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Endless Caribbean - Guide to Bungee Jumping in Puerto Rico
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Guide to Bungee Jumping in Puerto Rico

Disclaimer: Bungee jumping in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean or anywhere else in the world is an extreme sport that comes with several risks. Please exercise caution when participating in this activity – use professional bungee jumping companies and follow the safety rules that are in place. If you are looking for an exciting adventure in […]

Endless Caribbean - PRTC Launches Musical Destinations Series
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The Puerto Rico Tourism Company Launches Musical Destinations Series

The Puerto Rico Tourism Company (PRTC) recently launched a musical destinations series that features the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra (PRSO) as the protagonist. This initiative falls in line with the main objectives of the PRTC, which include highlighting the culture of the island, especially those elements that appeal to local and international tourists. The Musical […]

Endless Caribbean - Best Drinks in Puerto Rico 2
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Best Drinks in Puerto Rico

Disclaimer: Many of the beverages in this list of best drinks in Puerto Rico contain alcohol. Please drink responsibly; do not drink with people you do not know; do not drive whilst intoxicated; and always observe the legal drinking age limits. If you love your stomach, then sampling the local dishes and beverages in the […]