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Snorkeling in St. Lucia: Explore St. Lucia’s Underwater World

Snorkeling in St. Lucia_ Explore St. Lucia's Underwater World - Foodica

When many travellers think about St. Lucia, the gorgeous Pitons are often the first attractions that come to mind. But did you know that snorkeling in St. Lucia is a past time that is gaining in popularity with both locals and visitors?

The reason for this, is that St. Lucia’s pristine waters that are teeming with colourful and plentiful sea life. There is nothing that can spoil a snorkeling adventure quicker than a dead reef surrounded by endless miles of sand. That’s why St. Lucia is an ideal location to explore the world that survives and thrives in a healthy environment with colourful reefs, plentiful fish and pollution free waters.

Like a few other Caribbean islands, St. Lucia is surrounded by both the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The Caribbean Sea’s waters are very calm and are ideal for swimming and water sports like snorkeling and diving. However, not all beaches are easily accessible for fun, water sport activities, you have to be aware of where to go before you make your plans.

Snorkeling in St. Lucia

The best beaches for snorkeling in St. Lucia each have core features that make them preferred spots. Take a look at these suggestions below, and make sure that you add them to your Caribbean travel itinerary for your trip to St. Lucia. And, when you get to St. Lucia, take a trip on the sea side and see what the fish are up to.

Anse Mamin

The Anse Mamin beach is an absolutely beautiful site that is nestled against a gorgeous, lush landscape of trees and exotic plants. The beach itself is very close to Soufriere and Anse Chastanet, but it’s a lot more peaceful, quiet and serene. Reefs in the area are home to squid, eels, coral and the pretty, but dangerous lion fish.

Malgretoute Beach (at the Petit Piton)

Someone once said that Malgretoute is one of St. Lucia’s best kept secrets. Located just south of Soufriere, at the foot of Petit Piton, this beach is said to have the calmest and clearest waters on the island. Because it’s so calm, it’s the perfect place to snorkel.

Anse L’Ivrogne

Anse L’Ivrogne is a popular scuba diving and snorkeling site in St. Lucia that is not accessible by vehicle. Determined travelers  must either hike from the main road or visit by sea for a chance to see trumpet fish, octopus and trigger fish. One of the highlights of the dive sites at this beach is a steep drop of over two thousand feet! Because of this, Anse L’Ivrogne is lovingly called the “Black Hole.”

Sugar Beach

Seeing that it holds the unofficial title of the “best beach in St. Lucia”, Sugar Beach is a gem for lovers of water activities. Located in between the famous Pitons of St. Lucia, Sugar Beach is a hot spot for relaxation and snorkeling.

Anse Cochon

Anse Cochon is another favourite snorkeling site and is rumoured to be some of the most beautiful snorkeling in St. Lucia. Although it is a small area, the underwater landscape gradually slopes from five feet to just about sixty feet. This is a stunning site that is a playground for eels, trumpetfish, octopus and turtles who play in between boulders, coral and sandy plains.

Virgin’s Cove

Perhaps best known for it’s name, Virgin’s Cove is a popular dive site that’s located on the west coast of St. Lucia. This site was named after a shipwreck where a convent of nuns lost their lives – a cross has been erected at this site in their memory. The site itself is about seventy feet deep and is home to sponges, coral and stingrays.

Snorkeling Tours in St. Lucia

Here is a list of some of the snorkeling tour operators in St. Lucia:

  • Action Adventure Divers: Soufriere, St. Lucia | 1-758-459-5599 | info @ | Website
  • Dive Fair Helen: Marigot Bay, St. Lucia | 1-758-451-7716 | | Website
  • Dive St. Lucia: Rodney Bay Marina, Gros Islet, Saint Lucia | 1-758-451-3483 | | Website
  • Eastern Caribbean Diving St. Lucia: Rodney Bay, Gros Islet | 1-758-456-9581 | | Website
  • Scuba St. Lucia: Soufriere, St. Lucia | 1-758-459-7755 | | Website
  • Scuba Steve’s Diving: Castries, St. Lucia | 1-758-450-9433 | | Website


For more information on snorkeling in St. Lucia, visit the following links:

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