5 Luxury Resorts in St Barts

5 Luxury Resorts in St. Barts

Luxury resorts on the island of St. Barthelemy live up to the prestige that the island is known for. Caribbean travel connoisseurs will tell you that this small island is one of the best destinations in the Caribbean destinations to enjoy a Caribbean luxury vacation. This island, which is more popularly known as St. Barts, is an overseas territory which belongs to France. It’s a favourite Caribbean vacation spot of celebrities and boasts high end resorts, residences, shops and experiences.

5 Luxury Resorts in St Barts
Pool Side at Le Sereno | Photo Courtesy of Le Sereno Saint Barthelemy

These luxury resorts in St. Barts are designated five star resorts. They are stellar resorts which have received several accomplishments and awards over the years. Although some of these resorts sustained some damage during the passage of hurricanes in the 2017 season, work is steadily progressing to have them restored to the standard that St. Barts visitors are accustomed to.

Le Sereno

Le Sereno - Luxury Resorts

Le Sereno is an exquisite property on the island of St. Barthelemy that holds the distinction of being one of the top luxury resorts. Designed by French designer Christian Liaigre, the resort has thirty-six rooms and three independent three bedroom villas. In addition to its stellar design, the location on the eastern end of the island on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world elevates this resort to a status as one of the best in the world.

Hotel Christopher

Hotel Christopher - Luxury Resorts - St. Barts

Hotel Christopher is located in a quiet bay in Pointe Milou. This resorts exudes an air of tranquility and offers guests an opportunity to relax and enjoy the luxury life. Forty two rooms, one villa and an envious spa retreat are only some of the comforts of this resort that’s well suited for romantic getaways. Take advantage of a stunning infinity pool, lush gardens, personalized services as you embrace all that that St. Bart’s has to offer.

Cheval Blanc

Cheval Blanc - Luxury Resorts © stefanocandito.com

Cheval Blanc is an idyllic French maison that caters to travelers who are interested in creating memorable experiences on their visit to St. Barts. This is one of the top luxury resorts because of its attention to the needs of it guests. There are forty rooms, suites, and villas with views of the ocean or exotic Caribbean gardens. One of the resort’s top suites opens to a white sandy beach, that is nestled again the calm waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Eden Rock

Eden Rock - Luxury Resorts

Eden Rock is a world-famous hotel that sits on top of a large rock that extends into the ocean. Located in the heart of St. Barthelemy, this one-of-a-kind chateau has thirty-four rooms which adequately cater to the needs of families, singles and couples. These rooms were designed by part-owner Jane Matthews, who perfectly meshed her style with the latest comforts of luxury resorts. Eden Rock treasures its guests, which is evident in the services that they provide.

Le Barthelemy Hotel & Spa

Le Barthelemy - Luxury Resorts

Le Barthelemy Hotel and Spa is one of the newer luxury resorts in St. Barts. Built on the strong foundation of the former Le Barthelemy hotel, the new resort is a refined version or its old self. Located in a mesmerizing cay known as Grand Cul de Sac, the hotel sits on a crescent shaped area of land, that adds to the allure of the hotel. Le Barthelemy is proud of its strong family values and always extends these courtesies to its guests.

Other Luxury Resorts in St. Bart’s

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