Endless Caribbean - Go Off the Beaten Path With an Adventure in Nevis
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Go Off the Beaten Path With an Adventure in Nevis

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According to one of the latest Caribbean travel videos, explorers who love the outdoors and are ready to travel should book an adventure in Nevis. The Nevis Tourism Authority launched a new, exciting video that smartly encourages interest in the island. The video highlights the many ways that visitors can go off-the-beaten path with an adventure in Nevis. It’s a known fact that the island has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. However, the video highlights that there are so many other activities that will round out a wholesome trip to Nevis.

CEO of the Nevis Tourism Authority, Jadine Yarde is excited about the impact of the video. She sees it as an important tool that will inspire visitors to visit. The island of Nevis is currently welcoming visitors in a COVID-19 world. And, the video will be used to reinforce these efforts. The video will “share the wealth of experiences” and the “essence of Nevis” to potential guests. The CEO further explained that Nevis was “much more than just a beach destination” and that there was so much beauty on the island.

Adventure in Nevis

The video, which is a tantalizing virtual treat, begins with a welcoming message to potential guests. It then showcases panoramic, breathtaking views of Nevis from the air, land and sea, and effectively highlights many of the activities and attractions that are available on the island. Nevis is an authentic Caribbean experience, which makes it ideal for guests who want a unique adventure.

The video (link below) is also available on the official website of the Nevis Tourism Authority Caribbean Island of Nevis – Nevis Tourism Authority and on their YouTube page.

For more information about visiting Nevis, please visit the online Immigration/ Customs portal for details about travel requirements and protocols.

Press Release: Nevis Entices Visitors With New “Adventure” Video

Image Credit: Nevis Tourism Authority

Go Off the Beaten Path With an Adventure in Nevis

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