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The Anguilla Travel Guide

Anguilla is one of the Caribbean’s most popular destinations for taking it easy and enjoying peace and quiet in the topics. The island has a rich history, gorgeous beaches, and some of the best food that you will ever taste. Visitors to the island often rave about the friendly people, how uncrowded it is and the wide range of activities and attractions.

About the Anguilla Travel Guide

Welcome to the Anguilla Travel Guide. Find helpful travel tips about this friendly island in the Northern Caribbean. Read about airlines and ocean vessels that service Anguilla, entry and visa requirements, accommodation and transportation, tourism specialties, customs and immigration regulations, transportation, and general travel tips about the island.

Best Time to Visit Anguilla

Anguilla is a year-round Caribbean destination, which means that you can visit whenever you want to. December to May is peak season and rates for airfares, accommodation and activities are higher. This also coincides with dry season, and thus the rain risk is a lot lower. June to November is the hurricane season and the chances of rain are higher. During these months, you will find better travel deals and offers.

Travelling to Anguilla

The island is serviced by several airlines and ocean vessels which provide regular services to the island.

Flying to Anguilla

Anguilla receives flight services from the following airlines: Cape Air, Rainbow International Airlines, Anguilla Air Charter, Anguilla Air Express, Anguilla Air Services, LIAT and Trans Anguilla Airways.

Airport in Anguilla

The main and only airport is the Clayton J. Lloyd Airport, which is situated on the immediate outskirts of capital. The airport (IATA: AXA, ICAO: TQPF) can accommodate small to medium size aircraft including the Dash 8, Super ATR 72, and most corporate jets. The airport offers aircraft refueling, ground handling and full concierge services.

Sailing to Anguilla

Anguilla is serviced by several ferry and professional boat services: Ferry shuttle, GB Express, Link Ferries, Funtime Charters, MV Shauna Ferries and Calypso Charters. Additionally, the island also welcomes private vessels and has berthing facilities for craft of all sizes.

Seaports in Anguilla

The seaports in Anguilla are the Blowing Point Ferry Terminal, Road Bay Cargo Port, Marine Base and Corito.

Anguilla Entry Requirements

Before you travel to Anguilla, there are a few passport, entry and visa requirements to note.


All visitors to Anguilla must possess a valid passport with at least six months before expiration.


Nationals of specific countries require a visa to enter Anguilla. Please check the entry requirements for Anguilla to see if your country of nationality is on the list.

Entry Conditions

Visitors must possess a return ticket, confirmation of accommodation and evidence of their ability to support themselves whilst on the island.

Anguilla Customs and Immigration Regulations

All visitors to Anguilla must clear Customs and Immigration at the ports of entry to gain legal entry to the country.

A departure tax applies to all tourists departing from Anguilla.

Where to Stay in Anguilla

The accommodation in Anguilla is an excellent range of properties that will suit any budget. There are resorts, small hotels, villas, guest houses, apartments, and airbnbs. To guarantee your space at your desired location, you should make reservations before you visit the island. When you arrive on the island, Customs and Immigration will ask for proof of accommodation.

10 Hotels and Resorts in Anguilla

Here are some of the hotels and resorts in Anguilla:

10 Villas in Anguilla

Here are some of the villas in Anguilla:

4 Guest Houses in Anguilla

Here are some of the guest houses in Anguilla:

10 Apartments in Anguilla

Here are some of the apartments in Anguilla:

10 Airbnbs in Anguilla

Here are some of the Airbnbs in Anguilla:

Getting Around in Anguilla

There is no bus service in Anguilla, so visitors are advised to rent a car or bicycle, hire a taxi, or walk. To hire a car, you must have a valid driver’s license from your resident country and a temporary Anguilla driver’s license. The temporary Anguilla driver’s licence is available for a small fee through most car rental agencies or your hotel.

Anguilla Highlights

Anguilla is known for its pristine beaches and relaxing atmosphere. However, the island has developed specialties in new areas such as: bird watching, culture/ heritage, cycling, diving, festivals, fishing, golf, health, wellness and spa, business (meetings, conferences etc.), sailing, soft adventures, sports, weddings and honeymoons and wildlife tourism.

