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The British Virgin Islands Tourist Board (BVITB) Launches Redesigned Website

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To modernize the digital experience for visitors and partners, the British Virgin Islands Tourist Board released its redesigned website. The new design is testimony to the British Virgin Islands Tourist Board & Film Commission’s (BVITB) commitment to marketing the destination. Internet marketing is a key element in showcasing the destination and attracting visitors. As a result, the board decided that it was time to refresh and enhance their digital marketing programme.

James Kelley, BVITB’s Digital Marketing Coordinator and project lead, stated, “Our goal is to have the most complete information portal about the BVI there is.” This is a proactive move, especially since there is a shift from traditional advertising and marketing methods such as print, and television. The British Virgin Islands’ tourism team is taking advantage of internet marketing methods.

Redesigned Website

The new website focuses on visual content that intends to lure visitors to the island. Additionally, there is a platform where local businesses can list their products and services and receive messages directly from customers. The site also allows the BVITB to target potential visitors by geographic location. All of these features will work in tandem to assist visitors in planning their vacations to the islands.

Director of Tourism, Clive McCoy, shared that their priority was to create a “new and exciting, yet informative experience for all visitors of the BVITB’s website.” Traveller engagement is key to the success of a tourism focused marketing campaign. And, the cutting-edge website unveiled by the board, will achieve this goal.

Rhodni Skelton, Deputy Director of Tourism, explained that the previous platform was obsolete and presented several challenges. This added to the urgency for a new site that could meet the needs of the BVITB and its target market. Skelton also mentioned that the site will be used in various marketing campaigns. Plans to launch the site in ten new languages, signals that the BVITB is looking to other markets for its tourism product.

Source: British Virgin Islands Tourist Board Unveils Newly Designed Website

Image Credit: British Virgin Islands Tourist Board

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