Endless Caribbean - The Cayman Islands to Host Tourism Business Meetings in September

The Cayman Islands to Host Tourism Meetings in September 2022

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The Caribbean Tourism Organisation’s (CTO) annual tourism business meetings are back for 2022. The meetings and the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) aviation conference will be held in the Cayman Islands in September 2022. Both organisations are partnering with the Cayman Islands Ministry and Department of Tourism for the CTO’s first in-person event in recent times.

The event is an important feature in the Caribbean tourism calendar. It will attract senior tourism officials, ministers of CTO member countries, directors of tourism, media, students, and aviation experts. IATA’s conference will come off during the CTO meetings. It will feature a celebration of Caribbean Aviation Day on 14 September.

Minister for Tourism and Transport in the Cayman Islands, Hon. Kenneth Bryan, is looking forward to welcoming the CTO and delegations to the islands. He acknowledges the work that the CTO does for the region and sees the conference as an opportunity for regional ministers and industry professions to meet feet face to face. The region is still recovering from the pandemic and there is a need to create a solid plan.


Annual Business Meetings

The CTO’s annual Business Meetings, which are usually hosted in a member destination, focus on discussions and planning. COVID-19 was responsible for the previous conference cancellations, so the upcoming September conference is the first event in two years.

This year’s conference will include the following events:

  • CTO Board of Directors Meeting
  • CTO Council of Ministers Meeting
  • The Election of the Chairman of the Council of Ministers
  • Caribbean Youth Congress

Another feature of the upcoming business meetings is the Caribbean Aviation Day. Top management of the airline industry, aeronautical authorities and tourism and aviation officials will meet to discuss pressing topics. On the list are challenges and opportunities, recovery of the region and steps that can be taken to enhance aviation in the Caribbean. Mr. Peter Cerda, IATA’s Regional Vice President for the Americas is confident in the existing spirit of cooperation in the region. He believes that this will allow aviation and tourism in the region to recover economically and socially.

Source: The Cayman Islands to Host Caribbean Tourism Organization and IATA Aviation Conference in September (Caribbean Tourism Authority)

Image: Cayman Islands Ministry and Department of Tourism

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