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Endless Yachts: Yachting in the Caribbean Link Roundup

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Yachting in the Caribbean is quite unlike yachting anywhere else in the world. The waters are gorgeous, waves are friendly, skies are blue and sunny and island hopping is possible thanks to the close proximity of the islands. Luxury yacht charters can be booked in almost all of the Caribbean destinations.

Although sailing trips in the Caribbean may require some big bucks, there is always a way to have fun on a budget. For starters, a catamaran cruise is an affordable alternative that can be enjoyed by the entire family. The best catamaran cruises include a tour of the coastline, lunch, snorkelling with turtles and swimming.

Check out some of the best luxury yachting stories, bits of information, and pieces of inspiration found during this week’s Travel Link Roundup: Endless Yachts.

1. Sail the Bahamas on a Luxury Yacht

Rumour has it, that it’s better in the Bahamas. With over 700 islands to explore, the Bahamas is the spot to enjoy a tropical sailing vacation. If you are considering a luxury yacht charter, get some suggestions from Windward Islands and their Sail the Bahamas on One of These Luxury Yachts article.

2. Best Boat Races in the Caribbean

It’s almost boat racing season in the Caribbean. Book your sailing vacation and get your fill of speedy yachts, sultry sailboats, competitive crews and after-parties. Spectacle on the High Seas: The Best Boat Races in the Caribbean details the best yachting locations in the Caribbean.

3. British Virgin Islands Luxury Yacht Charters

The British Virgin Islands is known as a premium yacht charter destination in the world. Explore the islands of the British Virgin Islands in a catamaran, a luxury motor yacht or a crewed sailing yacht. Take your pick from the BVI Luxury Yacht Charter Guide.

4. Rum- Fuelled Racing at Antigua Sailing Week

The 50th Edition of the Antigua Sailing Week is quickly approaching. Antigua Sailing Week is an annual regatta that consists of six days of sailing action. Local, regional and international teams are entered in a fun yet competitive display of skill and stealth. Read this review of  Rum Fuelled Racing at Antigua Sailing Week 2016.

5. The Ultimate Caribbean Boating Adventure

Yachting in the Caribbean is the perfect opportunity to explore as many islands as possible. It’s cheaper than island hopping by plane, ferry services are limited and cruising gives you little time to get a full taste of the islands. Find out How to Charter a Yacht for the Ultimate Caribbean Boating Adventure.

6. Caribbean Yachting Season

Are you ready for the Caribbean yachting season? Although the season and the hurricane season overlap, there is nothing wrong with getting prepared. Alert your friends, clear your schedule and book your Caribbean sailing holiday. This is only the beginning of how you should Plan for Caribbean Yachting Season.

7. Exploring St. Barths and St. Martin on a Super Yacht

A super yacht Caribbean vacation is the ultimate adventure to see as many Caribbean islands as possible. But, it’s also the best way to see secluded and private retreats of St. Barths and St. Martin. Read what it’s like to have 5 Days Exploring St Barths and St. Martin on a Super Yacht.

8. Upcoming Luxury Yacht Events in the Caribbean

Planning for your next yacht excursion is important. If you know exactly what’s going on, then you can decide where you want to go. The Caribbean is always an excellent destination. Take a look at these 6 Upcoming Events Not to Miss in the Caribbean.

Celebrity Cruise Line

9. A Not So Leisurely Sail Through the Leeward Islands

I love to read first hand experiences of how people explore the Caribbean. It’s so refreshing to see how visitors look at our islands and  describe their time with us. This adventurous couple took a not so leisurely sail Upwind Through the Leeward Islands.

10. Luxury Yacht Caribbean Charters

It’s always a good time to celebrate the little achievements in life. If you want to celebrate your successes, then a Caribbean yacht charter is an excellent option. Take a look at the Luxury Yacht Charters: Top Caribbean Picks and plan your ultimate Caribbean getaway.

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