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Tobago is Exploring the Wellness Tourism Niche

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The islands in the Caribbean are continuing their push towards a diversified tourism product that encompasses alternative tourism niches. For example, tourism authorities in Tobago recently initiated a project to develop the island’s health and wellness tourism niche. The first phase of the project was a virtual conference held from July 8th – 9th 2021 on the topic “Exploring Wellness Tourism 360.”

The Tobago Tourism Agency Limited’s new Roadmap for Growth 2020 – 2023 encourages the development and diversification of new niches in tourism. Louis Lewis, Chief Executive Officer of TTAL noted that it was always the agency’s intention to “resuscitate every individual niche” in which the island is very strong. As a result, the agency’s research revealed that Tobago was in a great position to embrace the wellness tourism niche immediately. The niche is a “viable option” for which the island can develop “quality and competitive tourism products.”

Exploring the Wellness Tourism Niche

The Exploring Wellness Tourism 360 conference was an in-depth exploration of the health and wellness tourism niche. The conference programme covered a wide range of areas including latest research, current and future trends and opportunities. Additionally, the conference included keynote presentations, panel discussions and an interactive virtual expo.

Over 350 people registered for the virtual conference. They were given insight into the various aspects of the health and wellness tourism niche including how to identify opportunities in Tobago and how to create a thriving wellness business. Dr. Sherma Roberts, Chairman of the agency, also revealed that the niche which provides products such as thermal spas, ayurvedic medicine, meditation, yoga, and mindfulness centres and programmes spends 178% more than the traditional visitor.

One of the Best Destinations for Health and Wellness

The Honourable Ancil Dennis, Chief Secretary in the Tobago House of Assembly also shared comments on the approach. He reaffirmed that Tobago is one of the best destinations for wellness tourism. Reasons includes the island’s natural environment; its beautiful surroundings; its natural flora and fauna; and the warmth and love of the people of Tobago.

Press Release: Exploring Wellness Tourism 360: Tobago to host virtual wellness tourism conference 

Conference Recap: Tobago Tourism Agency

Image Credit: Tobago Tourism Agency Limited

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