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Amazing Staycation Deals in the Caribbean

It’s hard to resist the amazing staycation deals that I see popping up throughout the Caribbean. This is the perfect opportunity to go on vacation, rest, relax and be pampered. When I first heard about the staycation idea more than ten years ago, I was intrigued and excited by the idea of having a real vacation at home.

One of my close colleagues and friends loves a good Caribbean vacation. If she’s not on a staycation, she’s cruising the Caribbean and living her best life. When the staycation idea took it a step further, and jumped right in. To date she has staycationed in Barbados at several hotels and is always on the lookout for more. Some of her favourite staycation experiences were at Coconut Court, the Crane Resort, and several beach houses in Barbados.


What is a Staycation?

A staycation is a holiday in your home country, where you participate in activities at hotels, resorts, villas, other types of accommodation and tour and activity businesses. The best staycation deals offer unbeatable rates for locals which include meals and activities.

Domestic tourism in the Caribbean is a growing thing that allows locals to experience what visitors fall in love with. To take advantage of all that your home country has to offer, check out some of the amazing staycation deals that I found.

Staycations in Barbados

Barbados is one of the most popular destinations that offers staycation deals. Popular staycation deals are usually released on hotels and resorts and watersports activities. To find local savings, follow Staycation Barbados, and check your favourite hotels’ websites.

Mango Bay Hotel

Mango Bay Hotel in Barbados has an amazing staycation deal that runs until the 30 September 2021. The all-inclusive staycation for two, is currently on special at USD 250 per night. This nightly rate includes drinks, breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and non-motorised sports.

Other options available are a day pass (10 a.m. to 6 p.m.) for 2 people. The cost is USD 200 and includes access to a hotel room, lunch, tea, drinks and non-motorised sports. A day pass without access to a hotel room is USD 150.

For bookings, contact reservations@mangobaybarbados.com.

Staycations in the British Virgin Islands

Another destination for amazing staycation deals in the Caribbean is the British Virgin Islands. The islands recently released a comprehensive staycation programme that shares deals from hotels, resorts, car rentals, spa and outdoor activities. Follow BVI Staycation for the latest staycation deals in the British Virgin Islands.

Oil Nut Bay, Virgin Gorda

Oil Nut Bay, one of the most luxurious hotels in the Caribbean, is offering residents of the British Virgin Islands special staycation deals. Guests can save up to 35% on bay and cliff suites. Based on this deal, rates are USD 390 per night for the bay suites and USD 520 per night for the cliff suites.

This offer runs from 16 August to 06 October, 2021.

For bookings, contact reservations@oilnutbay.com.

Staycations in Grenada

Grenada is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. That’s why it makes sense for residents to explore and enjoy every inch of their island. A staycation in Grenada, especially in an area that is not frequented often, is a wonderful idea when rest and relaxation is required.

Petit Anse Grenada

Petit Anse Grenada, a peaceful and calming resort in the north of the island,  is offering valuable staycation rates for residents of Grenada. These deals are marketed as romantic getaways for couples looking for some alone time. The first deal, which is a one night stay with breakfast, starts at USD 110 for night. The second deal is a two-night stay with breakfast for USD 185.

For bookings, visit the Petit Anse website or contact info@petiteanse.com.

Staycations in Antigua

Antigua is another Caribbean island that offers amazing staycation deals. Residents on the island can take advantage of top-rated Caribbean resorts, explore the islands’ 365 beaches and partake in popular watersports activities.

Blue Waters

Blue Waters Resort & Spa, in the heart of the island’s capital, is offering special rates for residents in Antigua. The three packages available are the “Stay-Cay”, the “Day-Cay” and the “Spa-Cay”. The Stay-Cay, which is USD 450 a night for two, includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and beverages. The Day-Cay is an all-inclusive day pass (USD 120 per person) that includes lunch, beverages and use of the facilities. Spa-Cay offers local spa packages at discounted rates for individuals and groups.

For bookings, visit Blue Waters, send an email to reservations@bluewaters.net or call 1-268-462-0290.

If you know about a Caribbean staycation deal that should be included in this list, send us a message via the Contact page. Please include the name of the hotel, its location, the specific staycation deal and when it expires.

Image Credit: Mango Bay Hotel Barbados

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