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The Puerto Rico Tourism Company Launches Musical Destinations Series

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The Puerto Rico Tourism Company (PRTC) recently launched a musical destinations series that features the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra (PRSO) as the protagonist. This initiative falls in line with the main objectives of the PRTC, which include highlighting the culture of the island, especially those elements that appeal to local and international tourists.

The Musical Destinations series, which is a collaborative effort with the Musical Arts Corporation (CAM), promotes cultural tourism through interpretations of classical music. This unique concept sees the PRSO performing classical music at historical properties, museums and parks around the island. Some of the specific locations include Fort San Jeronimo, the Casa Cautino Museum and the Puerto Rico Museum of Art.


Puerto Rico Has a Rich Cultural Heritage

Administrative Coordinator of the PRSO, Yabetza Vivas Irizarry is full of praise for the initiative. She believes that Puerto Rico has a rich cultural heritage that deserves to be celebrated and represented. She and her team designed and produced the musical series, which will contribute to the goal of achieving sustainable development for the people of Puerto Rico.

Executive Director of PRTC, Carlos Mercado Santiago, is also pleased with the venture. He sees it as a valuable step in promoting the development of Puerto Rico’s tourism industry and economy. He sees the collaboration as a perfect harmonization of music from the OSPR and Puerto Rico’s natural and cultural resources. And, it is a manifestation of what they intend to achieve with the newly created Cultural Tourism Program. Santiago encourages everyone to visit the island “to enjoy the arts, culture and history.”

To view videos of the Musical Destinations series, please visit this You Tube link: Voy Turisteando

About the Puerto Rico Tourism Company

The Puerto Rico Tourism Company is a public entity that stimulates, promotes and regulates Puerto Rico’s tourism industry. Founded in 1970, the company aims to make Puerto Rico one of the top destinations in Caribbean tourism and the world tourism market.

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PRTC Launches Musical Destinations Series

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