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Caribbean Airlines Partners With Sherpa for International Travel

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Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the Caribbean in 2020, travel to the Caribbean and around the world has become very complex. In an effort to reduce some of this complexity, Caribbean Airlines has partnered with Sherpa, for international travel to the Caribbean region. It is an online information tool that allows customers to access updated entry information for destinations. It provides information about entry requirements, health and safety, travel restrictions and health declaration forms.


The Partnership With Sherpa for International Travel

Garvin Medera, Chief Executive of Caribbean Airlines explained that the airline was always on the look out for new and innovative ways to improve how it serves its customers. He sees Sherpa as a useful interface that can help with the customer experience. He also noted that Sherpa is “like a virtual advisor” because passengers can find out about entry requirements and other governmental regulations. This will help to reduce anxiety, especially in a travel era, where accurate information is critical.

Max Tremain, Chief Executive of Sherpa recognises the importance of up to date information. He explained that travel has become very complicated because of COVID-19. As a result, the volume of information about restrictions and requirements has grown, and this is further compounded by the fact that the information changes very quickly. He believes that the partnership with Caribbean Airlines is a timely one which signals the airline’s commitment to its customers and restoring their confidence in the airline and travel.

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How to Use Sherpa for International Travel

Sherpa operates like a search engine for travel and provides the latest travel and health restrictions by destination. To use the interface, travellers should:

  1. Visit the Sherpa website
  2. Enter the country that you are travelling from
  3. Enter the country that you are travelling to
  4. Select your departure date
  5. Click “See Restrictions” to get the latest restrictions

Sherpa aggregates its data from many sources such as government websites, tourism offices, the World Health Organisation. Although the information is updated frequently, passengers should double check the government websites or tourism agencies of their destination.

Press Release: Caribbean Airlines & Sherpa – making Travel Easier

Image: Trinidad and Tobago Tourism Authority

Caribbean Airlines Partners With Sherpa for International Travel