Bandera, which when translated means “the flag” is believed that to have come about when the Dominican Republic declared its independence from Haiti.

Where to Eat La Bandera in the Dominican Republic

Restaurants that serve la bandera in the Dominican Republic are:

Restaurante Delicias de Bavaro: Avenida Espana, Esquina Avenida Francia, Bavaro, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic 1-809-552-1347
El Conuco: Calle Casimiro De Moya # 152, Santo Domingo 10207, Dominican Republic (Gazcue) 1-809-686-0129
Jalao: Calle el Conde, Ciudad Colonial, Santo Domingo 10210, Dominican Republic, 1-809-792-1262

Grenada: Oil Down

The national dish of Grenada is oil down. It is another one of those national dishes of the Caribbean that uses ingredients that are plentiful on the island. Breadfruit, callaloo, coconut milk and salted meat or fish are the core ingredients of the meal. The name oil down is inspired by the fragrant oil that is released from the coconut milk during cooking.

Where to Eat Oil Down

Restaurants that serve oil down in Grenada are:

BB’s Crabback: The Carenage. St. Georges, St. George’s, Grenada, 1-473-435-7058
Dodgy Dock Grenada: True Blue, St. George’s, Grenada, 1-473-443-8783
Andy’s Soup House: Grand Anse Valley Rd, Ruth Howard, Grenada, 1-473-418-1600

Guadeloupe: Porc Colombo

The national dish of Guadeloupe is Porc Columbo. It is traditionally made with pork that is seasoned with spices, fresh herbs, onions, garlic and peppers, and of course curry. The dish was brought to the island by indentured labourers from India in the 19th and 20th centuries. This was during a bustling sugar cane industry that was prevalent throughout the Caribbean at that time.

Where to Eat Porc Columbo in Guadeloupe

Restaurants that serve porc columbo in Guadeloupe are:

La Dame Jeanne: Rue Alfred Balon Doyon Guadeloupe, +590 590 86-0127
Restaurant le Bord de Mer: ZI de Jarry, Rue de la Chapelle, Baie-Mahault 97122, Guadeloupe, +590 590 32 77 98

Guyana: Pepperpot

The national dish of Guyana is pepperpot. It is an Amerindian meal that is a favourite for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Early iterations of the dish used cassareep, which is a meat preservative. Cassareep is a dark coloured syrup that is made from cassava. In this pepperpot recipe by Jehan Can Cook, the top ingredients are pork, beef, cow foot, salted beef, salted pig tail, cassareep and wiri wiri peppers.

Where to Eat Pepperpot in Guyana

Restaurants that serve pepperpot in Guyana are:

German’s Restaurant: 8 New Market & Mundy Sts., Georgetown, Guyana, 1-592-227 0079
Starbuds: 183 Albert St, Georgetown, Guyana, 1-592-223-7927,
Bottle Bar and Restaurant: Cara Lodge, 294 Quamina Street, Georgetown Guyana 1-592-225-5301

Haiti: Rice and Red Beans

The national dish of Haiti is rice and red beans. Haiti has a diverse culinary background with influences from the French, Africans, Spanish and Taino Amerindian. These various cultures brought various staples that are still available in the country today. Rice and red beans is a staple in the country and is often paired with pork (griot) that has been cleansed with lime and salt and marinated in seasonings.

Where to Eat Rice and Beans in Haiti

Restaurants that service rice and beans in Haiti are:

CARI Restaurant & Service Traiteur: Delmas 41 Batiment Pompe Total a l’etage, Delmas 6121 Haiti
VOL Cafe-Bistro: Port-au-Prince, Haiti, +509 28 15 1285
Smokey’s Bar & Grill: 41, Rue Lamarre, Petion-Ville Port Au Prince, 6140, Haiti, +509 47 66 5397

Jamaica: Ackee and Saltfish

The national dish of Jamaica is ackee and saltfish. This dish consists of ackee, which is fruit that must ripen before consumption and salt fish. The pairing of fruit and fish is enhanced with peppers, tomatoes, onions and spices. In Jamaica, it’s a popular breakfast dish, but it can be eaten at any time of the day. To learn more about the origins of this meal, visit >.

Where to Eat Ackee and Saltfish in Jamaica

Restaurants that serve ackee and saltfish in Jamaica are:

Splendid Jamaican Cafe & Grill: Coral Gardens Ave, Jamaica, 1-876-575-4729
Markie Shop: Codac St, Montego Bay, Jamaica, 1-876-416-6317
Reggae Kitchen and Lounge: Shop 3, The Fishing Village, Ocho Rios, Jamaica, 1-876-508-9952

Martinique: Grilled Snapper With Sauce Chien

One of the national dishes of Martinique is grilled snapper with sauce chien (creole sauce.) The island has a rich culinary background which means that it benefits from a range of cultural food influences. This national dish is made with grilled snapper and spices and herbs like chives, onions and parsley.  Other popular dishes on the island are columbo and codfish and green bananas.

