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CHTA President Predicts Rapid Return of Caribbean Tourism

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In a recent statement that offered insights into the views of the Caribbean’s hotel agency, Pablo Torres, president of the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA), predicts that there will be a rapid return of Caribbean tourism. This return, which is expected by be faster than other regions of the world, will be spurred by the strict COVID-19 protocols and partnerships throughout the region.


He noted that the Caribbean is the best place to recover from the pandemic and believes that this would lead to a tourism revival. This would assist cash-strapped Caribbean countries that were hard hit by the onset of the pandemic. He also explained that, “Tourism is our key to recovery, to restoring the livelihood of thousands of employees in our industry, to reopening our doors, and welcoming our guests.

Applause for Caribbean Workers

In his statement, he applauded the Caribbean’s responses to the pandemic. And he also commended health care professionals, front line and back line workers. He also recognised the efforts of tourism personnel such as airport staff; airline agents; immigration and customs officers; and ground transportation workers. They have been serving the Caribbean well, whilst adhering to the health and safety protocols.

Recognition of Key Partners in Health

Torres acknowledged that by sharing insights and expertise with its key partners, the CHTA is able to weather the COVID-19 storm. These partners include national hotel and tourism associations; the Caribbean Public Health Agency; the Caribbean Tourism Organization; the UN World Tourism Organization; and the World Travel and Tourism Council.

All Caribbean destinations have stepped up their travel requirements and protocols to restrict the spread of COVID-19 virus. Torres highlighted the lengths that the Caribbean hospitality sector has gone to protect the health and safety of residents and visitors.


At the very minimum, countries have:

  • Developed specific COVID-19 testing requirements
  • Enacted stringent cleaning and sanitization protocols
  • Enforced social distancing and facemask policies
  • Created rules limiting capacity at restaurants and other gathering places

To learn more about the COVID-19 protocols in the Caribbean, please visit Reopening of Caribbean Tourism and Travel.

Press Release: CHTA President Predicts Rapid Return of Caribbean Tourism

CHTA President Predicts Rapid Return of Caribbean Tourism