Endless Caribbean - 10 Ways To Capture Stunning Caribbean Sunsets With an Ordinary Camera 5

10 Ways To Capture Stunning Caribbean Sunsets With an Ordinary Camera

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Picture this. You’re in the Caribbean, and you have your trusty cell phone with an 8.1-megapixel camera. As you were planning this trip, there was a niggling feeling in the back of your mind, encouraging you to purchase a top of the line digital camera, so that you would be ready to capture stunning Caribbean sunsets each and every day.

However, you ignored that feeling and now you’re stuck with your cell phone and original digital camera. If you’re a pessimist, you will probably kick yourself for years to come. If you’re an optimist, you will be thankful that at least you have some device that can take photos. And if you’re a realist, you should already know the capabilities of your cameras, and you are ready and willing to start snapping away at the first sign of the sun going down.

1. Use the Magic Hours

Endless Caribbean - 10 Ways To Capture Stunning Caribbean Sunsets With an Ordinary Camera 1
Image Credit: The Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority

The magic hours, which consist of the Golden Hour and the Blue Hour are specific periods during the sun’s setting. The golden hour is approximately 30-60 minutes before sunset and light is softer and produces warm shadows. Immediately after the Golden Hour, the Blue Hour begins, and the sky is darker with blueish purplish hues. Tip Credit: DIY Photography

2. Stay Late

To take full advantage of the Magic Hours, you will have to stay late. In some situations and settings, the beauty of the sunset can be seen up to 30 minutes after the sun has gone down. As the sun goes down, you will see the sky change into several colours from yellows to reds to purples to blues. Tip Credit: Digital Photography School

3. Take Candid Photos

Endless Caribbean - 10 Ways To Capture Stunning Caribbean Sunsets With an Ordinary Camera 5
Image Credit: The Curacao Tourist Board Europe

Sometimes the best photos are candid shots that appear to be random. These types of shots capture the raw essence and emotion of the moment. These types of photos are more relaxed and the subjects, if there are any, can be very interesting as they go about their way in a natural and unassuming manner. Tip Credit: Hub Spot

4. Check Your Position

The ideal position for taking sunset photos in the Caribbean is to position yourself directly in front of the sun. If you want to capture silhouettes of people, having the sun directly behind them and you directly in front creates a crisp, dramatic effect against the colours of the sunset. Tip Credit: Buzz Feed

5. Use The Rule of Thirds

Endless Caribbean - 10 Ways To Capture Stunning Caribbean Sunsets With an Ordinary Camera 2
Image Credit: The British Virgin Islands Tourist Board

One of the best ways to capture stunning Caribbean sunsets is to use the rule of thirds for your composition. If you are shooting a sunset from the beach, you should let the beach occupy one third of the frame and the frame the sun and sky in the remaining two thirds. A pro tip is to also include some objects, such as people or trees in the lines of intersection. Tip Credit: Photography Axis

6. Practice Camera Modes

Before you even leave home for the Caribbean, you should spend a couple of evenings practicing your sunset shooting and reviewing the photos. You can practice using different modes and then easily identify which modes are best suited for sunsets. This will also give you a chance to see the impact of different modes on the images. Tip Credit: Cole’s Classroom

7. Clean Your Lens

Making sure your lens are clean before you start taking photos is an important step. Camera lens are prone to specks of dust, grains of dirt and sand and water spots. Although they may appear insignificant as you shoot, your photos will reveal the magnitude of these imperfections. You can use microfiber lens cleaning cloths, lens wipes and Lens pens to ensure that your photos are clean and clear. Tip Credit: Improve Photography

8. Use The White Balance Feature

The white balance feature can make the colours of Caribbean sunsets brighter and more vivid. This is a setting that is used to adjust the color temperature, also known as the different colours of light. White Balance settings, which can enhance your sunset photo, should be chosen based on your scene. If you are unsure, choose the “Auto” function, which will allow the camera to choose an appropriate setting for you. Tip Credit: Digital Photo Mentor

9. Use a Sunset Calculator

Sometimes the perfect sunset photo all depends on being at the right place at the right time. Sunset calculators will tell you when the sun will set on a specific date in a specific location. Sunset calculator apps can be downloaded for both Android and iPhone and are relatively inexpensive. Tip Credit: Digital Camera World

10. Have Fun

Endless Caribbean - 10 Ways To Capture Stunning Caribbean Sunsets With an Ordinary Camera 4
Image Credit: The Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc.

Although some of these tips may seem to be nudging towards more seasoned photographers, you should still enjoy taking photographs. Photography should be a fun and therapeutic activity! Sometimes the best Caribbean sunsets are snapped when you think that nothing is going right. But at the end of the trip, those photos, whether perfect or imperfect will bring smiles to your face. Tip Credit: Photography Life

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