Where to Eat Grilled Snapped With Sauce Chien in Martinique

Restaurants that serve grilled snapper with sauce chien in Martinique are:

Restaurant Les Arômes Martinique: 13 avenue du général de Gaulle, Le Carbet 97221, Martinique +596 596 62 43 22
Sandy’s Restaurant: terre saint ville, 22 Rue Saint Just, Fort-de-France 97200, Martinique +596 596 63 00 14
Kay Ali: 145 Avenue Condorcet, Fort-de-France 97200, Martinique +596 596 50 17 72

Montserrat: Goat Water

The national dish of Montserrat is goat water. It is a stew that is made from the meat of a male goat. It’s a precise dish that requires some skill and a clear understanding of what’s expected from the stew. The flavours must be just right and the consistency should not be too thin or too thick. If you’re willing to try your hand at this meal, use this recipe from Visit Montserrat.

Where to Eat Goat Water in Montserrat

Restaurants that serve goat water in Montserrat are:

People’s Place: Fogarthy Hill, St. Peter, Montserrat +1-664-491-7528
Tina’s Restaurant: Cudjoehead, Montserrat +1-664-491-3538

Puerto Rico: Arroz con Gandules

Puerto Rico’s national dish is arroz con gandules (rice with pigeon peas). It is a versatile dish that can be paired with any meat. The flavours in arroz con gandules comes from the layering of ingredients in the secret sauce, sofrito. According to Trip Savvy, Sofrito is made using aromatic ingredients that are sauteed beforehand, which makes the meal zesty.

Where to Eat Arroz Con Gandules in Puerto Rico

Restaurants that serve arroz con gandules in Puerto Rico are:

Molini’s: 1857 Calle Loíz, San Juan, Puerto Rico +1-787-726-2024
Lechonera El Rancho Original: Carretera #184 Km. 27.5 Bo. Guavate, Cayey, Puerto Rico
La Casita Blanca: 351 Calle Tapia, San Juan, Puerto Rico

St. Kitts and Nevis: Stewed Salt Fish with Dumplings, Spicy Plantains and Breadfruit

The national dish of St. Kitts and Nevis is stewed salt fish with dumplings, spicy plantains and breadfruit. This tasty meal is like many of the other national dishes of the Caribbean because it uses a mix of locally available ingredients. A thorough recipe reveals that this dish is full of flavourful enhancements. These include fresh ginger for the spicy plantains and grated coconut for the dumplings.

Where to Eat Stewed Salt Fish With Dumplings, Spicy Plantains and Breadfruit

Restaurants that serve salt fish with dumplings, spicy plantains and breadfruit in St. Kitts and Nevis are:

Passion Bar & Grill: Pond Hill, St. Kitts & Nevis 1-869-669-3737
Rodney’s Local Cuisine: Upper Stoney Grove, St John’s, Charlestown, Nevis
El Fredos Restaurant and Bar: Sandown Road Newtown Bay Road, Basseterre St. Kitts, 1-869-764-9228

St. Lucia: Green Figs and Salt Fish

The national dish of St. Lucia is green figs and salt fish. It was an innovative and affordable meal that was created by slaves on the island. Green figs and salt fish pairs the two distinct tastes of sweet and salty which creates an exciting flavour. The meal requires several steps to get it just right. One necessary step is boiling the salt fish to remove some of the salt and then adding local spices and seasonings.

Where to Eat Green Figs and Salt Fish in St. Lucia

Restaurants that serve green figs and salt fish in St. Lucia are:

The Mango Tree: Stonefield Estate Resort, Soufriere, St. Lucia, 1-758-459-5648
Sea Grapes Beach Bar and Restaurant: Rodney Bay, St. Lucia, 1-758-457-8531
Big Yard: Bridge Street, Soufriere St. Lucia

St. Maarten: Conch and Dumplings

The national dish of St. Maarten is conch and dumplings. We Are SXM explains that this meal is starts with a sauce that’s made with conch. The popular sea snail is tenderized and pressure cooked with dumplings, spices and herbs. The resulting sauce with the dumplings is used as a gravy for rice and vegetables. Another iteration of the dish is conch and dumplings soup.

Where to Eat Conch and Dumplings in St. Maarten

Restaurants that serve conch and dumplings in St. Maarten are:

Nowhere Special Bar and Grill: Welfare Rd, Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten, 1-721-544-2440
Yvette’s Restaurant: Quartier D’ Orleans # 8, Quartier D’Orleans 97150, St Martin / St Maarten, 1-721-524-694
Rick’s: 79 Bush Rd, Philipsburg, Sint Maarten, 1-721-543-3399

St. Martin: Callaloo Soup

The national dish of St. Martin is callaloo soup. Callaloo is a popular leafy vegetable that is used in many meals throughout the Caribbean. It is believed that callaloo plants were brought to the Caribbean in the days of slavery. To make callaloo soup St. Martin style, you will need lots of callaloo, vegetables, onions, natural herbs like thyme and parsley and hot peppers. Some cooks may add pork to the soup.

