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Eco Lodges in the Caribbean

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The best vacations are those that rejuvenate your body and mind. Some things as simple as breathing in fresh air or looking up into the air and seeing blue skies can do wonders for your mojo. There are eco lodges in the Caribbean that are designed to stimulate your senses through sustainable products, services, and experiences. These establishments are calming spaces where you can reset in the comfort of nature’s most celebrated attributes.

Eco Lodges in the Caribbean

Many of the eco retreats in the Caribbean have little nuances that make them extra special. It could be their locations, the amenities, the activities or just the total vibe of the eco lodge. There are many eco lodges in the Caribbean that are committed to sustainability and eco conservation. In addition, many traditional hotels in the Caribbean are incorporating eco characteristics and practices into their properties.

For true relaxation and a mind and body reset, Endless Caribbean recommends the following eco lodges in the Caribbean:

  1. Auriga Eco Lodge (Bonaire)
  2. Fond Doux Eco Resort (St. Lucia)
  3. Camp Cabarita Eco Resort (Jamaica)
  4. Three Rivers Eco Lodge (Dominica)
  5. Eco Life Lodge (Barbados)
  6. Northside Valley (St. Croix, USVI)
  7. Cuffie River Nature Retreat (Tobago)
  8. Rewa Eco-Lodge (Guyana)
  9. Cotton Tree Lodge (Belize)
  10. Eco Del Mar (Dominican Republic)
  11. Petit St. Vincent (The Grenadines)

Auriga Eco Lodge (Bonaire)

The Auriga Eco Lodge is a rare gem located on the island of Bonaire. And it all began when the owner bought a piece of land and created a protected habitat. What was once barren land is now an eco-retreat for the weary, a home for birds, and a forest where trees thrive.

Address: Rancho San Minguel, 100 Bara di Carta, Kralendijk, Bonaire (Caribbean Netherlands)
Phone: +599 785 6272
Website: Auriga Eco Lodge

Fond Doux Eco Resort (St. Lucia)

A breath of fresh air at the Fond Doux Eco Resort means that you are breathing in calm and peace from nearby rainforests, cocoa fields and tropical gardens. The resort is on an old cocoa estate which  is located in the the UNESCO World Heritage site of Soufriere.

Address: Soufriere, St. Lucia
Phone: 1-758-459-7545
Website: Fond Doux Eco Resort

Camp Cabarita Eco Resort (Jamaica)

Imagine an eco lodge in the Caribbean that allows you to experience nature’s gifts from every corner of the resort. Camp Cabrita Eco Resort is a premium resort in Jamaica that takes guests back to nature with its calming accommodation, relaxing activities and nourishing food.

Address: Glenbrook, Jamaica
Phone: 1-414-531-4414
Website: Camp Cabarita Eco Resort

Three Rivers Eco Lodge (Dominica)

Three Rivers Eco Lodge is an award winning off grid retreat that sits in the heart of a lush rainforest in Dominica. Quite unsurprisingly, the story of this retreat began with a love for Dominica and a desire to share a piece of nature with anyone who wanted to experience it.

Address: Newfoundland Estate, Rosalie, Dominica
Phone: 1-767-616-1886
Website: Three Rivers Eco Lodge

Eco Lifestyle + Lodge (Barbados)

On Barbados’ east coast, fresh breezes from the Atlantic Ocean flow freely through the Eco Lifestyle + Lodge. The small resort is a cozy retreat with views of the sea; an active farm to table programme; and personal touches that aim to make guests feel welcome at every corner.

Address: Tent Bay, St. Joseph, Barbados
Phone: 1-246-433-9450
Website: Eco Lifestyle + Lodge

Northside Valley (St. Croix, USVI)

Eco friendly vacations are gaining in popularity as the world shifts to protect the environment. Northside Valley embraces this shift by its environmentally friendly practices such as using natural materials to build, harvesting the sun’s rays to heat water and collecting rainwater.

Address: Frederiksted, St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands
Phone: 1-708-790-055
Website: Northside Valley

Cuffie River Nature Retreat (Tobago)

The Cuffie River Nature Retreat is perfectly located in a secluded tropical rainforest resort on the island of Tobago, one of the world’s top eco destinations. Guests are free to explore the resort which is prime for birdwatching, plant spotting and relaxing.

Address: Moriah, Trinidad & Tobago
Phone: 1-868-660-0505
Website: Cuffie River Nature Retreat

Rewa Eco-Lodge (Guyana)

When people who are passionate about their environment and preserving their natural resources, a project like the Rewa Eco-Lodge can be created. Located in Guyana at the confluence of the Rupununi and Rewa Rivers, the retreat is a welcoming space for rejuvenation.

Address: Rupununi, Guyana
Phone: +1-592-645-2602
Website: Rewa Eco-Lodge

Cotton Tree Lodge (Belize)

Cotton Tree Lodge is one of Belize’s most sought after eco lodges. It’s location along the the Moho River in shadows of the Maya Mountains, allows guests to get back to their roots. The resort shares the natural beauty of Belize through its activities, meals and accommodations.

Address: Moho River, San Felipe, Toledo District, Punta Gorda, Belize
Phone: 1-501-670-0557
Website: Cotton Tree Lodge

Eco Del Mar (Dominican Republic)

Eco Del Mar is one the Dominican Republic’s most unique resorts. Camping in the Caribbean is possible when you make this eco lodge your tropical getaway. Guests sleep in tents on the La Cueva beach, with an open view to the Caribbean Sea.

Address: Playa de la Cueva, Cabo Rojo 00168, Dominican Republic
Phone: 1-829-576-7740
Website: Eco Del Mar

Petit St. Vincent (The Grenadines)

A private island eco retreat is beyond many people’s imagination. Petit St. Vincent is a 115 acre tropical experience on a quiet island tucked away in the Grenadines. The beauty of the resort lies in its incorporation of the island’s natural resources into its offerings to guests.

Address: Petit St. Vincent, St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Phone: 1-954-963-7401
Website: Petit St. Vincent

Image Credit: Guyana Tourism Authority

Eco Lodges in the Caribbean