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Where to Eat in Martinique

Foodies who are curious about the cuisine in Martinique, will be pleasantly surprised by what they will find on the island. Because the island is part of the French Caribbean, there will be an abundance of French flavours and techniques. However, there are also African and Creole influences which create a sumptuous fusion in dishes and beverages.

In Martinique, there is an abundance of seafood and locally grown produce. As a result, restaurant menus include many meals made of these of ingredients. Popular seafood in Martinique includes crab, lobster, and conch. Locally grown vegetables that are often used in meals include sweet potato, chayote squash (also known as christophene), breadfruit and yam.

Where to Eat in Martinique

It has often been said that Martinique’s traditions of breads, cheeses and charcuterie came directly from France. However, its creole food roots are local Caribbean and African treasures. Here are a few suggestions about where to eat in Martinique:

Restaurants in Fort de France

Fort-de-France is the capital city of Martinique. Top attractions in Fort-de-France are the St. Louis Cathedral, the Jardin de Balata and the Annexe Monsigny PNRM national park.

Le Bebaorum

Address: 42 Rte de Chateauboeuf, Fort-de-France 97200, Martinique
Telephone: +596 596 75 03 32
Website: Le Bebaorum
Email: contact@lebabaorum.com

Restaurants in Le Carbet

Le Carbet is a village in the north-west of Martinique. The top attraction in Le Carbet is Zoo de Martinique.

Restaurant Les Arômes Martinique

Address: 13 Avenue du Général de Gaulle, Le Carbet 97221, Martinique
Telephone: 05 96 62 43 22
Website: Restaurant Les Arômes Martinique

Restaurants in Le Marin

Le Marin is a town in the south of Martinique. An attraction in the area is the Morne Gommier mountain, which is a fantastic look out point.

Zanzibar Restaurant

Address: Bord de mer – Plage du Mer -, 11 Boulevard Allegre, Le Marin 97290, Martinique
Telephone: +596 596 74 08 46
Website: Zanzibar Restaurant
Email: zanzibarmarin@orange.fr


Address: 19 D37, Les Anses-d’Arlet 97217, Martinique
Telephone: +596 596 48 00 69
Facebook Page: L’Oasis
Email: loasis972@yahoo.fr


Restaurants in Les Trois-Îlets

Les Trois-Îlets is a town on the west coast of Martinique that abounds the Bay of Fort de France. A must-see attraction in Les-Trois-Ilets is the Maison de la Canne (House of Cane) museum.

Le Barracuda

Address: 37-57 Rue des Bougainvillees, Les Trois-Îlets 97229, Martinique
Telephone: +596 596 66 07 88
Facebook Page: Le Barracuda

Le Kano

Address: 31 Rue des Bougainvillees, Les Trois Ilets, 97229, Martinique
Telephone: +596 596 78 40 33
Website: Le Kano

Le Ti Taurus

Address: Anse Mitan, 28 Rue des Anthuriums, Les Trois-Îlets 97229, Martinique
Telephone: +596 596 76 33 39
Facebook Page: Le Ti Taurus
Email: letitaurus@hotmail.com

Sam Cielo

Address: Rue des Palmiers, Les Trois-Îlets 97229, Martinique
Telephone: +596 696 40 70 25
Website: Sam Cielo

Restaurants in Sainte-Anne

Saint-Anne is a town that occupies the southern most tip of Martinique. It is home to one of the best beaches in Martinique – Grande Anse des Salines.

Restaurant Pirates Beach

Address: Plage de Anse Caritan , Sainte-Anne, Martinique, Martinique
Telephone: +596 596 67 07 56
Facebook Page: Restaurant Pirates Beach
Email: Piratesbeach@outlook.fr

Restaurant Snack Boubou Bokits

Address: 32 Rue Abbe Saffache, Sainte-Anne 97227, Martinique
Telephone: +596 596 76 28 46

La Cour Creole

Address: 15 Rue Jean Marie Tjibaou Sainte-Anne, 97227, Martinique
Telephone: +596 596 62 59 18
Facebook Page: La Cour Creole

Restaurants in Sainte-Luce

Sainte-Luce is a town in the south of Martinique. A popular attraction in the area is the Trois Rivieres distillery and museum.

Case Coco

Address: 97228, 58 Rue Victor Schoelcher, Sainte-Luce 97228, Martinique
Telephone: +05 96 62 32 26
Website: Case Coco
Email: reservation@restaurant-case-coco.fr

La Kabananou

Address: Plage Fond Larion Anse Desert, Sainte-Luce 97228, Martinique
Facebook Page: La Kabananou
Email: laurentb1403@gmail.com

La Pura Vida

Address: Villa B14 – Gros Raisin, Sainte-Luce 97228, Martinique
Telephone: +596 596 53 89 35
Website: La Pura Vida

O Calebassier

Address: Quartier Desert, Sainte-Luce 97228, Martinique
Telephone:+596 696 84 34 84
Facebook Page: O Calebassier
Email: ocalebassier@live.fr

Restaurants in Sainte-Marie

Sainte-Marie is a town in the northeast of Martinique. Attractions in Sainte-Marie include the St. James Plantation and the Morne des Esses mountain peak.

Restaurant Le Point de Vue

Address: Sainte-Marie 97230, Martinique
Telephone: +05 96 69 05 22
Facebook Page: Restaurant Le Point de Vue

Restaurants in Schoelcher

The town of Schoelcher is located on the west coast of Martinique. A popular attraction in the area is the Plage de Madiana beach.

Anba Fey Tol La

Address: Parking De La Plage De Madiana, Schoelcher 97233, Martinique
Telephone: +596 596 61 94 84
Facebook Page: Anba Fey Tol La

What is the National Dish of Martinique

The national dish of Martinique is grilled snapper with creole sauce. However, some locals may counter that the national dish of Martinique is Chicken Columbo. No matter where you go in the Caribbean, the best food to try is local food.

Best Foods to try in Martinique

Local food is one of the ways that you can learn about the culture of the Caribbean. When visiting Martinique there are a few dishes that you have to try. Here are the top 10 meals to add to your Caribbean food bucket list:

  • Accra: A fritter made with saltfish, flour, onions, fresh seasonings, and spices
  • Boudin: Blood sausage made from seafood (boudin blanc) or pork (boudin creole)
  • Columbo: Spiced chicken or lamb in a curry sauce served with rice
  • Dorade Grilée: Grilled sea bream fish served with rice or potatoes and salad
  • Fricassee de Chatrou: Octopus stew made with onions, tomatoes and spices
  • Lambis: Large sea snails that can be grilled, fried or stewed and served with starches
  • Le Matautou de Crabe: Stuffed land or mangrove crabs served with rice or other starches

Recipes From Martinique

Budding chefs and cuisine connoisseurs can try their hand at some of the island’s most loved recipes. Here are ten recipes from Martinique:

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