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The Culinary Directory will help you find the best food in the Caribbean and unforgettable culinary experiences. Learn about the national dishes in the Caribbean; plan a trip based on food tours, food festivals and culinary events; visit top-rated restaurants and sample street food; find fresh food to create your own masterpieces; gain inspiration from food websites in the Caribbean and websites by Caribbean people living around the world; and review ongoing research in the region.

Food Tours

One of the best ways to experience the culture of a Caribbean island, is to take part in a food tour. Guided food tours can take you to the best places to eat, with a bit of scenery along the way. This hands on approach to Caribbean food teaches the history and culture of the destination.

Food Festivals and Events

What in the food is going on? There are lots of culinary events held throughout the year in the Caribbean and there’s one just for you. In this list you will find lobster festivals, pineapple festivals, fish festivals, rum festivals and every type of Caribbean food festival in between.


  • March: Festival Del Mar Anguilla | A two-day event that includes culinary competitions, deep sea fishing, swimming and crab races.
  • April: Extraordinary Eats | The core of the festival is a large collection of eateries offering prix-fixe lunch and dinner menu for the two weeks.

Antigua and Barbuda

  • August: Urlings Seafood Festival | Seafood lovers will not want to miss this annual feast of freshly caught fish and crustaceans at Urlings Wharf.
  • November: Antigua and Barbuda Independence Food Fair | The largest food fair in Antigua and Barbuda allows food lovers to spend the day with vendors who serve up local delicacies for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


  • Weekly (Wednesdays): Food & Wine Festival | The Food & Wine Festival is a weekly event where patrons sample local food, drinks and entertainment.
  • October: Eat Local Aruba Restaurant Week | A week long event that celebrates authentic Aruban cuisine. Diners can visit participating restaurants and sample local dishes at discount prices.


  • March/ April: Oistins Fish Festival | Visitors and locals alike can come out and enjoy great food, music and lots of activities.
  • October: Barbados Food and Rum Festival | Thousands of rum and gastronomy lovers enjoy the unique taste of the local Bajan cuisine.


  • June: All Andros Crab Festival | This annual event includes crab cooked 101 different ways, a crab culinary contest and more.
  • June: Eleuthera Pineapple Festival | Do you love pineapples? Take part in pineapple themed activities such as a pineapple eating contests, pineapple cooking contests & more!


  • May: Chocolate Festival of Belize | Besides traditional chocolate desserts the annual festival features everything from chocolate beer to chocolate soap.
  • June/ July: Belize Lobster Fest | Lobster lovers, this festival is for you. Sample various lobster meals such as lobster ceviche, lobster kabobs, lobster deviled eggs, lobster fritters and more!


  • January/ February: Bermuda Restaurant Week | Explore the island’s diverse culinary offerings and recognise the local culinary talent.
  • October: City Food Festival | Celebrate food and wine with the city of Hamilton. Make plans to attend wine tastings; participate in walking tours; take in a three-day chef competition;  and dine at the all-day food festival.


  • February/ May: Simadan Festival | Simadan is one-of-a-kind cultural festival that celebrates the year’s harvest.
  • To Be Advised: Taste of Bonaire | Taste Bonaire food specialties from the best places to eat on the island.

British Virgin Islands

  • November: Anegada Lobster Festival | Two-day event that features local chefs who prepare, cook, and serve plated sample lobster dishes.
  • November: Taste of Tortola | Street festival in the heart of Tortola that features local vendors, cooking demonstrations and local and international chefs.

Cayman Islands

  • January: Cayman Cookout | Wine and dine in fine dining style with top chefs, food influencers and beverage connoisseurs at the Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman.
  • January: Taste of Cayman Food & Drink Festival | The Taste of Cayman Food and Drink Festival brings the flavour of cuisines, fresh, local produce and beverages directly to your plate.


  • September: Flavours of Curacao | Flavours of Curacao is a premier food event that showcases the island’s diversity through its food.
  • To Be Advised: Curaçao Food Truck Festival | The Curacao Food Truck Festival is where the best food trucks on the island meet up for good fun and clean fun.


Dominican Republic

  • March/ April: Dominican Gastronomic Forum | The food conference is a space for training, research and analysis that attracts people in the food industry.
  • July: Dominican Rum Festival | Attendees will be treated to an exhibition and tastings of fine sums produced in the Dominican Republic.



