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The Sweet Escape: A Caribbean Getaway

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Have you planned your Caribbean getaway? Where are you going for your next vacation? How about visiting somewhere different? It’s always nice to take a trip to somewhere that you’ve never been before. It’s time that you booked a trip to a destination that is guaranteed to surpass your wildest dreams and satisfy your innermost desires. Have you ever seen flying fish jumping out of the ocean? Or witnessed scarlet ibis in their natural habitat? Maybe you are the adventurous type and tubing down a river in a lush rainforest is your forte. If I tell you where you could come to experience these activities would you do it?

I want you to come to the Caribbean.

Why You Should Visit the Caribbean

If you are lucky, you’ve probably been to the Caribbean before. You’ve probably felt the glowing rays of the sun on your face; taken a ride on public transportation with calypso and reggae; snorkeled in crystal clear waters filled with tropical fish and turtles; sipped on coconut water from a ripe coconut or even walked the halls of an historic plantation house that was bustling with life over two hundred years ago.  If you are not so lucky, you might have heard about how beautiful it is and you are longing for that perfect Caribbean getaway.

So what are you waiting for?

I agree that with over thirty-five Caribbean destinations to choose from, it may be difficult to decide where you should go for your sweet Caribbean escape. The Caribbean is a region that offers any activity that you could think of and has developed competences in areas that you would never have thought about. If you love historic Anglican churches, the Caribbean has hundreds of them. If you want to plan a training retreat for a high-school swimming team, you can come to the Caribbean where there is sunshine year round. Or if you just want to lie on a beach and do absolutely nothing, you should definitely come to the Caribbean.

Which Caribbean destination do you want to visit?

It could be a hard task to decide which one is right for you. I can offer a few suggestions, but the decision will ultimately be yours. Maybe the list below can help you to narrow down your choices.


Start with Anguilla, where tranquility is wrapped in blue.

Endless Caribbean - Caribbean Getaway - Anguilla

Image Credit: Anguilla Tourist Board

Antigua and Barbuda

Escape to Antigua and Barbuda where the beach is just the beginning.

Endless Caribbean - Caribbean Getaway - Antigua & Barbuda

 Image Credit: Antigua & Barbuda Ministry of Tourism, Civil Aviation and Culture


Take a trip to Aruba, which is one happy island.

Endless Caribbean - Caribbean Getaway - Aruba

Image Credit: Aruba Tourism Authority


Make the islands of the Bahamas yours.

Endless Caribbean - Caribbean Getaway - Bahamas

Image Credit: The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and Aviation


Discover how Barbados is just beyond your imagination.

Endless Caribbean - Caribbean Getaway - Barbados

Image Credit: Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc.


Belize is closer than you think.

Endless Caribbean - Caribbean Getaway - Belize

Image Credit: Belize Tourism Board


Explore so much more in Bermuda.

Endless Caribbean - Caribbean Getaway - Bermuda

Image Credit: Bermuda Tourism Authority


Go to Bonaire, where you are once a visitor and always a friend.

Endless Caribbean - Caribbean Getaway - Bonaire

Image Credit: Tourism Corporation Bonaire

British Virgin Islands

Experience the British Virgin Islands – nature’s little secrets.

Caribbean Getaway - British Virgin Islands

Image Credit: British Virgin Islands Tourism

Cayman Islands

Find lots of love and smiles in the Cayman Islands.

Caribbean Getaway - Cayman Islands

Image Credit: Cayman Islands Department of Tourism


Discover your Cuba.

Caribbean Getaway - Cuba

Image Credit: Cuba Tourist Board in Canada


Live the beach life in Curacao.

Caribbean Getaway - Curacao

Image Credit: Curacao Tourism Board


Explore paradise in the nature island of Dominica.

Caribbean Getaway - Dominica

Image Credit: Discover Dominica Authority

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has it all.

Caribbean Getaway - Dominican Republic

Image Credit: Dominican Republic Tourism Ministry


Enjoy the spice of the Caribbean in Grenada.

