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Nevis Marathon and Running Festival Returns in September 2022

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The Nevis Tourism Authority is sending out a global invitation for the Nevis Marathon & Running Festival, which will be returning. This is positive and exciting news for running and fitness enthusiasts looking for events in the Caribbean, and for anyone who is in love with Nevis. The festival, which was launched in 2014, will be back in September 2022. This is the first iteration of the running festival since 2019.

Director and race organiser Mr. Greg Philip, is excited to welcome travellers back to Nevis for the event. He said that this year’s event will be even better because the return of the event is an excellent reason to celebrate.

The Nevis Marathon & Running Festival

The Nevis Marathon & Running Festival is held on the island of Nevis, the sister island to St. Kitts. It one of the “most beautiful running events” in the world because of its unique course. The marathon is akin to an island tour and takes participants throughout the Nevis, a unique destination for health and wellness.


The main events in the 2022 festival are a full marathon, a half marathon, 10K and 5K races. This year’s awards will be handcrafted by Mr. Marvin Chapman of Nevis Stone. The top three finishers in each category will receive trophies made in the likeness of Nevis Peak, the island’s highest point. Additionally, all finishers will receive a handcrafted medal.

How to Register for the Festival

To register for the Nevis Marathon and Running Festival, visit the official website – Nevis Marathon.  For media enquiries, please contact Mr. Greg Philip via email at gregphillip73@gmail.com or via phone at 1-869-662-3975.


Where can I find more information about Nevis and the festival?
For information about travelling to Nevis and up-to-date news about the festival follow the Facebook page – Nevis Marathon & Running Festival.

Where can I find a list of resorts and hotels in Nevis?
You can visit the Nevis Tourism Authority website or the Booking.com website for a list of hotels and resorts in Nevis.

How can I get to Nevis by air?
If travelling internationally, you can connect through the Robert L Bradshaw International Airport (SKB) airport in St Kitts to the Vance W Amory International Airport (NEV). The Nevis airport can accommodate small, regional planes and private aircraft.

How can I get to Nevis by sea?
If travelling to Nevis by sea, you have several options such as ferries, cruise ships, water taxis and public boats. The Nevis Tourism Authority has a helpful guide for travellers desirous of travelling to the island by sea.

Are there any travel requirements for visitors to Nevis?
Yes, the Nevis Tourism Authority has outlined requirements for all travellers arriving by sea or air.

Source: Nevis Marathon & Running Festival Returns In 2022 (Nevis Tourism Authority)

Image: The Nevis Tourism Authority

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