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Getting Married in Bonaire

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Getting married in Bonaire is an excellent idea for a couple that is looking for an exquisite wedding ceremony location that will be memorable for years to come. To make the process hassle free you can decide to hire a wedding planner who will take care of all of the details for you. But if you’re adventurous and looking for a hands-on experience, then a do-it-yourself wedding is right up your alley.

Before you get married in Bonaire, there are several marriage requirements that you must be mindful of. Some of the important factors are:

  • Legal requirements
  • Specific documents
  • Temporary residency
  • Time to ensure that all of the steps are completed
  • Advanced knowledge of what it will cost to get all of these things completed in time for the big day.

Legal Requirements for Getting Married in Bonaire

Bonaire has specific procedures for getting married on the island. Do it yourself wedding planners should note that it takes around six weeks to get the wedding licence and associated paper work completed.

Ideally, you should start planning your wedding in Bonaire at least one year in advance because of the long process and the amount of things to be done.

Documents and Paperwork

Before getting married in Bonaire, the couple has to write to the Governor of Bonaire at least two months from the desired wedding date, to ask for permission to get married on the island.

The couple also has to apply for a temporary residency permit from the immigration department. Applications for the temporary residency permit must be accompanied by two passport photos for each person and photocopies of the signature photo pages of each passport.

You also have to state your arrival date and how long you will be staying on the island.

If you will be accompanied by witnesses and wedding guests, they will also have to apply for temporary residency and produce the same documents, photos and photocopies.

To complete the official marriage petition you are required to produce your original birth certificates (with a raised seal) which should have the names of both parents. Depending on where you’re from, birth certificates will have to be apostilled by a government office in your home country.

You will also have to provide a declaration of marital status, which proves that you are “single”. If you are divorced or widowed, you will have to provide an apostilled copy of the divorce declaration or a copy of the death certificate of the deceased spouse.

Planning a Bonaire Wedding

To plan a Bonaire wedding on your own requires knowledge of the island. This can be a bit difficult if you do not live in Bonaire. In an effort to reduce any hiccups, you should seek to enlist the help of a local company who can help plan the wedding and finalise all of the details on your behalf. As mentioned before, you need to be start planning very early, so that you will have enough time to complete all requirements.

Bonaire is a charming location for couples looking to get married because of its beautiful backdrops for that special day. The gentle climate allows for outdoor wedding ceremonies at anytime during the year. Couples have the option to hold their events and receptions on the beach or in a tropical garden. Indoor wedding ceremonies are also popular and include the local city hall and traditional churches.

If you are interested in getting married in Bonaire, but you want some local help to plan the wedding, here are a few wedding planners in Bonaire who might be able to offer some assistance:

Suze’s Weddings

Suze’s Weddings is a leading wedding planning company in Bonaire that’s knowledgeable about weddings in the island. They will handle all of your legal details and can create a fully-customised wedding to suit your taste and budget. Leave it to their team to arrange the little details that will make your big day even more special.

Bonaire Tours and Vacations

Bonaire Tours and Vacations is an established destination management company that can take care of all of your marriage needs. Their wedding planners will work tirelessly to ensure that all of the legal requirements, paperwork and wedding arrangements are completed before you arrive in Bonaire.


Celebrations is an event planning business that specialises in weddings, parties and corporate event. They have a wealth of knowledge about local vendors, wedding venues and caterers and are willing to take the hassle away from you so that you can relax. Their wedding services are extensive and include all aspects of the marriage process.

Planning a Bonaire Honeymoon

After you’ve said “I do”, Bonaire offers newlyweds various choices for an awesome honeymoon. The honeymoon is a lot easier than the formalities for getting married in Bonaire. One reason is that it does not require many of the steps that were necessary for the marriage ceremony.

Most of the hotels on the island provide honeymoon packages which include honeymoon suites. However, because it is a popular honeymoon destination, you have to book in advance. You will also have to think about the activities that you want to experience as part of your honeymoon.

Here are some of the hotels in Bonaire that offer special wedding and honeymoon packages:


Bamboo Bali Bonaire

Bamboo Bali Bonaire is located ten minutes’ drive from the Flamingo Airport. The cosy resort features a honeymoon cottage that contains everything you will need for your stay.

Divi Flamingo Beach Resort Bonaire

Divi Flamingo Beach Resort Bonaire is in a high traffic area and is in close proximity to restaurants and shops. The resort offers several wedding and honeymoon packages which include a Caribbean wedding package.

Harbour Village Beach Club

Harbour Village Beach Club provides both wedding and honeymoon packages for couples interested in a private and tranquil experience in Bonaire. The honeymoon package is fully customisable and couples can tailor the package to suit their needs.

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