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The Bahamas to Host Inaugural FinTech Festival in 2023

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The Securities Commission of the Bahamas and the Government of the Bahamas will be hosting their inaugural FinTech Festival in January 2023. D3 Bahamas is an in-person festival that will be held from the 24th to 26th January 2023 at Atlantis Paradise Island in Nassau. The festival aims to attract 3,000 industry leaders from around the world, and as far away as the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

D3 Bahamas, which is a FinTech and Web3 festival, stands for “decentralised, digital and disruptive”. Hopes are high that it will shape FinTech technologies in the Bahamas and also throughout the Caribbean region and globally. The festival will focus on several digital assets including:

  • Web3
  • Digital and crypto assets
  • Decentralised finance
  • Central bank digital currencies
  • Green finance

Launch of the Inaugural FinTech Festival

Minister of Economic Affairs, Senator the Hon. Michael Halkitis gave a few comments on the launch of the D3 festival. He revealed that the festival is a strategic push by the Bahamian government to grow its digital assets sector. To achieve this, the festival is seeking to bring FinTech professionals, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts and any who is interested in the field to the Bahamas.

Christina Rolle, Executive Director of the Securities Commission explained that the commission is pleased to partner with the government to host the FinTech festival. She sees it as a proactive step by the commission to lead regulatory discussions about FinTech. And, it will also encourage discussions about FinTech and its future in the Bahamas and globally.

About the D3 Bahamas FinTech Festival

Finoverse is the official event organiser of D3 Bahamas. CEO and co-founder of the company, Antony Sar is happy about the collaboration with the government of the Bahamas and the Securities Commission. He explained that the event will focus on digitalisation, decentralisation and disruption which are three trends reshaping financial services.

The festival will comprise of five tracks:

  1. Regulatory Showcase: Collaboration on FinTech issues, trends and risks
  2. Venture Capital Forum: Discussion on issues affecting FinTech and Web3
  3. D3 Startup Battle: Competition for venture capital funding
  4. Bahamas Spotlight: Showcase of Bahamian professionals
  5. Side Events: Networking opportunities

For information about the D3 Bahamas FinTech Festival, please visit the D3 Bahamas website.

Source: Bahamas Ministry of Tourism: Securities Commission Announces Inaugural FinTech Festival

Image: Leonardo Rossatti via Pexels

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