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Kaieteur Falls Tours: Explore the Amazon in Guyana

kaieteur falls tours

A visit to Guyana is not complete without taking advantage of one of the many Kaieteur Falls tours. I’m always amazed when I’m introduced to a new and exciting piece of information about the Caribbean. I remember growing up and hearing about these falls and seeing them in countless books about Guyana and the Caribbean. But what I just learnt is that they are four times higher than Niagara Falls. In fact, the Kaieteur Falls has the distinction of being the highest single drop waterfall in the world.

The Kaieteur Falls, which is only one of over 300 waterfalls in Guyana, stands at seven hundred and forty-one (741) feet and flows into the Potaro River. This land of many waterways is an eco-lover’s dream and is easily one of the Caribbean’s nature sanctuaries. The country is located in South America and is home to a portion of the famed Amazon jungle. In fact, the Kaieteur Falls is one of the highlights of the jungle.

Because these falls are so iconic, they have become a world recognised tourist attraction. Kaiteur Falls tours are very popular and include tours by air and tours by foot. Here are some of the best Kaieteur Falls Tours.

Evergreen Adventures

Evergreen Adventures is a company that’s committed to showcasing Guyana’s natural beauty. In 1996, the family owned operation created a nature resort on Baganara Island. In addition to Kaieteur Falls tours, river expeditions and tours around Guyana, the company offers special packages at its Baganara Island Resort.

The Kaieteur Baganara is a day tour that combines a guided tour of the Kaieteur Falls with a lunch and relax date at the Baganara Island Resort. They also offer a Kaieteur- Orinduik all inclusive tour package. The Orinduik Falls consist of a cascading, multi-level waterfall that is perfect for swimming. It is the perfect complement to the Kaieteur Falls.

Package tours are usually longer and include a combination of hiking, camping and travelling by air and river. The South American Adventure is an eleven day tour that includes excursions to Suriname, Guyana and Brazil. Highlights of this tour are the Kaieteur Falls and a Paramaribo city tour.

Dagron Tours

Dagron Tours is a Guyana based vacation and tour company which extends its services througout the Caribbean and South America. The company offers two prominent tours – Trek to Kaieteur Falls and a 5 Day Trek to Kaieteur Falls. Please contact Dagron Tours for tour availability.

The Trek to Kaieteur Falls is a seven day journey that begins with a complimentary pick up from the airport on your arrival in Guyana. This tour consists of a combination of driving, boating along the Potaro River, hiking and climbing to the top of the Kaieteur Falls. This trip includes all meals, accommodation, transfers and local tour guides.

The 5 Day Trek to Kaiteur starts with a pick up from your hotel. From there you will be driven to the Potaro River where you will engage in boat tours, hiking expeditions, trekking, camping and a mountain climb to the top of the Kaieteur Falls. This tour includes accommodation, meals, activities and transfers between tour locations.

Air Services Limited

Air Services Limited is a private airline company that offers Kaieteur Falls tours from the Ogle International Airport. The company has been in existence for over fifty years and it operates a fleet of twenty three planes and three helicopters.

The four hour tour to the falls takes place on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Planes depart at one in the afternoon, and the check in time is eleven thirty in the morning. According to the schedules, planes return to the airport at five in the evening.

The tour includes a one hour flight from the airport to Kaieteur which takes a scenic route over the Demerara and Essequibo rivers. On arrival at Kaieteur, guests are taken on a guided tour to the falls. This walking tour includes visits to prominent viewpoints for the falls and a show and tell of the golden frog.

Wonderland Tours

The Kaieteur Experience is described as one of the closest experiences to nature that you will ever have. Wonderland Tours is a family founded and operated tourism business that was instrumental in the development of the tourism industry in Guyana. The company provides a wide range of activities including the Kaieteur Falls and the Kaieteur and Orinduik Falls packaged tours.

The Kaieteur and Orinduik Falls tour takes visitors on a tour of these two falls. In addition to a tour of the Kaieteur Falls, guests can swim under the Orinduik Falls and tour the savannah and mountain ranges in the area. It includes a aircraft transfers to the two falls, guided tours, picture opportunities and lunch and water.

A Wonderland Tours Kaieteur Falls your begins with an aircraft journey to the Kaieteur Airstrip. The two hour tour includes a tour around the falls, trips to several vantage points to see the falls and an eco tour of the flora and fauna that live in the area.

