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When it’s rainy and gloomy and looking for a pick-me-up, try looking at photos of the Caribbean. Find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed. Close your eyes and imagine that you are laying on a white sand beach; or sipping on a fruit punch with an umbrella; or tucking into a meal with juicy Caribbean flavours. Your ultimate goal is to remove the melancholy feelings and replace them with positive vibes and thoughts.

Here are some of the top Caribbean travel blogs that have the most beautiful photos of the Caribbean. When you cannot travel, this is where you should be spending some of your time. It’s free, you can visit these sites as many times as you like, and you can visit any island in the Caribbean via your fingertips. Whenever you’re feeling lonely or depressed, spend some time getting familiar with the content on these websites and imagine that you are right here in the Caribbean.

1. Around the Caribbean

Around the Caribbean is a unique travel blog that shares useful Caribbean travel tips for potential visitors to the region. Articles on the site are written by Caribbean nationals who call the Caribbean home and therefore know the intimate details of the Caribbean countries. If you are planning a trip or thinking about relocating to the Caribbean, Around the Caribbean is your go-to resource.

2. Uncommon Caribbean 

Uncommon Caribbean is a never ending, yet exciting tale told by two brothers from St. Croix. This was one of the first Caribbean tourism blogs that really inspired me and showed me the potential of a home grown Caribbean blog. Steve and Patrick Bennett have successfully highlighted authentic bits and pieces for a unique spotlight of the Caribbean’s cultural heritage.

3. Caribbean and Company 

Even though I’ve never asked permission, I consider myself part of the company of Caribbean and Company. This is one of my favourite Caribbean blogs because it has everything that you need to know about the Caribbean. Spearheaded by a UK based Caribbean Queen, Caribbean and Co. is the ultimate guide to Caribbean travel and luxury lifestyle.

4. Traveling Island Girl 

Instagram has the gift of introducing the world to amazing people from the Caribbean and now I am introducing you to Riselle. The traveling island girl was born on an island, moved to another island, and fell in love with several other islands. Her beautiful stories ooze of her love for the Caribbean, its people and diverse cultures.

5. Carib Journal 

I absolutely love Carib Journal because it keeps me in the loop about what’s going on with Caribbean tourism. The site is updated frequently and covers everything from new hotel construction, reviews of resorts, recommended beverages to taste; first-hand reports on the Caribbean’s best beaches and must-know news about happenings in the region.

6. Travel Lucie 

Travel Lucie is a visual representation of the things that make me happy. Lucie, the creative mind behind this blog, loves food, photography and travel. Her blog is a unique outlet where readers can find information on exciting products, deals and travel related goodness. When you visit the blog, be sure to click on the “Travel Guide” tab because they’re some sweet goodies waiting for you.

7. Caribbean Travel 

Caribbean Travel is the official website of the Caribbean Tourism Development Company. I remember the first time I visited the website several years ago, how impressed I was with the amount of information about all of the destinations in the Caribbean. In my opinion, it is one of the best Caribbean travel blogs on the internet where you can find details about Caribbean destinations. One of the sweetest gestures on the site is their free wedding website offer!

8. Jet Set Sarah 

The name Jet Set Sarah only provides a tiny peek into the achievements of the awesome lady behind the blog. Sarah is a savvy Caribbean travel expert who has been here and did that. The proof is in her numerous accolades that include awards; partnerships with very well-established travel and lifestyle brands; her former role as Executive Editor with the now defunct Caribbean Travel + Life and of course, the Jet Set Sarah blog.

9. Caribya 

Caribya is a unique Caribbean directory that is a must-read resource for Caribbean travellers. It tells you when to visit, where to go, where to stay, how to choose flights, what to pack, how to get around, what to do and where to eat. It’s an easy to use treasure-trove of Caribbean travel information that’s packaged perfectly. One of my favourite features of the site are its star ratings which are based on unbiased views from visitors.

10. Les Fruits De Mer 

Les Fruits De Mer is a visual celebration of wildlife, ecology and natural heritage of St. Martin and the Caribbean. It’s a non-profit French organisation that produces publications, events, films and pop up museums and exhibits which explore St. Martin and the rest of the region. If you want to explore your creative side with Les Fruits De Mer, download their colouring pages for a bit of artsy education.

11. Caribbean Castaways 

When you cross Rum Shop Ryan, a Pirate Captain with Castaway Crystal, a Sandy Bottom First Mate, you get the Caribbean Castaways travel blog. Formerly separate his and hers travel bloggers have combined to form a travel union that is based on a passionate love for the Caribbean. They spend their days documenting and filming the best of the Caribbean so that they can share their discoveries with the rest of the world.

What are some of the Caribbean travel blogs that keep your company? Send me a message on Instagram and I will add them to this list!

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