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The Extreme Life: Surfing in Guadeloupe

Surfing in Guadeloupe is a favourite past time of locals and visitors that encompasses surfing, wind surfing, kite surfing and paddleboarding. The popularity of these activities stem from the prevalence of several top surfing spots located around the five island archipelago.

The best surfing spots in Guadeloupe are along the north coast and these spots are ideal for surfers of all levels of skill. The best months for surfing are October through February with waves reaching as high as five feet. In other months waves reach about two feet, but this can fluctuate considerably.

Another reason why surfing in Guadeloupe is so popular is because the surrounding waters are warm all year long. Temperatures in the island average twenty-five to twenty seven degrees celcius and there is year round sunshine. This often results in crowded spots, but the atmosphere is electrifying and the comraderie is pleasant and welcoming.

Surfing in Guadeloupe

Surfing is the most popular surface water sport. Surfers stand and balance on a surf board, which is propelled to the shore by medium to large waves. Surfing is an art and requires a skill of balancing on the board and shifting from side to side as the waves move closer to the shore.

In Guadeloupe, surfing is best suited for the Atlantic coasts where the waves are larger. Experienced surfers will find excellent waves at La Perle, La Table, Le Moule and L’Abbatoir. Beginner surfers can experiment at La Palais, Le Salako and St. Francis Harbour. Other popular surf spots include Anse a la Barue and Caravelle and they are suitable for all skill levels.

Shaka Surf School offers surf lessons and training, all inclusive surf vacations and a surf club for people living in Guadeloupe. Surf lessons are open to everyone and start with the basics. Sunset Surf Camp and Guadeloupe Surf and Kitesurf Camp are located in St. Francois. Both of these camps are highly recommended because of their certified surfing instructors and professionals.

Windsurfing in Guadeloupe

Windsurfing is a watersport that combines sailing and surfing. Surfers stand on a surf board that is connected to a large sail. They then move across the water by manually adjusting the sail against the wind. The wind enables the surfer to glide along the surface of the water.

Because windsurfing is so popular in Guadeloupe, the island plays host to several international windsurfing tournaments and competitions. Many hotels located on the beach offer windsurfing lessons and windsurfing equipment rentals.

Popular locations for windsurfing are St. Francois Harbour, St. Anne, Petite Havre, Caravelle, Le Helleux and Anse a la Barque.

Kite Surfing in Guadeloupe

Kite surfing is an extreme support that uses several elements of other disciplines. Surfers combine windsurfing, surfing, paragliding, gymnastics and skateboarding skills to engage in thrilling stunts. Wind is harnessed in a large kite which then propels the surfer who stands on the surf board. The surf board is connected to the kite.

Guadeloupe is rumoured to be one of the best kite surfing destinations in the Caribbean because of its variety of surfing spots including turquoise lagoons, down winds and wave spots. Grand Terre in the east and and Basse Terre in the west are popular surfing spots for tourists, especially those from Europe.

St. Anne is an ideal location for beginner and experienced kite surfers. Easy Kite’s certified instructors provide personalised kite surfing lessons in shallow waters. Saint Francis Harbour is another popular location for kite surfing in Guadeloupe. Action Kite Caraibes offers open water kite surfing lessons, equipment rentals and coaching for all levels.

Paddle Boarding in Guadeloupe

Paddle boarding encompasses several different types of board activities using a surf board or a paddle board and a paddle. Stand up Paddle boarders stand on a board in flat water, calm water and use a paddle to stroke through the water. Experienced boarders can maneuver their boards by re-positioning their feet and paddling on the opposite side of the desired direction.

Stand up paddle boarding in Guadeloupe is a close to shore activity. As a result, popular areas for stand up paddle boarding are St. Francis, Port Louis and St. Anne.

Supin’Gwada Ze is a stand up paddle board specialist which offers lessons and equipment rentals. One of their more popular packages is a paddle boarding excursion through an ideally sheltered location in Le Moule. There is also a surf tour through the beaches of Grand Terre which include both flat and rough water.

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  1. How can you visit Guadeloupe and not go surfing? I’ve visited Guadeloupe and it was an agreeable vacation. I was able to find an easy and cheap package with the help of some friends. Kite surfing was the highlight of my trip.

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