Endless Caribbean - Bermuda Welcomes the First PGA Tour Event

Bermuda Welcomes the First PGA Tour Event Since March 2020

The first PGA Tour event since March 2020 and the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, will be the Bermuda Championship at the end of October 2020. This event was made possible with permission from the Government of Bermuda, which has consented to a limited number of spectators to attend in person. The 26 October – 01 November 2020 Caribbean golf tournament will be held at the Port Royal Golf Course, Southampton.

First PGA Tour Event Since March 2020

The PGA Tour recently announced several changes to the 2020 Bermuda Championship. The purse has increased to $4 million dollars; the winner will receive 500 FedExCup points; a field-size expansion from 120 to 132; and the winner will qualify for the 2021 Masters Tournament. Sean Sovacool, Tournament Director, describes the tournament as a “milestone the Bermuda Championship is proud to have achieved.”

The Bermuda Tourism Authority’s Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Victoria Isley, expressed gratitude to the government for giving the event the go ahead. She noted that as “title sponsor, the Bermuda Tourism Authority is thrilled to make this possible for Bermuda visitors and our local community.” The event will be broadcast live on The Golf Channel and will be used to “showcase the island’s wide-open spaces, pristine beauty and the naturally physically-distanced sport of golf.”

Health Protocols

In accordance with the Bermuda government’s public-gatherings regulations, a daily allowance of spectators will be outlined. Attendees will have to abide by a number of protocols that are intended to keep everyone safe. Face masks, temperature checks, six feet social distancing and the use of hand sanitizer will be enforced. Autographs will not be permitted.

Tickets are available for sale at the Bermuda Championship website.


Bermuda Tourism Authority: Bermuda Championship to be First PGA TOUR Event since March to Welcome General Admission Spectators

Image Credit: The Bermuda Tourism Authority

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