staying safe when partying in the caribbean

Staying Safe When Partying in the Caribbean

Staying safe when partying in the Caribbean should be a top priority for anyone going on vacation in this sunny part of the world. These top ten tips are for everyone – singles, couples, families with children and small or large groups. In fact, these are the top ten tips for staying safe when partying anywhere in the world. Although you are on vacation, and looking to have a great time, you should maintain your safety at all times.

Have a Plan for Your Night

If you are travelling with a group, knowing beforehand where you are headed to shake a leg is an important tactic that can keep you safe. Choose a location that is in a safe area and has a good reputation. If you are not sure about where you can go, ask the hotel staff for suggestions. When partying with friends, make sure that you stay together during the night and never go to the bathroom or anywhere alone. Be wary of overcrowded or rowdy venues and identify all emergency exits.

Leave Your Valuables at the Hotel

When spending an evening out of the hotel, it would be wise to leave as many as your valuables as possible in the hotel. Leave your passport and other travel documents, large sums of money, credit cards and expensive jewellery behind. Take the bare minimum with you in a safe bag – mobile phone, enough cash for the night, one credit card and picture identification . Losing your valuables can be be a headache, so if you can take steps to protect yourself, do it!

Take a List of Emergency Contacts With You

You should always keep a list of contacts on your person in the unfortunate event that something goes wrong. Your hotel should be able to provide you with a list of numbers for emergency services in the area that you are staying. A good rule of thumb is to get contact information for the police, fire department, medical services including the hospital, doctor and ambulance, the hotel you are staying at and a taxi service. If someone gets injured, falls ill or you just need to leave, you will have a list of contacts who can offer assistance.

Never Leave a Party With Strangers

It’s possible that you could meet someone who is fun to hang with on your trip to the Caribbean. However, he or she is a stranger and you do not know them. Never leave a party with someone that you do not know. It’s fine to have a good conversation and a few dances, but at the end of the night, you should leave with exactly who you came with. It is safer to travel with your friends than someone you’ve only known for a few hours.

Control Your Alcohol Intake

Dehydration can occur with the excessive intake of alcohol and your capacity to think clearly and logically is decreased. Balance out your alcohol intake with water, which will keep you hydrated throughout the night. Partying in a hot and humid location in the Caribbean requires water, not alcohol to stay hydrated. Good alternatives to alcohol are sodas, juices and non-alcoholic cocktails. You can have a good time partying without binge drinking and drinking games. Wouldn’t it be more fun to remember what you did on your Caribbean getaway?

Be Mindful of What You Eat and Drink

Do not accept drinks and food from strangers and do not leave items that you have ordered unattended. Drinks, particularly alcohol, can be mixed with harmful substances which can impair you by causing illness, incapacitating you or death. If you feel sick, tell your friends and ask them to take you to a safe place or call one of your emergency contacts. When someone you are partying with falls ill, contact the medical services, but do not leave them alone. If you suspect that your drink or food might have been tampered with, report the incident to the local police.

Take Care of Your Friends

Sometimes staying safe when partying in the Caribbean is as simple as looking out for yourself or if partying as group, looking out for each other. This means being mindful of what and how much they eat and drink, if they fall ill and especially when it’s time to go home. If you went to the party with ten people, when it’s time to go, you should be leaving with ten people. Create a backup plan in case you get separated and make sure that everyone in the group has a list of the emergency contacts.

Tell Someone Where You are Going

Going out it in a strange country can be different from going out at home. At home it might be commonplace to leave home and not tell anyone where you are going. But when you are in a different country, you should at least inform the hotel guest services or members of your travel party who are not going out. They might be able to offer some assistance if something does not go according to your plan and may be able to alert someone if you do not return by a certain time.

Make Arrangements for a Ride Back to Your Hotel

Staying safe when partying in the Caribbean also includes making arrangements for after the party. How are you going to get back to your hotel? Make pre-arrangements with hotel approved taxi services for pick up from the party spot back to the hotel. Do not rely on alcohol impaired colleagues to make these decisions for you the same night that you are enjoying the Caribbean nightlife. If you’re going to take public transportation, take note of the schedules and the required fares.

Know Your Way Back

Wherever you decide to go, ensure that you know the way back to your hotel. If the entertainment location is within a short walking distance to the hotel, you should be absolutely comfortable that the route is safe after hours. Stay away from poorly lit and unsafe areas and be mindful of your surroundings at all times. If you are going alone, you should consider taking a reputable taxi back to your hotel.

Tips for Staying Safe When Partying in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is as safe as any other region in the world. You will have an excellent holiday, but there are some unscrupulous people who might try to spoil it for you. Your safety is very important to the Endless Caribbean team and we want you to have a positively memorable trip.

Just to recap, the top ten tips for staying safe when partying in the Caribbean are:

  1. Have a plan for your night
  2. Leave your valuables at the hotel
  3. Take a list of emergency contacts with you
  4. Never leave a party with strangers
  5. Control your alcohol intake
  6. Be mindful of what you eat and drink
  7. Take care of your friends
  8. Tell someone where you are going
  9. Make arrangements for a ride back to your hotel
  10. Know your way back

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