Endless Caribbean - Sa Ka Fête Dominica Highlights Rich and Vibrant Culture
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Sa Ka Fête Dominica Highlights Rich and Vibrant Culture

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Sa Ka Fete Dominica is a campaign that welcomes visitors to Dominica. The initiative, which aims to highlight the island’s rich and vibrant culture is geared towards low-risk travellers from the CARICOM travel bubble. The term “sa ka fete” is creole for “what’s up.” It is the perfect welcome for visitors who want to get a taste of the nature isle.

The Sa Ka Fete campaign provides opportunities for several tourism partners to participate and share the good news about Dominica. InterCaribbean Airways and Caribbean Airlines are two of the airlines which are participating in this unique tourism venture. Each airline has scheduled weekly flights to Dominica and both of them provide packages with COVID-19 certified properties in Dominica.


Sa Ka Fete Dominica Accommodation Packages

As part of Sa Ka Fete, the hotels below are offering accommodation specials which include transfers, breakfast and Dominica island tours. Some hotels also offer additional specials which may include a free night’s stay, discounted rates and resort activities.

Tamarind Tree Hotel

Tamarind Tree Hotel Dominica has one of the most beautiful views from its location on top of a 100-foot cliff. Located on the west coast of the island, guests will enjoy views of the Caribbean Sea, the bay of Salisbury and Morne Diablotin. When you stay at the Tamarind Tree, you are entering a TV-free zone. Because there are no televisions in the rooms, you can focus on the surrounding landscapes and views. Rates include breakfast, airport transfers and a full day tour. Book now and plan your free tour of Dominica.

Contact: Tamarind Tree Hotel Dominica

Jungle Bay Dominica

Jungle Bay is an award-winning property that understands and appreciated the importance of the environment. Guided by the principles set by both National Geographic’s Center for Sustainable Destinations and The International Ecotourism Society (TIES), the luxurious eco-resort can adequately focus on nature-based activities, health and wellness and enhancing the natural environment. Special rates include breakfast, airport transfers and a tour. Book an eco-villa at Jungle Bay Dominica.

Contact: Jungle Bay Dominica

Secret Bay Dominica

Secret Bay is an award-winning stunning rainforest resort that celebrates health and wellness from the inside out. The resort itself is an experience with open-air luxury residences; enviable cliff views; mind and body retreats; exciting tours of Dominica; and a collection of experience packages designed with your peace in mind. Visitors who take advantage of the Sa Ka Fete experience, will enjoy a free night’s stay, breakfast and dinner for two and a departure souvenir gift. Book now to experience Dominica’s best kept secrets.

Contact: Secret Bay Dominica

Fort Young Hotel

Fort Young Hotel is a gorgeous property that lies in the midst of Dominica’s beauty and history. Stories and preserved ruins tell of how the fort was built to protect the island in the 1700s. Today, new stories are being created by guests who are intrigued by the cool blues of the Caribbean Sea; enjoy excursions to the nearby French Quarter; island hop to nearby islands; and partake in some of the best diving in Dominica. Guests can benefit from specials on nightly rates. Get great rates at Fort Young Hotel.

Contact: Fort Young Hotel & Dive Resort

Manicou River

If you want to be close to nature, Manicou River takes you right there. Located on the north west coast of Dominica, in the hills north of Portsmouth, the resort is where you can get away from it all. Set on a massive 9.5 acres of mountainside woodland, the resort is an eco-lover’s dream. Spend some time in the shade of the large mango trees; dip your toes in the Manicou River; or go bird-watching and try to spot the more than 20 species of birds which live on the property. Rates include airport transfers, a full day tour and breakfast. Book your peace of mind at Manicou River.

Contact: Manicou River

Rosalie Bay Resort

Rosalie Bay is an eco-boutique resort in Dominica which is inspired by natural beauty of the island. This world-class highly acclaimed resort is a magical nature retreat that is designed to take away the stresses of everyday life. Guests of the resort are treated to a sanctuary that embraces the sights, sounds and scents of the Atlantic Ocean, the Rosalie River and the Morne Trois Pitons. Special accommodation rates include two free nights’ stay, free tour, full breakfast. Follow the magic at Rosalie Bay Dominica.

Book Now: Rosalie Bay Dominica


Aura is a small, but quaint property that’s located in one of the most peaceful and serene areas in Dominica. Nestled in the Roseau Valley and minutes away from some of Dominica’s best attractions, Aura is a health and wellness sanctuary. Surrounded by lush tropical plants and views of healthy, lush vegetation, the property is the ideal location for calming yoga practice and soulful meditation. Sa Ka Fete Dominica rates include specials on the 2-bedroom cottage rentals. Embrace the calming energy at Aura.

Contact: Aura

Riverside Hotel

Located on the north-west coast of Dominica, Riverside Hotel is an unforgettable experience for both business and please visitors. Hotel suites, which include the Sea View, River View, Mountain View and Village View, overlook the Picard River; the Cabrits National Park; and the Caribbean Sea. The on-site restaurant serves international cuisine that includes Chinese and Thai specialties. Special rates include airport transfers, breakfast and a guided tour. Book your stay at Riverside Hotel.

Contact: Riverside Hotel 

Hibiscus Valley Inn

To be designated as an eco-tourism accommodation in Dominica is no easy feat. But, Hibiscus Valley Inn has achieved this and is a consistent TripAdvisor award winning guesthouse. It’s calming and peaceful atmosphere is largely due to its remote location in Marigot. Nature is at the heart of this community-driven inn. It’s next to a rainforest and a refreshing river pool runs through the property. Accommodation packages include meals, airport transfers and a tour. Relax your mind at Hibiscus Valley Inn.

Contact: Hibiscus Valley Inn

Hotel The Champs

Hotel The Champs is a small five-room boutique hotel in Dominica that goes the extra mile to make guests happy. It is owned and operated by Netherlands natives who fell in love with the sun, sea, nature and people of Dominica. The Champs is situated in the village of Picard which is in the north-west of Dominica and is easy to find from the airports and seaport. Guests who stay at the hotel receive full breakfast, airport transfers and a half day tour. Enjoy a luxury boutique experience at The Champs.

Contact: Hotel the Champs

Citrus Creek Plantation

When the sun rises in the east, Citrus Creek Plantation is one of the first places to receive the previous rays. This eco-village in a tropical plantation is an experience that you will not forget. The owners of the property embraced and mixed agriculture, real estate and tourism and created one of the few sustainable eco-villages in the Caribbean. Throughout the 20 acres of eco-goodness, is a private valley, the Taberi River and guest cottages. Rates include a self-catering breakfast, airport transfers and a day tour.

Contact: Citrus Creek Plantation

Toucari Cottages

The Bay of Toucari, in the north of Dominica, is a gorgeous cove that is home to the Toucari Cottages. Each cottage is a self-contained vacation rental that exudes privacy and clear views of the Caribbean Sea. Treetops, Coconut Cottage and Mango Lodge are inviting retreats, built by talented craftsmen who live in the nearby Toucari Village. The structures pay homage to traditional Caribbean architecture and compliment the surrounding gardens and mountains. Special rates include a guided day tour, airport transfers and breakfast. Book your tropical retreat at the Toucari Cottages.

Contact: Toucari Cottages

If Dominica is on your bucket list, this is the time to book your trip. Remember to research the island’s entry requirements and quarantine protocols before you book.

Press Release: Sa Ka Fête Dominica Campaign launched (One Caribbean)