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A Foodie’s Guide to Kingston, Jamaica – Where to Eat & Drink

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Kingston is the capital city and cultural heartbeat of Jamaica. The city is a hub of activity and the place you want to be for an authentic Jamaican experience. There is a steady hum in the city which is made by local music, relaxing beaches, inspiring art and culture, striking views of the hills and a thriving foodie culture.

Because of these characteristics, the city has everything for a real Caribbean experience. There are over 300 places to stay in Kingston and guests can choose from a collection of local and international hotels and resorts, guesthouses, apartments, and villas. Additionally, there many attractions and activities, entertainment, and of course, restaurants.

Although Jamaica’s overall foodie culture is one of the most recognised in the Caribbean, it is the experience in Kingston that brings it all to life. Often described as Jamaica’s culinary melting pot, Kingston is home to authentic Jamaican restaurants and international cuisine establishments. These culinary options are guaranteed to delight varying tastes in settings that include casual dining, midscale, and fine dining.

A Foodie’s Guide to Kingston: Where to Eat and Drink

The fine dining restaurants in Kingston are formal, yet unique establishments. Atmospheres in these types of restaurants exude sophistication and elegance and the meals are made from the highest quality ingredients.

Midscale dining restaurants in Kingston are full-service value for money eateries. Menus consist of full meal options and include some traditional favourites that are simple yet fulfilling.

The casual dining restaurants in Kingston are inviting and relaxing locales with laid back atmospheres. Menus consist of traditional and unique meals and food and drinks are moderately priced.

Fine Dining Restaurants in Kingston

Here is a list of the fine dining restaurants in Kingston.

Alexander’s Restaurant
About: Hotel restaurant that serves Jamaican and international cuisine.
Address: 85 Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston

Black Orchid Restaurant
About: Fine dining restaurant that offers non-vegetarian and vegetarian meals.
Address: 39 Lady Musgrave Road, Kingston
Phone: (876) 946-9977

Fromage Brasserie Restaurant
About: Gourmet restaurant that features a fusion of Jamaican-European offerings.
Address: Market Place, Kingston
Phone: (876) 649-0820
Web: https://www.fromageja.com/

OPA Greek Restaurant
About: Greek restaurant that serves Greek cuisine wines, beers and liquors.
Address: 26 Hope Road, Kingston
Phone: (876) 631-2000

Regency Restaurant
About: European dining experience at the Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel.
Address: 17 Waterloo Road, Kingston
Phone: (876) 960-3921

The Terrace
About: Sophisticated dining at the Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel.
Address: 17 Waterloo Road, Kingston
Phone: (876) 926-2211

Midscale Dining Restaurants in Kingston

Here is a list of the midscale dining restaurants in Kingston.

8 Spices Restaurant & Bar
About: Authentic Jamaican restaurant with soulful and flavorful decor
Address: 7 Grosvenor Terrace, Kingston
Phone: (876) 816-1481

Beirut Mediterranean Cuisine
About: Traditional Lebanese food as well as Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Cuisine
Address: 67 Constant Spring Road, Kingston
Phone: (876) 596-5956

CPJ Market & Deli
About: American cuisine restaurant with a premium foods retail store.
Address: 71 Lady Musgrave Road, Kingston
Phone: (876) 633-5976

F&B Downtown
About: Multi-niche venue featuring local dishes and international dishes from Asia and Italy.
Address: 107 Harbour Street, Kingston
Phone: (876) 922-1109

Golden Bowl Restaurant
About: Chinese restaurant that serves Chinese delicacies and specialty dishes.
Address: 7 Cargill Avenue, Kingston
Phone: (876) 960-1030

Jade Garden
About: Authentic dining experience featuring Chinese cuisine.
Address: Shops 54 – 59 Sovereign Mall, Kingston
Phone: (876) 978-3476

Julie Mango Restaurant
About: Multi-cuisine restaurant that serves traditional, vegetarian and vegan meals.
Address: Suite 15, Kingston
Phone: (876) 728-2038

Steakhouse on the Verandah
About: Steak house restaurant that serves premium meals and beverages in a historic home.
Address: Devon House, Kingston
Phone: (876) 616-8833

The Macau Gaming Lounge & Bar
About: Entertaining liming spot that serves delicious pub and casual meals.
Address: 28 Lindsay Crescent, Kingston
Phone: (876) 925-6395

Casual Dining Restaurants in Kingston

Here is a list of the casual dining restaurants in Kingston.

Ali’s Jamaican Cuisine
Address: 24 Annette Crescent, Kingston
Phone: (876) 931-9889

Blue Ridge Restaurant
Address: Lot 9 Salt Hill Road, Kingston
Phone: (876) 562-7580

Blue Window Restaurant
Address: 81 Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston
Phone: (876) 926-3691

Bob Marley’s One Love Cafe
Address: 56 Hope Road, Kingston
Phone: (876) 630-1588

C&C South Beach Cafe
Address: 2 Brompton Road, Kingston
Phone: (876)-649-8136

CPJ Market & Deli
Address: 71 Lady Musgrave Road, Kingston
Phone: (876) 633-5976

Cafe Africa
Address: 2 Trafalgar Road, Kingston
Phone: (876) 828-4144

Cafe Blue Irish Town
Address: Irish Town, Kingston
Phone: (876) 944-8918

Candy Craze
Address: 184 Constant Spring Road, Kingston
Phone: (876) 924-4881

Cellar 8
Address: Manor Park, Kingston
Phone: (876) 648-2573

Damascus Gate
Address: 20 Hope Road, Kingston
Phone: (876) 906-3888

Address: 106 Hope Road, Kingston
Phone: (876) 927-4706

Devon House Development Limited
Address: 26 Hope Road, Kingston
Phone: 876 926-0815