10 Events in Anguilla

Here are some of the events in Anguilla:

  • February: ABC Annual Flower Show: Flower and garden show hosted by the Anguilla Beautification Club (ABC), held at the Wallblake House
  • March: Moonsplash Festival – Weekend music festival consisting of concerts, food and drinks
  • March/ April: Festival Del Mar – Easter fishing festival held in Island Harbour to honour all things from the sea
  • May: Anguilla Culinary Experience – Epicurean food and wine festival with cooking competitions, tastings, and parties
  • May: Anguilla Regatta – Annual regatta held over four days to raise funds for the Anguilla Youth Sailing Club
  • June: A Village Ting – Cultural festival held at the Ole East End School to celebrate the culture and history of Anguilla
  • July: John T. Memorial Cycling Race – Competitive road bike cycling event in Anguilla, hosted by the Anguilla Cycling Association
  • July/August: Anguilla Summer Festival – Festival that includes pageants, parades, parties and a traditional boat races
  • November: Anguilla Cup – World class tennis event sanctioned by the International Tennis Federation
  • November: Tourism Week – Celebration of Anguilla’s vibrant tourism industry

10 Landmarks in Anguilla

Here are some of the landmarks in Anguilla:

  • Wallblake House (Wallblake Road): Heritage plantation house in the Valley
  • St. Gerard Roman Catholic Church (The Valley): Striking church whose design pays homage to the island’s ocean history
  • The Old Court House and Old Prison (Crocus Hill): Ruins of the old courthouse and jail
  • Bethel Methodist Church (South Hill): Historic architectural church that overlooks Road Bay
  • Old Factory (Valley Road, Crocus Hill): Factory that was once used as a ginnery for cotton
  • The Warden’s Place (The Valley): 18th Century plantation house
  • Plantation Hughes Estate (Lower South Hill): Former sugar plantation and archaeological site
  • Benzies Plantation Ruins (North Hill): Ruins of a former 18th Century boiling house and curing house
  • Old Valley Well (The Valley): Historic hand dug well that dates back to Amerindian times

10 Places to Visit in Anguilla

Here are some places to visit in Anguilla:

  • Meads Bay: Silky, white sand beach on the west coast
  • The Valley: The capital city and heart beat of Anguilla
  • Crocus Bay: Calm and relaxing beach in the north
  • Island Harbour: Sheltered fishing village in the northeast
  • Devonish Art Gallery: Art and craft gallery in South Hill Village
  • Rendezvous Bay Beach: Crescent shaped white sand beach
  • Sandy Ground Village: Bustling nightlife, restaurants, and good vibes
  • Road Salt Pond: Important birding area close to Sandy Ground Village
  • Shoal Bay Beach: Long beach that’s ideal for swimming
  • Heritage Collection Museum: Displays artifacts that trace Anguilla’s history

10 Things to Do in Anguilla

Here are some things to do in Anguilla:

  • Follow the Anguilla Heritage Trail and learn about the island’s heritage
  • Take an early morning bird nature walk with Jackie Cestero
  • Book a catamaran and sail, swim and have lunch on the water
  • Get married at the Four Seasons Resort and Residences Anguilla
  • Play a round of golf at the Aurora Golf Course & Club
  • Scuba dive the island’s four wrecks including the Osterdeep Wreck
  • Sail to the offshore islands of Anguillita, the Prickly Pear Cays and Sandy Island
  • Book a deep-sea fishing charter with a seasoned charter company
  • Unwind with a luxurious spa treatment at the Zemi Thai House Spa
  • Snorkel and scuba dive the marine parks and wrecks around the island

10 Foods to Try in Anguilla

Here are some foods to try in Anguilla:

  • Goat Water: Clear soup made with goat meat, vegetables, and herbs.
  • Bush Tea: Freshly brewed tea made from leaves and grasses on the island
  • Pigeon Peas and Rice: National dish of Anguilla that goes with anything and everything
  • Red Snapper: Delicious fish that’s tasty when wrapped in foil and grilled
  • Johnny Cakes: Small cake that is primarily made with flour or cornmeal and fried or baked
  • Anguillian Lobster: Spiny lobster dressed in lemon, butter, and garlic and grilled or baked
  • Goat Stew: Hearty stew made with goat meat, garlic, sweet peppers, onions, and potatoes
  • Fried Fish: Well-seasoned snapper, barracuda, tuna, lionfish, and jackfish
  • Mauby: Local drink made with the bark and leaves of the mauby tree
  • Coconut Drops: Large, comforting cookie with coconut and fresh ginger

Weather in Anguilla

Temperatures vary between 21 and 30 degrees Celsius (70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit). The hurricane season is June 1st to November 30th. Annual rainfall averages 35 inches.

