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Caribbean Fast-Food Restaurants You Should Know

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How well do you know your Caribbean fast-food restaurants? This is a dedication to local restaurants who have expanded throughout their home islands and the rest of the Caribbean. Of course, you will find the well-known fast-food chains like KFC and Burger King, but these are the restaurants that locals flock to for consistently good meals that provide value for money.

Caribbean Fast-Food Restaurants

Here is a list of some of the popular fast-food restaurants in the Caribbean:

  1. Royal Castle (Trinidad & Tobago)
  2. Chefette (Barbados)
  3. Big B’s Baksh Restaurant (Guyana)
  4. Tastee Limited (Jamaica)
  5. El Churry (Puerto Rico)
  6. Roti King (Antigua & Barbuda)
  7. Chicken Barn (Barbados)

Royal Castle (Trinidad & Tobago)

Founded in Trinidad and Tobago in 1968, Royal Castle is the largest fast-food chain in the twin island republic. With over 15 outlets in the islands in strategic locations, the restaurant provides reasonably priced meals. Their menu features fried chicken, chicken nuggets, chicken sandwiches, fish, and slides such as fries, coleslaw, potato salad and vegetable salad.

Website: Royal Castle
Telephone: 1-868-235-5340
Email: customerservice@royalcastle-tt.com
Business Hours: Vary by location

Chefette (Barbados)

Chefette is one the most popular fast-food restaurants in the Caribbean. Since 1972, this beloved family-owned Barbados-based company is known by its popular yellow and purple brand colours. The company has grown to more than ten locations around the island which offer fast food and fast casual dining options. The fast-food menu includes chicken, rotis, burgers, desserts and breakfast.

Website: Chefette
Telephone: 1-246-430-3329
Email: info@chefette.com
Business Hours: Vary by location

Big B’s Baksh Restaurant (Guyana)

Big B’s Baksh Restaurant in Guyana is a husband and wife owned company that was formed after the closure of another family venture. After achieving much success with a food cart operation, a second Big B’s was opened. The impressive menu includes favourites like chicken; burgers; pasta; snacks such as samosas and pizza; seafood; and ice cream-based desserts.

Website: Big B’s Baksh Restaurant
Telephone: 1-592-330-1084
Business Hours: 9:30 a.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Tastee Limited (Jamaica)

The origins of Tastee go back to 1966 when Vincent Chang, an immigrant from Hong Kong, opened the company. He used his training in pastry making to craft the foundation of his business. Today the company has over 50 locations in Jamaica and has a popular franchise programme. Tastee’s menu includes breakfast, breads, lunch, pastries and sweets, sandwiches, soups and of course patties.

Website: Tastee
Telephone: 1-876-926-0425
Email: info@tasteejamaica.com
Business Hours: Vary by location

El Churry (Puerto Rico)

Since 1998, El Churry has been serving up some tasty meals throughout Puerto Rico. Today the restaurant has expanded its reach with a collection of food trucks and brick and mortar eateries. The company also found a way to incorporate local creole favourites into their product offerings. The menu for food trucks includes sandwiches, wraps, loaded fries and beverages. The restaurant menu also includes bowls, salads, rice meals and soups.

Website: El Churry
Telephone: 1-787-998-1872 (San Juan location)
Business Hours: Vary by location

Roti King (Antigua & Barbuda)

Based in St. John’s, Antigua, Roti King is a family-owned operation that has perfected the art of making rotis. Although the establishment serves other meals, it is rumoured to have the best rotis on the islands. On the menu are chicken rotis, beef rotis, veggie rotis, conch rotis, shrimp rotis, doubles, hamburgers, chicken burgers and daily lunch specials that include the regulars as well as port, conch, shrimp.

Website: Roti King
Telephone: 1-268-462-2328
Business Hours: Sun – Thurs (10 a.m. – midnight); Fri – Sat (10 a.m. – 2:30 a.m.)

Chicken Barn (Barbados)

Chicken Barn is one of the best fast-food restaurants in the Caribbean. Based in Barbados, the restaurant has six locations around the island. The highlight of the Barn is its tasty rotisserie chicken that is flavoured perfectly with a secret seasoning. The seasoning consists of onions, garlic and variety of spices that make the chicken pop. The restaurant also serves fish, fries, burgers, salads, and ice cream.

Website: Chicken Barn
Telephone: 1-246-623-2276
Business Hours: Vary by location

When you visit a new Caribbean destination and you want to find food, let’s hope this list of Caribbean fast-food restaurants can help you stop those hunger pains.

Image Credit: Roti King (Antigua & Barbuda)

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