  • March: Morne-à-l’Eau Crab Festival | Join the town of Morne a l’Eau as they honour the versatility of crab. Taste test crab cakes, pates, stuffed crab and other crab dishes.
  • August: Festival of Female Chefs | A historic celebration of female chefs that aims to preserve creole culinary traditions.


  • November: Le Festival du Rhum Haiti | Usually held in the El Rancho Hotel in Pétion-Ville, Haiti, this rum festival promotes rum and alcoholic beverages.


  • August: Mobay Jerk Festival | The Mobay Jerk Festival is held on Jamaica’s west coast. The event if filled with food, entertainment and fun for the whole family.
  • November: Jamaica Food and Drink Festival | Experience Jamaica’s most talented chefs, masters and wine and spirit experts.


  • October: Kreol Food and Rhum | This week-long food festival showcases local dishes and recognises local chefs.


  • July: Calabash Festival | The festival commemorates the anniversary of the eruption of the Soufriere Hills volcano in 1995 and highlights the significance of the calabash to the island.

Puerto Rico


  • November: Saba Lobster Fest | Lobster is a local delicacy on the island of Saba and there is a whole festival to celebrate.

Restaurants and Street Food

Let’s get some food. Doesn’t it seem as though the best food spots in the Caribbean are not featured in the most popular travel guides? There is something special about the shops that are cater to people who enjoy local delicacies. It’s a fact that some of the tastiest meals come from Caribbean restaurants, food trucks, food shacks and street food vendors.

Fresh Food

Are you feeling adventurous and intent on making local dishes whilst on island? Fresh food is a must if you want your dish to come out just right. Source your fresh food from local farms, vegetable markets, meat markets, fish markets and specialty stores.


There are many Caribbean food manufacturers that produce quality products. If you take a look at some of the foods manufactured in Caribbean, you may be pleasantly surprised to see international favourites as well as some local gems.

Websites and Blogs

Although the Endless Caribbean Culinary Directory showcases food creativity in the Caribbean, it’s not alone in this mission. Many Caribbean food creatives share their love of food and cooking with the rest of the world via websites and food blogs.  Are you ready to find a recipe to make the Caribbean’s national dishes?

  • Alica’s Pepperpot: Alica encourages and inspires readers to connect with flavors of the Caribbean
  • Caribbean Pot: Chris features recipes from all the beautiful islands which make up the Caribbean.
  • Cooking With Ria: Ria focuses on preserving the authentic cuisine and culture of Trinidad & Tobago
  • Foodie Nation TT: Foodies celebrate food and fun baked together beneath the Trinbagonian sun
  • Immaculate Bites: Imma explores Caribbean and African cultures through food
  • Jehan Can Cook: Jehan blogs about cuisine from Guyana and the Caribbean
  • Simply Caribbean: Deborah blogs about the delicious cuisine and culture of the Caribbean
  • Simply Trini Cooking: Raz showcases Trini cooking culture from the islands of Trinidad and Tobago
  • Taste the Islands: Irie, Thia, Nicole produce a TV series featuring chefs who create island-themed dishes
  • Tchaka: Annick shares short anecdotes about the aromas, smells & tastes of Haiti
  • Trini Gourmet: Sarina shares authentic Trinidad & Tobago and Caribbean recipes
  • Two Sisters and a Meal: Michelle & Suzanne showcase authentic island living in as real a way as possible

Food Research

The Caribbean imports lots of food and battles with high food bills even though the region has lots of natural food resources. As a result, many Caribbean governments are taking steps to improve agriculture and the food sector in the Caribbean. See the latest happenings in food research in the Caribbean and how you can get involved.

Food Organisations

There are several organisations in the Caribbean that manage food and nutrition initiatives in the region. In addition, these organisations play a number of roles which include influencing policies and legislation, recommending basic dietary guidelines; and enhancing development in agriculture.

Culinary FAQs

Here are some of the burning questions about the Caribbean’s culinary industry. Find out which islands are creating innovative experiences for food lovers; what food regulations are in place to keep diners safe; how can you be sure that food in the Caribbean is safe and much more.

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