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Endless Soca: Carnival Events in Trinidad and Tobago Roundup

It’s that time of the year when soca and whining are the order of day, night and all times in between. To enjoy all that the Carnival festivities have to offer, you should be up to date on the best carnival events in the southern Caribbean.

Because Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago is a culture rich event that encompasses many artistic genres, everyone in the twin island state can find at least one event to enjoy. For the lovers of music, there are pan concerts; for the art lovers, there are art and craft exhibitions and for the epicureans, there are culinary displays and contests.

Here are a few websites that offer schedules and reviews of the best Carnival events to patronise and take in during this year’s Carnival season.

When Steel Talks (Schedule of Events for Carnival 2019)

This is a basic schedule of all of the main Carnival events planned by the dedicated Carnival planning committee of the Trinidad and Tobago government. Dates of preliminary, semi-final and final events for youth and adult events are noted. When Steel Talks is a love nest of steelpan and music that explores all aspects of pan.

My Trini Lime (NCC Carnival Events 2019)

The event schedule on the My Trini Lime website, includes times and dates for fetes, pan events, calypso competitions and stick fighting showcases to be held throughout the Carnival season. My Trini Lime provides updates on current and future entertainment events in Trinidad and Tobago. There are also articles and commentaries on current events in the two islands.

Loop Trinidad and Tobago (Fete Freshmen: 30+ New Fetes to Debut for Carnival 2019)

Loop Trinidad and Tobago offers a nod to a slew of new fetes added to the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival calendar. Of note is the One Day Festival featuring Allison Hinds; Island Crashers’ Jungle J’Ouvert and Undrunkable Wednesday. Loop TT is a local news service in Trinidad and Tobago with other affiliate sites in 16 locations including Barbados, Jamaica and Curacao.

Trini Jungle Juice (Trinidad Carnival 2019 Events)

Trini Jungle Juice provides an extensive list of Carnival events happening from January to March. This year’s festival calendar includes music shows, album release parties, street parties and bring your own bottle fetes. Trini Jungle Juice is a Trinidadian entertainment website, that provides enhanced Carnival coverage and highlights Caribbean events throughout the Caribbean and around the world.

Trip Savvy (Dates for the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival)

This article provides a detailed run down of when Carnival events are usually held. Main Carnival celebrations start early in the year and conclude on the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. Trip Savvy is a website that’s built on expert travel advice from destination locals. This unique approach to travel is a plus for Caribbean visitors who need trustworthy travel advice on island destinations.

Island Zest (Trinidad Carnival 2019 – Planning Guide)

Island Zest outlines several of the Trinidad Carnival events occurring from January to March. Events include breakfast parties, cooler fetes, all-inclusive events and boat cruises. There is also advice on the steps you should take when choosing a carnival band. Island Zest is an artist and even promotion business that works with Caribbean entrepreneurs, artists and events.

Trinidad Express (Your Carnival Fete Diary 2019)

The Trinidad Express offers a jam packed list of Carnival fetes which are held from January to February. This valuable list also includes the prices of events, so that readers can choose fetes that suit their budgets. Trinidad Express is a newspaper that was founded in 1967 by a group of journalists. Today it is one of the leading newspapers in the twin island republic.

Now that you’ve been exposed to some of the events being held for Carnival, there is no excuse for not attending at least one of them. Take some time out of your busy schedule and soak up the rich culture of Trinidad and Tobago.