Rainforest Tours

Two of the premier tours offered by Rainforest Tours are the Kaieteur Falls tours and the Overland tours. Rainforest Tours is registered with the Guyana Tourism Authority and focuses on the sustainable tourism niche. The company was formed in 1995 and is known for its hospitality, dedication to the environment and customer satisfaction.

The Kaieteur Overland Hike is an exiting five day tour designed with the adventurous person in mind. It consists of bus rides, rugged 4 x 4 trail drives, boat rides and hikes along the rivers to the falls. The tour also includes camping, swimming and accommodation at the Kaieteur Guest House. The Kaieteur Overland Hike is also a highlight for bird lovers because it gives a glimpse of swifts in their natural habitat.

The one day Kaieteur and Orinduik tour takes guests to two of the more popular falls in Guyana. This tour is more suited for those who like a small challenge, but prefer to take a more relaxing journey. It begins with a flight from Ogle Airport to Kaieteur. After a two hour exploration, there is flight from Kaieteur to Orinduik and a two hour stay in Orinduik.

Air Guyana

In September 2009, Air Guyana was incorporated and began services to the interior of Guyana and neighbouring countries. In addition to tours and charters throughout Guyana, the airline provides day tours to the Kaieteur National Park, Kaiteur and Orinduik Falls and Kaieteur and Baganara Island.

The tours to the Kaieteur National Park and the Kaieteur and Orinduik Falls include snacks and drinks. These tours allow guests to enjoy a frontal view of the Kaieteur Falls, swimming in the cascading water from the falls and a tour of the flora and fauna in the area.

Guests who book the Kaieteur and Baganara Island Tour get to enjoy the beauty of the tour as well as relax at a resort. Baganara Island is one of more than three hundred islands located on the Essequibo River. Also, the Baganara Island Resort is located on the island and is a tropical nature resort with fifteen rooms.

Adventure Guianas

Adventure Guianas offers soft adventure tours to the legally protected Kaieteur Falls which are seen as an educational and informative experience. Traversing through the Amazon Rainforest is a once in a lifetime opportunity that is of bucket-list quality.

The Amazon Adventure- Overland expedition is a three week journey that includes Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, Brazil and Venezuela, countries which are of English, Dutch, French, Portugese and Spanish origins respectively. The beauty of this tour is its celebration of the nature, history, culinary, architecture and culture aspects of each country.

If the Amazon Adventure is too rigorous for you, then you might be up for the challenge of a day or overnight tour to the Kaieteur Falls. Adventure Guianas’ also offers shorter Kaieteur Falls tours. The tours are combined with visits to the Orinduik Falls and can be customised with extended stays at guest houses near both falls.

Wilderness Explorers Guyana

Wilderness Explorers Guyana has been in existence for over twenty years. The tour company specialises in the adventure and community tourism niches and engages in several conservation projects. Three of their must-try tours are the Guyana Nature Experience, the Guiana’s Experience and the Nature Journey Through Guyana.

The Guyana Nature Experience and the Nature Journey Through Guyana tours are fourteen day expeditions that include a visit to the Kaieteur Falls. These are excellent eco-tours that take patrons on hikes and boat trips; excursions through remote villages; and opportunities to see jaguars, otters and giant anteaters in their natural habitats.

The Guianas Experience is a fifteen day tour that also includes a visit to the Kaieteur Falls and viewing opportunities of the country’s endangered species. The tour also includes a visit to Suriname and an introduction to that country’s culture. Guests can book tours as packages and customise them with extensions.

Tips for Visiting the Kaieteur Falls

Traveling Ted, an outdoor adventure guru, booked a tour to the Kaieteur Falls with Wonderland, and from all reports, he loved it. Here are his top tips for visiting the Kaieteur Falls in Guyana:

  • Book your tour to Kaieteur Falls as soon as you arrive in Guyana
  • Combine the Kaieteur Falls tour with another tour
  • Stay at Kaieteur Falls for more than one night
  • If you do a two hour tour ask to see the cock of the rock bird
  • Consider visiting during the rainy season
  • If you’re adventurous, try the Kaieteur Overland Tour

Checklist for Kaieteur Falls Tours

If you are itching for a nature expedition and ready to explore the Amazon Forest, here is a checklist of must-have items for all of the Kaieteur Falls tours in this article:

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