National Holidays in Anguilla

The public holidays in Anguilla are:

  • New Year’s Day: 01 January
  • James Ronald Webster Day: 02 March
  • Good Friday: March/ April
  • Easter Monday: March/ April
  • Labour Day: 01 May
  • Anguilla Day: 30 May
  • Celebration of the Birthday of Her Majesty the Queen: 03 June
  • Whit Monday: 50 days after Easter
  • August Monday: First Monday in August
  • August Thursday: First Thursday in August
  • Constitution Day: Friday after the first Monday in August
  • National Heroes and Heroines Day: 19 December
  • Christmas Day: 25 December
  • Boxing Day: 26 December

Anguilla Travel Facts

Here are a few general tips about the island, which are useful for travellers to the island.

  • Language: English
  • Government: British Overseas Territory
  • Capital City: The Valley
  • Area Code: 264
  • Time Zone: Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4)
  • Size: 35 square miles; 16 miles long by 3 miles wide at widest point
  • Population: 15,000
  • Location: Eastern Caribbean, most northerly of Leeward Islands
  • Electricity: 110 Volts AC
  • Currency: Eastern Caribbean Dollar, but the US dollar is widely accepted.
  • Legal Drinking Age: 18
  • Closest Islands: St. Maarten/St. Martin, Puerto Rico and Antigua.
  • Driving: Left side of the road.
  • Dress Code: Casual (Beach wear is not allowed in public places. Nude and topless swimming and/or sunbathing are not permitted).
  • Beaches: All beaches are public.

FAQs about Anguilla

Here are some popular FAQs about travelling to Anguilla:

Is Anguilla expensive?

Anguilla has been described as one of the more expensive destinations in the Caribbean. However, there are always opportunities to visit Anguilla on a budget and still have an amazing vacation without feeling as though you missed out.

Is Anguilla a safe country to visit?

Crime levels in Anguilla are low, however there is always the risk of crime. Travellers should take precautions to stay safe. At the very minimum, you should secure your personal belongings, walk with small amounts of cash, and avoid beaches and isolated areas at night.

Can I drink the tap water in Anguilla?

Yes. It is safe to drink tap water in Anguilla. However, many people on the island drink bottled water. You can obtain bottled water from your hotel, shops, and supermarkets.

Is Anguilla a good destination for solo travellers?

Yes. Anguilla is an excellent destination for solo travellers. The island is safe, there are many of activities, and it is easy to get around.

What is traditional Anguillan food?

Some of the more popular dishes that make up Anguillan cuisine are the island’s national dish – pigeon peas and rice, stewed goat, steamed or grilled red snapper, goat water, conch fritters, sham, coquina, and rum punch.

How can I obtain cash in Anguilla?

There are ATMs in Anguilla which dispense Eastern Caribbean dollars. ATMs are in the Valley, the Quarter, South Hill Village and at commercial banks. If you are low on cash, most places in the island accept major credit cards.

When and how much should I tip in Anguilla?

Tipping in Anguilla is at your discretion. However, tips usually range between 5% and 15% of the final bill.

How can I protect myself from the sun in Anguilla?

To protect yourself from the sun in Anguilla, wear sunglasses, a wide brim hat and apply a SPF30 waterproof sunscreen.

Where are the foreign embassies in Anguilla?

The foreign embassies, high commissions and consulates in Anguilla are:

  • France: French Honorary Consulate, The Valley, Anguilla: Phone: 809-497-5211
  • United Kingdom: British Governor’s Office, The Valley, Anguilla: Phone 809-497-3314 | Email: contactusanguilla@fco.gov.uk

Where can I find more tourist information about Anguilla?

To find tourist information about travelling to Anguilla, visit the Anguilla Tourist Board’s official website, I Visit Anguilla. The site is a reputable source that frequently updates travel information and shares the latest news about the island.

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