art galleries and museums in haiti

Art Galleries and Museums in Haiti

The art galleries and museums in Haiti display the exciting culture of a country with African, European and American influences. Haitian art consists of sculptures; paintings; and flag-making and is an important part of the culture and history of Haiti and the Caribbean. As a result, Haitian art is a unique opportunity to be immersed in the country’s history. Therefore, a visit to the premier art galleries and museums in Haiti is a fun addition to your travel itinerary.

Here’s our list of ten must-visit art galleries and museums in Haiti.

1. Expressions Galerie D’Art

Expressions Art Gallery is a popular Haitian art gallery that has been in existence since 1994.  The collection at the gallery consists of original paintings from Haitian artists living in Haiti and outside of Haiti. Located in Petion-Ville, the gallery is celebration of the talent of over one hundred Haitian artists. In addition to displaying and selling artwork, the gallery hosts exhibits and appraises paintings.

Contact Information

  • Address: 55, rue Metellus, Petion-Ville, Haiti
  • Telephone Number: 509- 3713 0522 | 509-3602-0232
  • Email:

2. Musee Ogier – Forbrun (Ogier- Fombrun Museum)

The highlight of the Ogier-Fobrum Museum lies in the history of the property. It was a sugar cane plantation which holds interesting tidbits of Haiti’s history. The museum has three exhibition spaces which are dedicated to the history of Haiti, colonial artifacts and the remains of the sugar can factory. The guided tours of the museum and property also divulge the little know stories of slavery in Haiti and the country’s struggle for freedom.

Contact Information

  • Address: National Highway No. 1, km 77 , Montrouis, Arcadins Coast, Haiti
  • Telephone Number: 509-2811-1918
  • Email: musé
  • Opening Hours: 9:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

3. Galerie D’Art Nader Haiti

Galerie Nader is a fine art gallery that was opened by Georges S. Nader in 1966. Renowned as a treasure trove of Haitian artwork, the Galerie Nader is a popular and well loved gallery. Although the 2010 earthquake destroyed some of the gallery’s paintings, its owners have still been able to maintain a collection of well maintained pieces. This family owned gallery is believed to have one of the largest collections of Haitian art in the world.

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4. National Museum of Art

Located in the Haiti’s capital city of Port-au-Prince, the National Museum of Haiti is home to aged artifacts from the Arawak and Taino Indians and Haiti’s emperors. The museum, completed in 1983, also displays murals which show the treatment of the Indians and Africans by the Spaniards and the French respectively.

Contact Information

  • Address: Avenue Jean Paul II, Port-au-Prince

5. El-Saieh Gallery

The El-Saieh gallery was founded in 1950 by the late Issah El-Saieh, a well known orchestra leader and cultural practitioner. The private gallery has a large, authentic collection of Haitian art that is available for sale at affordable prices. Most importantly, El Saieh is the home of native art and sculpture. Some of its collections feature works by Andre Pierre, Scaha Tebo and Guyobo.

Contact Information

  • Address: 19 Avenue Du  Chili, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
  • Telephone Number: 509-3487-4736 | 509-3427-7797
  • Email:

6. Musee De Guahaba

Musee de Guahaba, is a small historical museum that was founded by William H. Hodges, MD. It is one of the philanthropic projects by Hopital Bon Samaritain. It is one the museums in Haiti that tells the story of Haiti’s struggle for independence as well as the events that have punctuated the country’s history since that time.  The museum also provides information on the indigenous Arawak and Taino tribes.

Contact Information

  • Address: Limbe, Haiti

7. Galerie Marassa

Galerie Marassa was established in 1977 as a gallery with a difference. Michele Gardere Frisch, founder and owner of the gallery is committed to promoting Haitian artistes so that they can be recognised internationally. The gallery has organised several art exhibitions in Haiti and around the world and has organised fundraisers for social and cultural projects.

Contact Information

  • Address: 17, Rue Lamarre, Petion Ville, Haiti
  • Telephone Number:  509-2257-1967 | 509-2257-5424
  • Email:

8. Musee du Pantheon National Haitien

More commonly known by its acronym MUPANAH, the Musee du Pantheon National Hatien has a valuable collection of historic artifacts. The museum opened in 1983 with a mission to conserve Haiti’s history and celebrate its national culture. Additionally, the building that houses MUPANAH is an underground structure and is located in the heart of Port-au-Prince.

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9. Galerie Monnin

The Galerie Monnin was inaugurated by a Swiss couple Mr. & Mrs. Monnin in 1947. They were instrumental in the development of young, local artists who were willing to explore their artistic capabilities. Furthermore, the School of the Monnin Gallery was the catalyst that allowed painters such as Camy Rocher and St. Jean Senatus. The Monnin family runs the gallery.

Contact Information

  • Address: 19 Rigaud, Pétion-Ville, Haiti
  • Telephone Number: 509-2257-44 30 | 509-3680-3240 | 509-3446-8464
  • Email:

10. Musée du Bureau d’Ethnologie

The National Bureau of Ethnology (Musee du Bureau d’Ethnologie) has been described as a quiet and informative museum. The museum provides insights into the Haiti’s native, Taino and African history. The museum is next to a higher learning institute and library which houses precious archives. And, throughout the year, this famous museum in Port-au-Prince hosts thematic exhibitions.

Contact Information

  • Address: 2, Magny Avenue and Oswald Durand Avenue Corner Magloire Ambroise, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
  • Telephone Number: 509-2227-5619

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