Dragon Court Restaurant
Address: 6 South Avenue, Kingston
Phone: (876) 920-8448

Address: 17 Milepost, Kingston
Phone: (876) 944-8151

Gap Cafe
Address: Holywell, Kingston
Phone: 876 319-2406

Gloria’s Seafood Beach
Address: 15 Foreshore Road, Kingston
Phone: (876) 967-8220

Gloria’s Seafood City
Address: Ocean Boulevard, Kingston
Phone: (876) 619-7905

Gloria’s Seafood Port Royal
Address: 5 Queen Street, Kingston
Phone: (876) 967-8066

Green Haze Hookah Bar and Lounge
Address: Holborn Road, Kingston
Phone: (876) 574-1894

Grog Shoppe
Address: 20 Hope Road, Kingston
Phone: (876) 968-2098

House of Loaves
Address: Garelli Avenue, Kingston
Phone: (876) 435-2851

Jacob’s Place Restaurant
Address: 10 A Springvale Avenue, Kingston
Phone: (876) 665-9690

Jungle Fyah Restaurant and Lounge
Address: Venezia Close, Kingston
Phone: (876) 667-9538

Just Salads
Address: 20 Phoenix Avenue, Kingston
Phone: (876) 754-6117

Kaluga Cafe
Address: Old Harbour, Kingston
Phone: (876) 630-3418

Little Tokyo
Address: 106 Hope Road, Kingston
Phone: (876) 978-7416

Lorna’s Catering
Address: 189 Mountain View Avenue, St. Andrew
Phone: (876) 978-5865

Main Squeeze Ja
Address: Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston
Phone: (876) 505-2809

Mango Tree Restaurant
Address: Altamont Crescent St. Andrew, JA
Phone: (876) 754-6764

Mr. Breakfast
Address: 17 Holborn Road, Kingston
Phone: (876) 798-2422

Moby Dick
Address: 3 Orange Street, Kingston
Phone: (876) 922-4468

Mother Earth Cuisine
Address: 18 Oxford Terrace, Kingston
Phone: (876) 926-2527

Mum’s Homestyle Restaurant
Address: Constant Spring Road, Kingston
Phone: (876) 922-4320

New Leaf Vegetarian Restaurant
Address: 121 Old Hope Road, Kingston
Phone: (876) 977-5243

Nirvanna Restaurant
Address: 1A 80 Lady Musgrave Road, Kingston
Phone: (876) 809-5460

Noodles East
Address: Constant Spring Road, Kingston
Phone: (876) 365-0778

Olive Cove Vegetarian Restaurant
Address: 94 Old Hope Road, Kingston
Phone: (876) 995-9903

One Hundred
Address: 100 Hope Road, Kingston
Phone: (876) 665-3238

Pita Grill
Address: 121 Old Hope Road, Kingston
Phone: (876) 970-4571

Address: 134 Old Hope Road, Kingston
Phone: (876) 613-7520

Prendy’s on the Beach
Address: Hellshire Beach, Kingston
Phone: (876) 385-947

Sea Deck Restaurant
Address: 20 Barbican Road, Kingston
Phone: (876) 702-4032

Sky Dweller Ultra Lounge
Address: 7-9 Ardene Road, Kingston
Phone: (876) 627-4262

Smoke House Grill
Address: Harbour Street, Kingston
Phone: (876) 554-9998

Sonia’s Homestyle Cooking & Natural Juices
Address: 17 Central Avenue, Kingston
Phone: (876) 929-2435

South Avenue Grill
Address: 20A South Avenue, Kingston
Phone: (876) 754-1380

Sweetwood Jerk Joint
Address: 78 Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston
Phone: (876) 906-4854

Tamarind Cuisine
Address: 18-22 Barbican Road, Kingston
Phone: (876) 622-5582

Taurus Court
Address: 1A Lady Musgrave Road, Kingston
Phone: (876) 978-6818

Tea Tree Creperie
Address: 80 Lady Musgrave Road, Kingston
Phone: (876) 978-7333

The Cabana Pool Bar
Address: 1 Saint Lucia Avenue, Kingston
Phone: (876) 926-0000

The Centro – Courtyard by Marriot
Address: 1 Park Close, Kingston
Phone: (876) 618-9900

The Pallet
Address: North Avenue, Kingston
Phone: (876) 576-0603

Toss and Roll Salad Bar
Address: 5 Hope Road, Kingston
Phone: (876) 879-3310

Triple Century Sports Bar
Address: 69 Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston
Phone: (876) 906-2333

Tropical Cuisine
Address: 134 Constant Spring Road, Kingston
Phone: (876) 941-0520

Truck Stop Grill and Bar
Address: 18 West Kings House Road, Kingston
Phone: (876) 631-0841

Address: 29 Barbican Road, Kingston
Phone: (876) 632-5500

Usain Bolt Tracks & Records, Kingston
Address: Marketplace, Kingston
Phone: (876) 906-3903

Veggie Campus
Address: Skibo Avenue, Kingston
Phone: (876) 321-5298

Whitebones Seafood Restaurant
Address: 1 Mannings Hill Road, Kingston
Phone: (876) 925-2813

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Source: Kingston Restaurants (Visit Jamaica/ Jamaica Tourism Board)

Image: Gabre Cameron via Unsplash

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