Caribbean Getaway - Grenada

Image Credit: Grenada Tourism Authority


There are so many flavours to discover in Guadeloupe.

Caribbean Getaway - Guadeloupe

Image Credit: Guadeloupe Islands Tourist Board


Discover South America in Guyana.

Caribbean Getaway - Guyana

Image Credit: Guyana Tourism Authority


Live the experience in Haiti.

Caribbean Getaway - Haiti

Image Credit: Haiti Ministry of Tourism


Everything is all right in Jamaica.

Caribbean Getaway - Jamaica

Image Credit: Jamaica Tourist Board (© VisitJamaica 2013)


Martinique is the flower of the Caribbean.

Caribbean Getaway - Martinique

Image Credit: Martinique Tourism Authority


Go off the grid in Montserrat.


Image Credit: Tourism Division, Government of Montserrat


Nevis is naturally yours.

Caribbean Getaway - Nevis

Image Credit: Nevis Tourism Authority

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is an all-star vacation experience.

Caribbean Getaway - Puerto Rico

Image Credit: Puerto Rico Tourism Company


Your island adventure awaits in Saba.

Caribbean Getaway - Saba

Image Credit: Saba Tourist Bureau

St. Barthelemy

A trip to St. Barthelemy is filled with excitement and adventure.

Caribbean Getaway - St. Barth

Image Credit: The Territorial Tourism Committee of St. Barthelemy

St. Eustatius

St. Eustatius is the golden rock of the Caribbean.

Caribbean Getaway - St Eustatius

Image Credit: St Eustatius Tourism Development Foundation

St. Kitts

Follow your heart to St. Kitts.

Caribbean Getaway - St. Kitts

Image Credit: St. Kitts Tourism Authority

St. Lucia

St. Lucia is simply beautiful.

Caribbean Getaway - St. Lucia

Image Credit: St. Lucia Tourist Board

St. Maarten

St. Maarten is an amazing island experience.

Endless Caribbean - The Sweet Escape A Caribbean Getaway 2

Image Credit: St. Maarten Tourism Bureau

St. Martin

St. Martin is the friendly island representing the French Caribbean.

Caribbean Getaway - St. Martin

Image Credit: St. Martin Tourist Office

St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Live your dreams in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Caribbean Getaway - St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Image Credit: SVG Tourism Authority


Suriname is a colourful experience that is exotic beyond words.

Caribbean Getaway - Suriname

Image Credit: Suriname Tourism Foundation

Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago is an amazing getaway.

Caribbean Getaway - Trinidad and Tobago

Image Credit: Trinidad and Tobago Tourism Development Company Limited

Turks and Caicos Islands

The Turks and Caicos Islands are simply beautiful by nature.

Caribbean Getaway - Turks and Caicos

Image Credit: Turks and Caicos Tourist Board

United States Virgin Islands

Explore the United States Virgin Islands where it’s always nice.

Caribbean Getaway - United States Virgin Islands










Image Credit: U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Tourism

Let’s Plan Your Caribbean Getaway

Maybe I’ve made your decision a little bit harder by introducing you to countries that you’ve never heard of and some that you may have dreamed about. What makes it even harder is that almost all of the Caribbean destinations are easily accessible by sea or air and there are daily flights every day of the week from the major cities all over the world. And, there are thousands of hotels to choose from, thousands of activities to enjoy and millions of people to make friends with.

Endless Caribbean is here to make your decision to visit the Caribbean as stress free as possible. We’ll offer suggestions on some of the unique aspects of the Caribbean. Our comprehensive guide to Caribbean travel and culture will take you behind the scenes and give you a local’s tour of the best spots to suit any budget and any taste. We have the best insider tips for travelling solo, with your family or with the guys or gals and we can tell you how to have a good time and stay safe at the same time.

Whenever you make your final decision about where to go, we want to hear about it. Shout us out on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and let us know where in Caribbean you are headed and what are some of the activities that you are excited to try. If you just got back from a relaxing Caribbean getaway or know someone who has, drop us a note. We’d love to hear about your sweet Caribbean getaway!


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