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Organise Your Stay at a St. Martin/ St. Maarten Bed and Breakfast

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Prospective visitors to the shared island state are often confused about which side of the island they’re going to stay on. St. Martin is the French owned portion of the island, which inhabits the north of the island, whilst St. Maarten is a Dutch colony that encompasses the south of the island.

Either way, visitors looking for a unique place to stay in St. Martin/ St. Maarten, can stay on either side and still enjoy all that the island has to offer. For good value, the bed and breakfast is always a good option. The bed and breakfast is a small guest lodge that offers complimentary breakfast as part of its package. These are often the best value for accommodation, especially if you are looking to travel the Caribbean on a budget.

How to Choose a Bed and Breakfast

It can take you a long time to find the right bed and breakfast that checks off all of the boxes on your must have list. Choosing a property in the right location, at the right price, and with the right amenities comes down to a few core factors. Any internet search will reveal a number of bed and breakfasts in St. Martin/ St. Maarten, but ultimately, you will have to sift through these lists to find that one perfect property.


Many bed and breakfasts have a theme. In the Caribbean, you may find bed and breakfasts that have a tropical theme, especially if they’re close to the beach. Some many have a more historic feel that may be dictated by the type of building in which the B&B is. Bed and breakfast properties in St. Martin/ St. Maarten may have themes that highlight the French and Dutch historic backgrounds respectively.


Bed and breakfasts offer a very wide variety of breakfasts ranging from very sparse to a full, hearty buffet. Simple breakfasts may be as light as coffee, tea and juice with some pastries and crackers. Extensive breakfasts may be eggs, bacon, sausages, croissants and several more options to choose from. Before you book, you should clarify what type of breakfast is included in the package. If you have special dietary needs, you must reach out to the property owners to find out if you can be accommodated.


The property that you choose, should be everything that you require and more. Does that property have enough bedrooms? Are there enough bathrooms? Is there a private living area or is it a shared space? Will my room have its own kitchen or kitchenette? What about the outdoor space – is there a balcony with a view, gardens or a beachfront with beach chairs and umbrellas?


Checking the reviews on your target B&B is always a good activity which can result in a clearer view of the property. Sites like Trip Advisor, Facebook and Google provide mediums through which guests can leave reviews on their experiences. However, there may be some fake reviews which seek to create a favourable view or discredit the property for whatever reason.


The location of the bed and breakfast is perhaps the most important factor one looks for when choosing a property. Is the property located in a safe area? What is the transportation like – are there attractions close by; is there a bus service; or do you need to hire a car; or hail a taxi to get around? Is the property in a lively area that is close to shopping, restaurants, attractions and the airport? These are all questions that must be answered before you book, because they can impact your choices for the trip.


Having a clear idea of the amenities available, will make your stay more enjoyable. Although the bed and breakfast does not fit the traditional hotel mold, there may be some amenities that are available. Rooms may include the basic toiletries such as toilet paper, soap and shampoo; breakfast items like coffee, tea, sugar and milk; and clean towels every couple of days. The best bed and breakfasts will list these amenities on their website or on the listing page on the booking site.


With the increase in service and emotional support animals being allowed to travel with owners, there is often the question raised; will my animal be allowed on the property? Not all bed and breakfasts are pet-friendly and it is best that this question be asked well in advance of the trip. And, because service animals are no longer restricted to dogs and cats, guests must clear up any confusion, especially if the owners or other guests may be allergic to these animals. Although you can bring your pets to St. Martin/ St. Maarten, there are some regulations that must be adhered to.

Booking Options

Small bed and breakfasts that are popular with guests, will be booked quickly during the high season in the Caribbean. If you have an idea when you would ideally like to stay at the property, but you’re not quite ready to book, you should contact the owner and ask them about the availability at the time. Booking sites like Air, Bed and Breakfast are very well organised and provide calendars which should show available dates.

8 Bed and Breakfasts in St. Martin/ St. Maarten

There are a few bed and breakfasts in St. Martin/ St. Maarten which you should consider if you are planning on visiting the island. Some establishments may offer more amenities than others, but they all share the coziness and hospitality that is a way of life in the Caribbean. Some suggestions are Gingerbread Bed and Breakfast; Sol e Luna; The Horny Toad Guesthouse; Fantastic Guest House; George’s Guesthouse; Villa Serendipity; Villa Rainbow and Dawn Beach.