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Airlines in the Caribbean provide valuable services to millions of people in the region. They operate using a variety of business models which enable them to operate services for specific target markets. Because of the geographic makeup of the Caribbean, there are no substitutes for airline travel. As a result, airlines are in a unique position to offer a much-needed service that connects the destinations in the Caribbean.

Caribbean airlines fall into one of three categories. They are full-service carriers, low-cost carriers, and charter carriers. Full-service carriers focus on passenger services, cargo and maintenance; the core business of low-cost carriers is passenger services, but with a cost advantage; and the charter carrier operates flights outside of regular schedules based on the needs of customers (Cento, 2009).

All of these categories support competitive interaction that involves routes, airfares, flight availability, and customer service and customer satisfaction. Caribbean airline companies who operate in the region must be cognizant of these factors, whilst complying with aviation laws and regulations of each individual country and/ or the East Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority.


Airlines in the Caribbean

Here is a list of registered airlines in the Caribbean. For more information about routes, services, reservations, and the airlines’ operations, click on the link to visit the official airline websites.

Airlines in Anguilla

Anguilla Air Services: IATA Designator: Q3/ ICAO Designator: AXL
Trans Anguilla Airways

Airlines in Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua Airways
LIAT: IATA Designator: LI/ ICAO Designator: LIA / Callsign: LIAT

Airlines in Aruba

Aruba Airlines: IATA Designator: AG/ ICAO Designator: ARU / Callsign: Aruba
Comlux Aruba: ICAO Designator: CXB/ Callsign: Starlux

Airlines in the Bahamas

Air Charter Bahamas
Bahamas Air: IATA Designator: UP / ICAO Designator: BHS / Callsign: Bahamas
Cherokee Air: ICAO Designator: FSS/ Callsign: Abaco
Flamingo Air: ICAO Designator: FMR / Callsign: Flamingo Air
Golden Wings Charters
Pineapple Air: ICAO Designator: PNP/ Callsign: Pineapple Air
Sky Bahamas:
Southern Air Charter: IATA Designator: PL/ ICAO Designator: SOA / Callsign: South Aircharter
Western Air: IATA Designator: WT/ ICAO Designator: WST/ Callsign: Western Air

Airlines in Belize

Maya Island Air: IATA Designator: 2M/ ICAO Designator: MYD / Callsign: Myland
Tropic Air Belize: IATA Designator: 9N / ICAO Designator: TOS / Callsign: Tropiser

Airlines in British Virgin Islands

VI Airlink: ICAO Designator: VIL / Callsign: Turtle Dove

Airlines in the Cayman Islands

Cayman Airways: IATA Designator: KX / ICAO Designator: CAY / Callsign: Cayman
Island Air: IATA Designator: / ICAO Designator: / Callsign: None

Airlines in Cuba

Aerogaviota: IATA Designator: KG / ICAO Designator: GTV / Callsign: Gaviota
Cubana: IATA Designator: CU / ICAO Designator: CUB / Callsign: Cubana

Airlines in the Dominican Republic

Aeronaves Dominicanas: Callsign: AROMCA
Air Century: IATA Designator: Y2/ ICAO Designator: CEY/ Callsign: Century Flight
Air Santo Domingo: IATA Designator: EX/ ICAO Designator: SDO
AraJet: IATA Designator: DW/ ICAO Designator: DWI/ Callsign: Dominican
RED Air: IATA Designator: L5/ ICAO Designator: REA/ Callsign: RED DOMINICANA
Servicios Aéreos Profesionales: IATA Designator: 5S/ ICAO Designator: PSV/ Callsign: PROSERVICIOS
Sky Cana: IATA Designator: RD ICAO/ Designator: SNA/ Callsign: CANA
Sky High Aviation Services: IATA Designator: DO/ ICAO Designator: SHH/ Callsign: Sky High

Airlines in Guadeloupe

Air Antilles: IATA Designator: 3S / ICAO Designator: GUY / Callsign: Green Bird
Air Caraibes: IATA Designator: TX / ICAO Designator: FWI/ Callsign: French West

Airlines in Guyana

Roraima Airways: ICAO Designator: ROR/ ICAO Designator: RORAIMA
Trans Guyana Airways: IATA Designator: TG / ICAO Designator: TGY/ Callsign: Trans Guyana

Airlines in Haiti

Sunrise Airways S.A.: IATA Designator: S6/ ICAO Designator: KSZ / Callsign: None

Airlines in Jamaica

Air Link Express: IATA Designator: I4 / ICAO Designator: IOU / Callsign: None

Airlines in Montserrat

Fly Montserrat: IATA Designator: 5M/ ICAO Designator: MNT / Callsign: Montserrat

Airlines in Puerto Rico

Air Flamenco: IATA Designator: F4 / ICAO Designator: WAF / Callsign: Flamenco
Borinquen Air: IATA Designator: FD / ICAO Designator: BNA / Callsign: None
Merlin Express: ICAO Designator: MEI / Callsign: Avalon
Seaborne Airlines: IATA Designator: BB/ ICAO Designator: SBS / Callsign: Seaborne
Vieques Air Link: IATA Designator: V4/ ICAO Designator: VES / Callsign: Vieques

Airlines in St. Maarten & St. Martin

Winair: IATA Designator:WM / ICAO Designator: WIA / Callsign: Windward

Airlines in St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Mustique Airways: ICAO Designator: MAW/ Callsign: Mustique
SVG Air: ICAO Designator: SVG / Callsign: Grenadines

Airlines in Suriname

Blue Wing Airlines: ICAO Designator: BWI / Callsign: Bluetail
Fly All Ways: IATA Designator: 8W / ICAO Designator: EDR / Callsign: Fly All Ways
Gum Air: ICAO Designator: GUM / Callsign: Gum Air
Surinam Airways: IATA Designator: PY/ ICAO Designator: SLM/ Callsign: Surinam

Airlines in Trinidad and Tobago

Caribbean Airlines: IATA Designator: BW / ICAO Designator: BWA / Callsign: Caribbean Airlines

Airlines in the Turks and Caicos Islands

Caicos Express Airways: IATA Designator: 9Q / ICAO Designator: CXE / Callsign: Caicos
InterCaribbean: IATA Designator: JY / ICAO Designator: IWY / Callsign: Island Ways

Airlines in the United States Virgin Islands

Aero Gorda: IATA Designator: DV/ Callsign: None
Coastal Air: IATA Designator: DQ/ ICAO Designator: CXT / Callsign: None


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Image: InterCaribbean

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