Endless Caribbean - Hike Fest 2021 in Dominica Ends on High Note

Hike Fest 2021 in Dominica Ends on High Note

The Dominica Hotel and Tourism Authority (DHTA) describes the 12th edition of the popular Hike Fest 2021 event as a “resounding success.” This year’s event, which was launched to observe Tourism Awareness Month under the theme “Vini Ansanm”, was the first Hike Fest since 2019.

The success of the event comes against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, restrictions on travel and lockdowns. However, the organisers of the event were able to create a memorable and thrilling experience. The event adhered to the island’s health and safety restrictions and gave participants the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Dominica and have some fun.

Hike Fest 2021 consisted of a series of hikes held over a one-month period. The entire event caught the attention of over 100 hikers who trekked to Victoria Falls; explored the Cabrits National Park under the moonlight; and scaled the highest mountain in Dominica, Morne Diablotin. The trek up Morne Diablotin was a new challenge in which hikers were timed on the ascent to the top of the mountain.

Here is a closer look at the hikes for Hike Fest 2021:

  • Hike and Stay | Victoria Falls; Difficulty: Moderate; Host: Rosalie Bay Eco Resort
  • Cabrits National Park Night Hike | Difficulty: Easy; Facilitator: John Cyrille, Forestry Division
  • Morne Diablotin Challenge | Difficulty: Moderate

The DHTA acknowledges that Hike Fest 2021 was possible because of the contribution and support of members and shareholders such as Discover Dominica Authority; Digicel; Jolly’s Pharmacy; National Bank of Dominica; HHV Whitchurch & Co. Ltd; Fine Foods Inc., Dominica Electricity Services; Archipelago Trading and Sustainable Earth.

About the Dominica Hotel and Tourism Authority (DHTA)

The Dominica Hotel and Tourism Authority (DHTA) is a membership based tourism organisaition that actively supports the island’s tourism industry. Founded in 1972, the organisation is a champion for Dominica’s private sector tourism entities. The DHTA uses its voice to communicate issues and protect and enhance the industry. It also acts as a catalyst for the development of the island’s tourism economy.

Image Credit: Dominica Hotel and Tourism Authority (DHTA)

Hike Fest 2021 in Dominica Ends on High Note

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