Endless Caribbean - Volunteering at the FAO

Fighting Hunger in the Caribbean by Volunteering at the FAO

It may be hard for some of us to understand what it means to be hungry. This is especially true if you have the means to purchase groceries to make meals or go into a restaurant to order something to eat. Unfortunately, there are people in the Caribbean who are […]

Endless Caribbean - The CTO Foundation

The CTO Foundation: Preparing Future Leaders for Caribbean Tourism

Back in 1997, the Caribbean Tourism Organisation Foundation was established with an aim of fulfilling the charitable and educational needs of Caribbean people who wanted to pursue studies and careers in tourism. The CTO Foundation was registered in the state of New York and a Board of Directors consisting of […]

Endless Caribbean - Why Volunteers are Good for Caribbean Tourism

Why Volunteers are Good for Caribbean Tourism

Tourism is changing and people are travelling to experience new sides of their hobbies and interests. The Caribbean’s tourism industry has been trying to move with these changes and provide new experiences for prospective visitors. One way that the region can improve its travel market is to align with people […]

Endless Caribbean - The Barbados Sea Turtle Project

Charity Spotlight: The Barbados Sea Turtle Project

Since its founding over 25 years ago, the Barbados Sea Turtle Project has been working to save sea turtles in Barbados. The project falls under the Department of Biological & Chemical Sciences in the Faculty of Science and Technology at the University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus. It […]

Endless Caribbean - How the Oceanic Society Takes Action

Believing in Nature: How the Oceanic Society Takes Action

It is very easy to take elements of nature for granted. After all, they were there before we were born, we are experiencing them now, and they may be there after we are gone. But what happens when you see elements of nature disappearing right before your eyes? For organisations […]

Endless Caribbean - Volunteering in the Caribbean
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Endless Good: Volunteering in the Caribbean

Volunteering in the Caribbean is one of the ways that locals and visitors can support a specific cause. From time to time, organisations offer opportunities for volunteers to give of their time and labour and share knowledge. Volunteers support the mission of entities which are often centered around positive change. […]