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17 Movies Filmed in the Caribbean

Endless Caribbean Movies Filmed in in the Caribbean

Did you know that there is a very long list of movies filmed in the Caribbean? It’s always a treat and excitement to see the Caribbean featuring in the latest movie releases. If you have never been to the Caribbean, maybe you have taken a trip whilst watching one of these films. Although a film will not give you the same experience, it can tie you over until you experience the real thing. So get your jetsetter groove on and book a Caribbean getaway after you have checked out these movies filmed in the Caribbean.

1. Pirates of the Caribbean 

17 movies filmed in the Caribbean - Dominica

Yes, yes and yes. In the Pirates of the Caribbean series, Captain Jack Sparrow wends his way through the high seas of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Dominica and Puerto Rico. So, when you’re looking at that gorgeous blue ocean and thinking that it’s so realistic and saying that it reminds you of the islands – you are right!

2. Dr. No

The old Bond films were so iconic, that it is no wonder the Caribbean played a major role in those scenes of tropical, lush forests and sparkling waters. We are shouting out all of Jamaica, because the movie was shot at Dunn’s River Falls, St. Ann and Ocho Rios. That is more than irie!

3. The Twilight Saga – Breaking Dawn

Are you a super fan of the Twilight movie series? There was something captivating about that series that definitely caught the eye. If you can appreciate the greatness of the movie, then you should understand why people are in love with vampires. But, thankfully there are no real vampires in the United States Virgin Islands where scenes from the movie were filmed!

4. Jurassic Park

Dinosaurs and the Caribbean just don’t go together. But for the producers of Jurassic Park, the Chavon River in the Dominican Republic was the perfect place to shoot after a hurricane affected the original site. Do you think that you might find a dinosaur bone in the Dominican Republic?

5. Splash

Splash is one of those feel-good movies that was filled with a bit of the city and a bit of the island. If you did not know, the island scenes were filmed in the beautiful Bahamas. Who knew that a dude would find love with a mermaid and that the Caribbean would be involved in it somehow?

6. The Shawshank Redemption

Morgan Freeman is one of my the best actors and he has an extensive filmography to show for it. Who knew that St. Croix in the U.S Virgin Islands was the final scene of the movie? This should be a treat for Caribbean jetsetters looking for little known movie sets in the islands.

7. Casino Royale

17 movies filmed in the Caribbean - the bahamas
The Bahamas is a favourite Caribbean location for movies.

Another Bond flick makes it to the list of movies filmed in the Caribbean, thanks to Bond’s love of the Bahamas. Even though you may have been told Bond was in Montenegro, many of these scenes were right here in the Caribbean. Bond believes it’s better in the Bahamas.

8. Bad Boys II

Picture this: Marcus and Mike are tied up in ecstasy ring that involves some really bad dudes. At one point, Syd, Marcus’ sister who is dating Mike on the down low, is kidnapped by a Cuban drug lord and taken to Cuba. Or so we thought. The Cuban scenes in the Bad Boys movie were actually filmed in Puerto Rico.

9. Cocktail

Cocktail was one of those movies that flew under the radar for many movie fanatics. A very young Tom Cruise is a bartender who takes a bartending job in Jamaica to save some money. However, his stay was not rosy and his life took some unforgettable twists and turns.

10. Goldeneye

Pierce Brosnan was one of the coolest James Bond actors of all time. The final scene of the Bond movie, Goldeneye, features the world’s largest single aperture telescope. And guess where that is? At the Arecibo Observatory in Arecibo, Puerto Rico!

11. Into the Blue

Into the Blue is a 2005 film that starred the late actor, Paul Walker. It was shot in Bahamas and involved filming with live sharks. It was reported that the film crew wore protective gear during filming, but the actors were unprotected! Did someone forget to hire the stunt doubles?

12. How Stella Got Her Groove Back

17 movies filmed in the caribbean - Jamaica
Jamaica is one of the best places to get your groove back.

How Stella Got Her Groove is one of those unforgettable movies filmed in the Caribbean. It’s a fun and flirty story of how Stella was swept off her feet by a young dude by the name of Winston. What’s better than a Caribbean getaway that ends up with love?

13. Why Did I Get Married Too

In Why Did I get Married Too, the four couples that we fell in love with in the first installment, take a much needed relax and revive vacation to the Bahamas. However, there was more than rest on this island getaway. In fact, it was more drama and heartbreak than anyone expected.

14. Flipper

Everyone’s favourite childhood dolphin, Flipper is one for the history books.  Flipper was both a movie and television series about the relationship between a boy and a dolphin. The 1963 movie was filmed in the Bahamas, but the story line takes place in Florida.

15. Swiss Family Robinson

The 1960 installment of the Swiss Family Robinson was filmed in the tiny island of Tobago. The plot of the movie features a family that was chased by a band of pirates during a storm and then became shipwrecked on an uninhabited island.

16. The Old Man and the Sea

The Old Man and the Sea is another one of those classic movies filmed in the Caribbean. Set off the coast of Cuba, the film features the story of an old fisherman who, after going 84 days without a catch, lands the catch of a lifetime.

17. Island in the Sun






17 movies filmed in the caribbean - barbados

Island in the Sun was a 1957 movie that highlighted the relationships between British colonists and native residents. Although the movie was based in the fictitious Santa Marta, it was filmed in Barbados and Grenada.

Maybe if you are a movie buff, you are not surprised by this list of movies filmed in the Caribbean. From now on when you watch a movie, pay a bit more attention to those gorgeous, tropical scenes. Chances are they are in the Caribbean!

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One of the important things to note about some of the movies filmed in the Caribbean, is that they feature some of the region’s most beautiful cultures and locations. Nice time you watch a film with a Caribbean set, take in the scenery and the people.

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