Endless Caribbean - Guide to Exploring Saba’s Food Scene

Guide to Exploring Saba’s Food Scene

If you are looking for a tiny Caribbean island where the food is fresh, the ingredients are local and the meals are tasty, take a trip to Saba. Saba’s food scene is rivalled only by its diving and hiking and even if you come for one of the three, it makes sense to add in the other two for a wholesome Dutch Caribbean experience.

At just five square miles, the island of Saba is one of the most unique islands in the world and the smallest territory in the Netherlands. Most of the island consists of the Mount Scenery Volcano, which reaches up to 2,910 feet into the air. This attribute alone makes it a must-see island because it sounds like something you can only see on a movie. Visitors who make the trek to Saba are in awe of the beautiful mountain, the surrounding landscapes, and the inspiring island life of the people who live there.

Saba’s Food Scene

Food in Saba is a language that is inspired by the island’s Dutch history and there are other European, Caribbean, Asian and American influences. The result are food establishments with diverse menus, excellent value for money and savvy introductions to locally grown ingredients. The island’s food scene consists of diverse eateries that offer local, regional and international meals.

The bars, pubs and restaurants in Saba are:

  • Angelinas Restaurant
  • Bizzy B Bakery
  • Bottom Bean Cafe
  • Brigadoon
  • Chez Bubba Bistro
  • Choi & Suzan Chinese Restaurant
  • Dimple’s Bar, Lounge, & Restaurant
  • Island Flavor
  • Liam’s Cuisine Bar & Restaurant
  • Lollipops Restaurant
  • Long Haul Grill
  • Pop’s Place
  • Queen’s Hotel Restaurant
  • Rendezvous at Ecolodge
  • Saba Flight Deck
  • Saba Snack
  • Swinging Doors
  • The Hideaway
  • Tropics Café

Angelina’s Restaurant

Angelina’s Restaurant is a family-run restaurant that serves local and international comfort food. The menu includes burgers, pizza, chicken wraps and pasta.

Address: Matthew Levenstone Street, The Bottom
Telephone: 1-599-416-3927
Facebook Page: Angelina’s Restaurant

Bizzy B Bakery

Located in Windwardside, Bizzy B Bakery serves breakfast and lunch from Monday to Saturday. On the menu are fresh sandwiches, soups, pastries, cookies, and warm beverages.

Address: Breadline Plaza, Windwardside
Telephone: 1-599-416-2900
Facebook Page: Saba Bakery
Email: bizzyb.saba@gmail.com

Bottom Bean Café

The Bottom Bean Café is a darling coffee house and café that serves lunch and breakfast. The menu includes hot and cold beverages, salads, wraps, burgers and vegetarian meals.

Address: The Bottom
Telephone: 1-599-416-3385
Website: Bottom Bean Café
Email: bb@cfpch.com


One of the oldest restaurants in Saba, Brigadoon has one of the best menus in the island. The menu features Mediterranean and French fare with a tropical Caribbean twist.

Address: The Road, Windwardside
Telephone: 1-599-416-2380
Facebook Page: Brigadoon Saba
Email: restaurant.brigadoon@gmail.com

Chez Bubba Bistro

Chez Bubba Bistro is a smooth bistro in Windwardside with a 300+ bottle wine bar. For an exciting dining experience, Chez Bubba changes its dinner menu every weekend.

Address: Lambee’s Place, Windwardside
Telephone: 1-599-416-2539
Facebook Page: Chez Bubba Bistro
Email: chezbubbabistro@gmail.com

Choi & Suzan Chinese Restaurant

Choi & Sizan Chinese Restaurant is located up the hill in Windwardside. The restaurant specialises in American-style Chinese and Cantonese food and open 11 AM – 10 PM daily.

Address: Windwardside
Telephone: 1-599-416-2268 or 1-599-416-2353

Dimple’s Bar, Lounge, & Restaurant

Located in the capital city, The Bottom, Dimple’s Bar, Lounge and Restaurant is an all-in-one entertainment centre with good food and vibes. One of the highlights on the menu is the barbeque.

