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Sint Eustatius is the Ideal Tranquil Oasis in the Caribbean

The Caribbean consists of a diverse group of destinations that range from busy and busting to laid back and quiet. Sint Eustatius falls in to the category of exotic, tropical island, replete with coconut trees and hammocks and fruit punch. Even though the island is only eight square miles, it is the place to relax and rewind and enjoy a bit of peace and quiet.

Beautiful and untouched are two words than can be used to adequately describe St. Eustatius. This island thrives on being unpopular and that is a key feature that makes it stand out. This significant and poignant quality is more than enough to attract the traveller who just wants to get away from it all. If you are travelling with one of the lesser known tourism genres in mind, such as health tourism or wellness tourism, Sint Eustatius is the island that you’ve been looking for.

About the Island

Sint Eustatius, which also goes by the name Statia, is a special municipality within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The island was claimed by the Dutch in 1636 after being originally seen by Christopher Columbus in 1493. After the dissolution of the Netherlands Antilles, Statia was incorporated into the Netherlands in 2010 and is still under the rule of the King and Queen of the Netherlands. The primarily Dutch speaking island holds the same special municipality status as Saba and Bonaire.

Location in the Caribbean

Statia is located in the northern Caribbean in close proximity to Saba and St. Kitts and Nevis. Because the island is in the heart of the Caribbean, it experiences wet or hurricane season from June to November and a dry season from December to May of each year.

Plan a Tranquil Oasis in Sint Eustatius

The key to a tranquil oasis in St. Eustatius is largely dependent on your ability to find the right accommodation, partake in relaxing activities and to sample healthy and fulfilling meals at the nicest restaurants.


No large airlines visit the island, which is an immediate plus. However, the island receives regular flight services from Winair and Trans Anguilla Airways. These airlines offer connections to and from St. Maarten and other neighbouring islands. If flying is not preferable, there is a scheduled ferry service from St. Maarten to Statia.


There is an interesting selection of vacation accommodation on the island of Sint Eustatius. There are no large hotel chains, but this allows all visitors to experience the charm of the people of Statia. Although there are not that many places to stay, there is definitely a place for the budget traveller, the mid-range traveller and the luxury oriented traveller.

Country Inn is close to the airport and features an idyllic tropical Caribbean garden. Knippenga Estate Villas are luxury high end villas that are well suited for relaxation and recuperation. The Old Gin House is a historic property that was once a cotton warehouse that now features rooms with either pool views or ocean views.


Although Statia is in the Caribbean, swimming is not always advisable because there are extremely strong undercurrents in the waters around the island. However, the island is one of the best diving and snorkelling locations in this part of the world. Because of its small and somewhat secluded nature, the surrounding reefs are healthy and relatively untouched.

The over thirty diving sites on the island, which are home to various sea life including fish and turtles. Excursions to many of these sites are available at the island’s three dive centres. Dive Statia, Golden Rock Dive Center and Subaqua Dive Center offer a variety of underwater activities. Favourite sites include the Charles L. Brown Wreck, Aquarium and Volcano Fingers.


The few restaurants on the island offer a variety of local and international dishes.

Book Your Trip to St. Eustatius

If you are ready to book your trip to St. Eustatius, the ideal tranquil oasis, you can book a complete vacation packages or you can create your own package and select your desired air and hotel options.

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