Where to Eat Callaloo Soup in St. Martin

Restaurants that serve callaloo soup in St. Martin are:

Freedom Fighters Ital Shack: No. 07 Bush Rd, Philipsburg, Sint Maarten, 1-721-542-0055
Captain’s Rib Shack: Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten 1-721-527-4301
Little Ochie: Cole Bay, Sint Maarten, 1-721-544-4863

St. Vincent and the Grenadines: Roasted Breadfruit and Fried Jackfish

Roasted breadfruit and fried jackfish is the national dish of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. There are over 25 varieties of breadfruit on the island and a Breadfruit Festival is held in the month of August. According to this recipe from Food Travelogue, it is very easy to make this tasty dish. You will need a large breadfruit, 1 pound of jack fish, lime juice, seasonings, salt and oil for frying.

Where to Eat Roasted Breadfruit and Fried Jackfish

Restaurants that serve roasted breadfruit and fried jackfish in St. Vincent and the Grenadines are:

Bush Bar SVG: Leeward Hwy Vermont., Kingstown 184 St. Vincent
Vee Jay’s Restaurant & Bar: View Carpark, Lower Bay Street (Opposite Bay, Kingstown, St. Vincent & Grenadines, 1-784-457-2845

Saba: Goat Meat With Peas and Rice

One of the national dishes of Saba is goat meat with peas and rice. Saba is a Dutch island that has many favourite dishes. And, depending on who you ask, any of them could be classified as the national dish of Saba. In recent times, eating goat meat has become a rarity, even though there are many goats on the island. However, there are a couple restaurants that still include it on the menu.

Where to Eat Goat Meat With Peas and Rice in Saba

Restaurants that serve goat meat with peas and rice in Saba are:

Scout’s Place: Fort Street # 9, P.O. Box 543,Windwardside, Saba, Dutch Caribbean +599-416-2740

Trinidad and Tobago: Crab and Callaloo

The national dish of Trinidad and Tobago is crab and callaloo. It is a comforting Caribbean soul food because of how it makes you feel when you’re eating it. Ria, a Trinidadian food blogger living in New York, shared her own recipe for crab and callaloo. In her version of the meal, she used okras, carrots, pumpkin, coconut milk, herbs, spices, peppers, crab, and either dasheen bush leaves and stems or frozen chopped spinach.

Where to Eat Crab and Callaloo in Trinidad and Tobago

Restaurants that serve crab and callaloo in Trinidad and Tobago are:

Makara Restaurant: 49 – 55 Auchenskeoch Road, The Buccoo Integrated Facility, Buccoo Bay, Buccoo Point, Trinidad & Tobago, 1-868-340-9547
Creole Kitchen: 22 Boissiere Village #1, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago, 1-868-622-9905

Turks and Caicos Islands: Conch

The national dish of the Turks and Caicos Islands is conch. Conch is a large sea snail with firm white meat that is eaten raw and is a star ingredient in soups, salads, stews and finger foods. This delicacy uses the Queen conch (strombus giga) which, unfortunately, is an endangered species. Take a look at the Canadian Traveller’s exciting account of tasting conch in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Where to Eat in the Turks and Caicos Islands

Restaurants that serve conch in the Turks and Caicos Islands are:

Da Conch Shack: Blue Hills Rd, TKCA 1ZZ, Turks & Caicos Islands, 1-649-946-8877
Bugaloos: Five Cays, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands, 1-649-941-3863
Mudjin Bar & Grill: Middle Caicos, Turks and Caicos Islands, 1-649-246-4472

United States Virgin Islands: Fish and Fungi

The national dish of the United States Virgin Islands is fish and fungi. This is the same dish as the national dish in the British Virgin Islands. The origins of this dish date back to when all of the islands were under Danish Rule. Cornmeal was one of the core components of the slaves’ meals. Wine Enthusiast shares a delicious recipe with wine selections to boot.

Where to Eat Fish and Fungi in the United States Virgin Islands

Restaurants that serve fish and fungi in the United States Virgin Islands are:

Petite Pump Room Bar & Restaurant (St. Thomas): 3400 Veterans Dr Ste 6, Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas 00802, U.S. Virgin Islands, 1-340-776-2976
Cast Iron Pot: North Shore Road, 10A La Grande Princess, St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands, 1-340-692-2477
Cruz Bay Landing: 6 D Cruz Bay Town, St John, VI 00831, U.S. Virgin Islands, 1-340-776-6908

National Dishes of the Caribbean

For more information about the national dishes of the Caribbean, please visit the following links.

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Image Credit: The Jamaica Tourist Board

National Dishes of the Caribbean
Image Credit: The Jamaica Tourist Board

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