Address: The Bottom
Telephone: 1-599-416-0776

Island Flavor

Fresh from the farm to the table is the vibe at Island Flavour, a restaurant in the Bottom. It’s menu features authentic Caribbean meals and tasty lemon chiller with fresh mint.

Address: The Bottom
Telephone: 1- 599-416-3643
Facebook Page: Island Flavor
Email: islandflavor.saba@gmail.com

Liam’s Cuisine Bar & Restaurant

Liam’s is the resident bar and restaurant at the Saba Arawak Hotel in Windwardside. The menu includes a mix of delicious Asian and Caribbean comfort food and beverages.

Address: The Peak, Windwardside
Telephone: 1- 599-416-2346
Facebook Page: Liam’s Cuisine Bar & Restaurant

Lollipops Restaurant

Lollipops is another restaurant in Saba’s food scene that serves local and Caribbean food. Located in Thais Hill Road, they offer daily specials and also provide a food delivery service.

Address: Thais Hill Road
Telephone: 1-599-416-3330
Email: lollipops.saba.est1991@gmail.com

Long Haul Grill

Long Haul Grill in Windwardside is one of the most memorable restaurants in Saba. It serves classic comfort food such as pizza, burgers, seafood and refreshing cold beverages.

Address: Windwardside
Telephone: 1-599-416-2013
Email: info@longhaulgrillsaba.com

Pop’s Place

Pop’s Place is a seafood restaurant in the Fort Bay Harbor. It is a favourite hangout spot for both locals and visitors who love their food, drinks and entertainment.

Address: Fort Bay
Facebook Page: Pop’s Place Saba

Queen’s Hotel Restaurant and Bar

The Queen’s Hotel Restaurant and Bar is a unique establishment with a restaurant, bar and luxury resort in Saba. The international cuisine restaurant features outdoor seating and ocean breezes.

Address: Troy Hill Drive, The Bottom
Telephone: 1-599-416-3494
Facebook Page: Queen’s Hotel Restaurant and Bar
Email: info@queensaba.com

Rendezvous at Ecolodge

The Rendezvous at Ecolodge is a unique dining experience in the Saba National Rainforest. Opening hours are Thursdays to Saturdays from 4PM to 9 PM and Sundays from 10:30AM to 2:30 PM.

Address: Mount Scenery Road, Windwardside
Telephone: 1-599-416-6237
Facebook Page: Rendezvous at Ecolodge

Saba Flight Deck

Saba Flight Deck Bar is located at the island’s sole airport, Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport. It’s a go-to spot for travellers looking for a quick bit on arrival or prior to departure.

Address: Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport, Flat Point
Facebook Page: Saba Flight Deck

Saba Snack

Saba Snack is a family-owned establishment that offers casual dining that’s affordable and tasty. On the menu are local favourites, Dominican traditions and Mexican-Caribbean meals.

Address: Windwardside
Telephone: 1-599-416-2391
Facebook Page: Saba Snack

Swinging Doors

Located in Windwardside, the Swinging Doors is a classic Caribbean bar where people can relax, chill and enjoy good food. Favourites on the menu are chicken, ribs and steak.

Address: Windwardside
Telephone: 1-599-416-2506

The Hideaway Bar and Restaurant

The Hideaway Bar and Restaurant is a relaxing and comfortable eatery located in Windwardside. The menu reveals a selection of appetizers, salads, sandwiches, mains and desserts.

Address: Breadline Plaza, Windwardside
Telephone: 1- 599-416-2795
Facebook Page: The Hideaway
Email: hideaway.saba@gmail.com

Tropics Café

Tropics Café is a hotel bar and restaurant and one of the highlights at Juliana’s Hotel. Its lunch and dinner menus feature farm to table specialities, cocktails, and wines.

Address: Park Lane, Windwardside
Telephone: 1-599-416-2469
Website: Tropics Café
Email: info@julianas-hotel.com


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Image: Tropics Café


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