Endless Caribbean - Saint Martin Announces Its Gastronomy Festival

Saint Martin Announces Its Gastronomy Festival

The Saint Martin Tourist Office is hosting its Gastronomy Festival in November 2022. The 12-day Festival de la Gastronomie which takes place 11 – 22 November 2022, will be an event for participants to discover, taste and have fun. This year’s festival will be a continuous celebration of food in the country.

Saint Martin has designated 2022 as the year of gastronomy. As a result there have been many celebrations of the island’s food and chefs. Because of its African, French and Creole influences, the country is one of the capitals of fine food in the Caribbean.

The second edition of the festival will feature local and international chefs who will conduct outdoor cooking workshops. Children will also be involved in the festival and will take part in cooking workshops. Adults will have a similar experience and will follow experienced chefs to create tasty meals.

A fun element of the Gastronomy Festival is that restaurants will prepare special menus or meals. This year’s special ingredient is the plantain. Restaurants who choose to participate will be competing for distinctions and awards. Culinary experts will visit the restaurants and taste the specially prepared meals. Some of the titles that are up for grabs are “Gourmet Star”, “City Star”, “Beach Star” and “Authentic Star”. There will also be prizes for Best Barbecue, Best Mixologist and Best Dish. The competition is open to restaurants in Saint Martin (French) and the registration period runs from 10 August to 30 September 2022.

About the Gastronomy Festival

The first edition of the Gastronomy Festival was held in 2021 and its launch was the beginning of a beautiful event. Last year’s festival agenda reveals a number of foodie-approved events such as cooking class, discovery menus featuring the tamarind fruit, high school students competition and music shows.

To find out more about Saint Martin’s culinary offerings, watch the video Saint-Martin, Capitale Gastronomique de la Caraïbe.

Image: Meritt Thomas via Unsplash

Source: Gastronomy Festival 2022: The 2nd Edition is on Track (Saint Martin Breaking News)

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