Endless Caribbean Best Hiking Trails in the Caribbean

Best Hiking Trails in the Caribbean

Destinations in the Caribbean are known for their beautiful beaches, delicious food and strong culture and heritage. This hot and sunny region is the first and best choice for tropical getaways all throughout the year. However, the Caribbean is also famous for its natural beauty and it is the ideal place for travellers looking to get back to nature.

There are many opportunities to see the Caribbean in its natural state. Because many of the destinations are small, you do not have to go far to take in their natural beauty. In recent times, there has been a shift to alternative tourism which includes some elements of ecotourism and nature tourism.

One of the best ways to appreciate untouched natural beauty, is to go hiking or trekking in the Caribbean. Collectively, there are hundreds of trails scattered throughout the destinations. If you are ready to see the beautiful and unspoilt side of the Caribbean, we have found the top reviews of the best hiking trails in the Caribbean.

1. Sandals: Expert Guide To Hiking In Jamaica

Jamaica is a popular island for hiking in the Caribbean, because of the many trails that are dotted across the island. If you are looking for a trekking adventure in the Caribbean, you will not be disappointed. More than half of Jamaica is covered with mountains and many trails for hikers to explore. According to this blog post by Sandals, the six best hiking trails in Jamaica are: The Blue Mountain Peak Trail; Mount Zion Hill Nature Walk; Cockpit Country Trails; Dunn’s River Falls; Mayfield Falls River Hike; and Watch Hill Trail.

2. Royal Westmoreland: Barbados’ Most Fascinating Hiking Trails

With unforgettable scenery, attractions and beaches, Barbados is one of the top destinations in the world. However, to see some of the island’s best kept secrets, you have to take a hike. Royal Westmoreland explains that the island has several stunning photo ops and you can see them when you go hit the trails. According to the guide, the best trails for hiking in Barbados are on the picturesque east coast. Visiting hikers must try the Abandoned Railway Hike to Bathsheba; the Bath Circular Waterfall Hike; and the Bathsheba to Tent Bay Circular. They also recommend the hiking tours offered by Hike Barbados.

3. Roaming Spices: Hiking in Grenada

You can never have too much spice, especially when you are exploring Grenada. This tiny island has one of the most diverse landscapes in the Caribbean and is a treasure trove for naturalists and nature adventurers. Roaming Spices published a thorough guide that will help you to plan a Grenada hiking adventure. The guide also recommends hiking gear, tips on how to prepare for hiking, safety guidelines when hiking and where to hike in Grenada. The top spots for hiking in Grenada are Royal Mount Carmel Waterfalls; the Seven Sisters Waterfall trail; the trail at Concord Falls; Mount Qua Qua Hike; and Welcome Stone.

4. My Adventures Across the World: 3 Short Yet Challenging Hikes In Guyana

One visit to Guyana is all it takes to discover why the country is a top ecotourism destination. The country has unique tropical plants, intriguing wildlife, thick forests (including its own corner of the Amazon), and several rivers, streams, creeks that flow throughout the country. This naturally rich land also has gold, diamonds, oil, and countless semi-precious stones and minerals. Because Guyana has many uninhabited areas, it has some of the best hiking trails in the Caribbean and the world. My Adventures Across the World is a lover of hiking and journeyed to the Land of Many Waters. The three hikes in Guyana, which the post recommends are Awarmie Mountain Hike; Surama Mountain Hike and Iwokrama Forest Trail.

5. Aruba Top Drive: Top 5 Hiking Trails to Explore Aruba’s Flora & Fauna

This is a call for all thrill seekers who are heading to Aruba. If you are interested in engaging in sustainable tourism activities, then you have to take a hike in Aruba. You can choose to take a leisurely walk or break a sweat with a challenging excursion. The Aruba Top Drive Blog encourages travellers to see Aruba’s wild side with a hike. The blog’s top five hiking trails in Aruba are Hiker’s Heaven in Arikok National Park; Alto Vista Trail and Beach Road Loop; the hike from Daimari to Boca Keto; the hike to the peak of Mount Jamanota; and Spanish Lagoon’s Magical Mangrove Hiking Trail.

6. Money Inc.: A Traveler’s Guide to Hiking in Antigua

One of the island’s biggest calls to fame is its 365 beaches. Antigua might be the smallest island with the most beaches anywhere in the world. But if you’re visiting the island, you can squeeze in a couple day hikes in between your beach excursions. Money Inc shares an insightful guide about hiking in Antigua that includes must-experience trails. The most popular trails for hiking in Antigua are the hike from Galleon Beach to Shirley Heights; Middle ground trail; the hike from Wallings Nature Reserve to Signal Hill; Mount Obama (Boggy Peak) Trail; the Pillars of Hercules; and hikes to some of the volcanoes – Fuego, Pacaya, and Santiaguito.

7. Enriching Pursuits: Saba Hiking Trails

There is a reason why Saba is known as the “Unspoiled Queen.” This unique island is one of the best destinations for hiking in the Caribbean. Saba’s unusual topography, which tells the story of its volcanic history is a beautiful blessing for hikers. If you are brave enough to test the island’s surrounding waters for the best scuba diving in the Caribbean, then you can put on your hiking boots and explore its flora and fauna. This post by Enriching Pursuits, is a detailed review of the hiking trails in Saba. Trails are ranked by their difficulty from easy to strenuous. However, the trail in Saba that won top honours was the Sandy Cruz Trail.

8. Discover Dominica: Top Five Dominican Hiking Adventures

If there was a case study for nature islands in the world, Dominica would be the perfect subject. Dominica, which is known as the “Nature Island” has successfully preserved its natural elements, even though they are the most sought-after gems in the island. Its endless collection of waterfalls, mountains and tropical rainforests are stunning points of interest on exciting excursions throughout the island’s landscape. Discover Dominica highlights five of Dominica’s hiking adventures which will leave visitors breathless. They are the Boiling Lake Trail; The Waitukubuli National Trail; the Titou Gorge Canyoning Trail; the Jacko Steps Trail and the Morne Anglais Mountain Trail.

9. Uncornered Market: Haiti Trekking: A Beginner’s Guide

If you are looking for destinations with the best hiking trails in the Caribbean, please add Haiti to your list. Hiking in Haiti is an experience that encompasses the people, the country’s culture and its natural beauty. The name Haiti is derived from the indigenous Taino term Ayiti, which means “land of mountains.” These mountains contain some of the country’s popular trails with beautiful landscapes. Uncornered Market shares some of the top hiking trails in Haiti. Trails on the list are hikes from Jacmel to Mare Rouge; Auberge La Visite to Pic Cabayo; Helvetas to Pic la Selle; Seguin to Port-au-Prince Area; and trails around Furcy and Kenscoff.

10. Life in Trinidad and Tobago: 5 Hiking Trails in Trinidad & Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago are the most popular twin islands of all time. It’s no secret that their carnival is awesome, their food is tasty, and their history is intriguing. Located at the bottom of the Caribbean island chain, the islands are popular with birdwatching enthusiasts and eco-lovers. One of the best ways to see the islands’ nature and wildlife, is to go hiking. Life in Trinidad and Tobago shares a few top picks for hiking, which were selected by Mr. Emile Serrette, founder of Nature Trekking in Trinidad & Tobago Ltd. According to Mr. Serrette, some of the best areas for hiking in Trinidad and Tobago are Paria Bay & Waterfall; Mystique Pool; El Tucuche Mountain; Parlatuvier Waterfalls and Pearls of Morne La Croix.

Image: Haiti Tourism

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