Anguilla is a small, secluded tropical island in the Caribbean. It is made of coral and limestone and includes a number of tiny, uninhabited cays and islands. The people of Anguilla are people are friendly, warm and welcoming. Several aspects of the island are influenced by a mixture of Caribbean, African, Spanish, French and English cultures.

Endless Caribbean - How to Plan An Exciting Bird Watching Tour in Anguilla
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How to Plan An Exciting Bird Watching Tour in Anguilla

According to Avibase’s Bird Checklists of the World, as of March 2019, there were 179 species of birds in Anguilla. The bird population in Anguilla consists of migratory birds and their presence on the island contribute to year-round bird-watching opportunities. These opportunities rely on the favourable breeding seasons which benefit […]

Endless Caribbean - The Short and Sweet Secret Escape to Anguilla
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The Short and Sweet Secret Escape to Anguilla Itinerary

The Short and Sweet Secret Escape to Anguilla itinerary was developed with the assistance of a tourism student of the University of the West Indies’ St. Augustine campus, as part of the Endless Caribbean internship programme.  Three days in Anguilla may not seem like a lot, but for budget conscious […]

Day Boat Trips in Anguilla
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Day Boat Trips in Anguilla: Calypso Charters

There is nothing quite like a day boat trip that can be enjoyed by the whole family, a couple or by an adventurous single person. Day boat trips in Anguilla are extremely relaxing especially because you can indulge in a magnificent sail complete with a stunning blend of Anguilla scenery. […]

Endless Caribbean_ Anguilla Travel Guide - Updated
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The Anguilla Travel Guide

Welcome to the Anguilla Travel Guide. Find helpful travel tips about this friendly island in the Northern Caribbean. Read about airlines and ocean vessels that service Anguilla, entry and visa requirements, accommodation and transportation, tourism specialties, customs and immigration regulations, transportation and general tips about the island. To find information […]