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Experience the Thrill of Ziplining in the Caribbean

Extreme adventure travellers will be happy to know that they can get their adrenaline pumping by going ziplining in the Caribbean. Many destinations are ripe for zipping because of their diverse landscapes. Feel the breeze, enjoy the scenery and relish in the thrill as you fly through the air over deep gullies, crystal clear seas, expansive savannahs and breathtaking eco areas.

Ziplining is an extreme outdoor activity which entails riding along a steel cable between two points using a harness, belt or seat. Because the cables are suspended high in the air, zipliners will experience a the thrill from gliding through the air. Also, there are some opportunities to take in spectacular views of the surrounding landscapes and seascapes.

Ziplining in the Caribbean

In the Caribbean, there are many countries that offer ziplining activities lines which also provide spectacular views. If you are interested in ziplining in the Caribbean, here are some of the destinations you should consider:

  • St. Lucia
  • Jamaica
  • Puerto Rico
  • St. Maarten
  • USVI
  • Belize
  • Haiti
  • Antigua
  • Cuba
  • Dominican Republic

Ziplining in St. Lucia

The zip lines in St. Lucia are exciting activities that share the spectacular views of the island. The most popular places for ziplining in St. Lucia are Dauphin, Dennery, and Soufriere. Ziplining in St. Lucia is available through Rainforest Adventures St. Lucia in Dauphin, Treetop Adventure Park in Dennery, and Morne Coubaril Historical Adventure Park in Soufriere. Some of the tour businesses which offer packages with zipline tours in St. Lucia are Adventure Tours St. Lucia and KSK Tours.

Ziplining in Jamaica

There are many ziplines in Jamaica which showcase the island’s diverse landscapes. Some of the top locations for ziplining in Jamaica are Jamwest Adventure Park (Westmoreland), Dunn’s River (Ocho Rios), YS Falls (Middlequarters), Mystic Mountain (Ocho Rios), Jamaica’s Great River (Montego Bay) and Chukka Cove (Ocho Rios). Zipline tours in Jamaica are available through Jamaica Zipline Adventure Tours and Jamaica Zipline Adventure Tours.

Ziplining in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is one of the top destinations for ziplining in the Caribbean because of its mountainous and breathtaking landscapes. Some of the most memorable ziplining in Puerto Rico take place at El Yunque National Forest, Toro Negro State Forest and Hacienda Campo Rico. Some of the companies that offer zip lining tours in Puerto Rico are Tours 4 Less Puerto Rico, EcoQuest Adventure and Tours, Aventours Puerto Rico and Batey Adventures.

Ziplining in St. Maarten

The two zip lines in St. Maarten, are a couple of the most memorable ziplines in the Caribbean. Standing on the highest peak in the country, Sentry Hill, a ride on the Flying Dutchman delivers unmatched 360 degree views of the entire island. Check Rainforest Adventures for details of their zipline packages. The second zipline is Pelican Peak which offers awesome views of the capital city Philipsburg. The zipline tour by Sea to Sky Ventures is offered as part of a cultural experience featuring St. Maarten’s rich history.

Ziplining in the USVI

One of the best things about ziplining in the USVI is the scenery. The Carambola Zip Line is an eco-friendly canopy tour that takes you across a tropical rainforest in St. Croix. As you zip across the line, you will be treated to views of the Carambola Valley which overlooks the Carambola Golf Course and the other islands. On St. Thomas, there is another zipline experience for thrill seekers. The Tree Limin’ Extreme Zipline in St. Thomas, is one of the attractions at Tree Limin’ Extreme. Hold on tight as you glide through a rainforest in St. Thomas, and learn about the history and culture of the islands.


Ziplining in Belize

It is no secret that Belize is one the Caribbean’s most prominent eco-tourism destinations. And, to take advantage of the nature in the country, there are ziplines in Belize that showcase the country’s varied landscape. One of the more popular experiences for ziplining in Belize is located at the Altun Ha ruins. The line takes zipliners over a canopy of a rainforest up to 85 feet above the ground. Some of the tour companies that feature the Altun Ha zipline are Royal Belizean Adventures, Salt Life Eco Tours, Viv Tours and Discovery Belize.

Ziplining in Haiti

Dragon’s Breath Flight Line zip line is a blood-pumping experience on the island of Labadee in Haiti. It is the longest over-water zipline in world, but you can only experience it on a Royal Caribbean cruise. The lines are hoisted 500 feet over the beach at Labadee and extend 2,600 feet from beginning to end. The other zipline on the island is the Dragon’s Fire Flight Line, which adds another dimension of adrenaline. For this newer zipline ride, you lie face down in the harness and zip over the water. Although not as tall as Dragon’s Breath, the Fire is 200 feet longer.

Ziplining in Antigua

The Antigua Rainforest Canopy Tour is an exciting experience that includes ziplining in Antigua’s Fig Tree Drive Rainforest. It is the only zipline in Antigua, which makes it one of the most daring activities on the island. There are a total of 13 lines suspended over the forest and they range from 60 feet to 328 feet in length and up to 300 feet from the ground. There are various tours that include tours on different combinations of ziplines and a challenge course. In addition to the zipline canopy tours, there are packages that include additional activities such as kayaking and swimming with stingrays.

Ziplining in Cuba

One of the best things that daring travellers can do in Cuba is take a ride on the Canopy Tour El Fortin. Located in the Viñales National Park in Vinales, the zipline is a unique bird’s eye view of the valley and the park. The Canopy Tour is an adrenaline-pumping activity that zips through the thick trees along a distance of 3,000 feet. Along the way, you will be treated to some of Cuba’s most beautiful landscapes that feature natural and intriguing mogotes. Zipline tours in Cuba are available through Tour 2 Cuba and Cuba 360 Tours.

Ziplining in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is another popular destination for ziplining in the Caribbean. There are ten ziplines in the country that adventure seekers can add to their travel bucket lists. To go ziplining in the Dominican Republic, you should visit the Anamuya Ziplines, Bavaro Adventure Park, Canopy Adventure and Scape Park in Punta Cana; Cano Hodo Siplines, Juana Vincente Ziplines and the Samana Ziplines in Samana; Casa Bonita in Barahona and Laguna Dudu and Monkey Jungle in Puerto Plata.


What is the longest zipline in the Caribbean?

The longest zipline in the Caribbean is the Monster in Puerto Rico. It is a 1.5 mile-long zipline in the Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park.

What is the highest zipline in the Caribbean?

The highest zipline in the Caribbean is the Flying Dutchman in St. Maarten. It is approximately 1,000 feet above the ground.

How much do you have to weigh to zipline?

Individual zipline tours have specific weight requirements, however, zipline riders should weigh between 75 and 250 pounds.

What should I wear on a Caribbean zipline tour?

If you are planning on going ziplining in the Caribbean, you should wear long pants, capris or leggings; a long, comfortable shirt that can be tucked into your pants; enclosed shoes such as sneakers, and sunscreen.

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