Endless Caribbean - How the CHTA is Building a Stronger Caribbean Tourism Product

How the CHTA is Building a Stronger Caribbean Tourism Product

The Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association is working to build a stronger Caribbean tourism product through online roundtable discussions. The main focus of these discussions at this time is to help the region to rebuild and refocus in a COVID-19 world. And as a result, there is hope that the Caribbean can be stronger than it was before the pandemic. And the way to achieve this is through cooperation among tourism service providers, sector partners and other stakeholders.

According to Patricia Affonso-Dass, President of the CHTA, the rationale of the online roundtable discussions is “to embrace and provide valuable service to hospitality and tourism stakeholders in the region.” Therefore, anyone with an interest in the future of the Caribbean’s hotel industry has the opportunity to offer ideas, suggestions and converse with other industry partners.


The invitation for the virtual roundtable is open to all categories of tourism stakeholders. For example, hotel owners; hotel management; hospitality professionals; and tourism business leaders. Affonso-Dass reiterated that in order for the sector to rebuild, it requires “out-of-the-box thinking; dreaming big; (and) keeping our eyes firmly fixed on the future.” She also encouraged participants to share their experiences and ideas. As a result, this information will be used to “guide future association activities”, and “define current needs”.

Roundtables are held on Zoom; are 60 minutes long; and 40 participants can attend each session. However, if there is a large demand for the discussions (in excess of the 40 participants), additional meetings will be offered on the same day.

For more information on the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association’s Roundtables, visit this link.

Source: CHTA Online Roundtables Seek to Build Stronger Caribbean Tourism (CHTA)

Image Credit: The Bermuda Tourism Authority

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