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Protect Your Luggage With Anti-Theft Travel Locks

Travellers should have comfort that their luggage is secure when it leaves their sight at check-in. Protecting one’s personal belongings, whilst allowing airport security access to bags is a tricky problem. However, one of the solutions to this problem is to use anti-theft travel locks that are approved by TSA and other airport security details. This gives the traveller peace of mind and allows security to do their job.

If you’re on the fence about whether a luggage lock is right for you, consider the heart-ache of losing your items whilst on vacation. It is definitely not something that you want to deal with on one of your happiest moments. There have been too many horror stories of travellers missing items when travelling. And if you can take small, yet impactful steps to protect your belongings, then you should purchase a set of anti-theft travel locks.

Types of Travel Locks

There are different types of travel locks on the market. TSA approved locks, which may also be used by airport authorities around the world, are available in different styles. There are combination locks, key locks and strap locks. Combination locks do not use keys and require a three or four digit combination to lock them. Key locks use a traditional key and the access point is either at the front or bottom of the lock. Strap locks are dual purpose combination locks that wrap around your luggage and keep it closed in the event of a faulty zipper.

Best Anti-Theft Travel Locks

There are hundreds of locks on the market, but you should purchase locks that have been tested and proven to be be effective. Based on research and reviews, the most effective anti-theft travel locks are:

1. Forge’s TSA Approved Cable Luggage Lock

According to Forge, airport theft is extremely common. Between 2010 and 2014, TSA data from airports in the USA shows that the value of items stolen was over $2 million dollars. To combat this, the Forge developed its TSA Approved Cable Luggage Lock that allows security authorities to access bags safely with a master key.

Colour: Black
Type: Combination cable lock
Material: Zinc alloy body with a braided steel cable
Where to Buy: Amazon

2. Master Lock’s Luggage Lock 4688D

The Master Lock Luggage Lock 4688D is a highly rated travel lock that can be used for luggage and backpacks. This lock represents a solid partnership between Master Lock and the Travel Sentry, an authorised partner of the TSA. The cable on the lock is slim enough to fit through most zippers, but still sturdy enough to protect your bag.

Colour: Black
Type: Combination cable lock
Material: Alloy body with a vinyl covered cable
Where to Buy: Amazon

3. TravelMore’s Secure Mini Key Padlock

TravelMore is a travel accessories brand that provides travel bags, travel tags, and travel locks. The brand’s Secure Mini Key Padlock is a small, but powerful locking device with a detachable stem that can fit through most zippers. It comes with two locks and and can be used on luggage, backpacks, and laptop bags.

Colour: Orange/ Black
Type: Keyed lock with detachable stem
Material: Zinc alloy & plated steel
Where to Buy: Amazon

4. Anvil’s TSA Approved Luggage Lock

When you use TSA approved anti-theft locks you don’t have to worry about your bag being damaged during searching. Anvil’s luggage lock is a four digit combination device that secures your personal belongings. These locks also come with a handy mini screwdriver with a flat head and Phillips head.

Colour: Yellow/ Purple/ Black/ Red
Type: Combination lock with steel shackle
Material: Zinc alloy body and steel stem
Where to Buy: Amazon

5. Talonport’s Keyless TSA Approved Luggage Locks

Talonport’s Keyless TSA Approved Luggage Locks are unique anti-theft travel locks that fit all types of travel bags. There are no keys or combinations, instead the locks use card keys that fit into a slot on the lock. One of the benefits of these locks is that Taloport offers free replacement card keys.

Colour: Black
Type: Card Key (Keyless)
Material: Metal
Where to Buy: Amazon

The best way to protect your luggage when travelling is to use a TSA approved lock. Anti-theft travel locks will give you some peace of mind that your luggage stuff has an additional layer of protection.

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