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17 Movies Filmed in the Caribbean
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17 Movies Filmed in the Caribbean

I never knew that so many movies were filmed in the Caribbean! It blesses my heart and excites me to see that everyone is on to the fabulousness of the Caribbean. If you’ve never been to the Caribbean, maybe you’ve visited whilst watching one of these films. A film will never give you the same […]

20 Unforgettable Caribbean Cruises
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20 Unforgettable Caribbean Cruises for 2018

Remember back in the day when it seemed that Caribbean cruises were designed with retirees in mind? I can remember seeing photos of seniors in Bermuda shorts, laying on the deck and soaking up the sun with white hats on their heads and aviator shades covering their eyes. Well, those days are long gone, never […]

Hurricane Relief

Hurricane Relief: How to Help Caribbean Victims

This post is dedicated to the many hurricane relief efforts that are available to assist our temporarily devastated islands. On August 30, 2017, Hurricane Irma formed just off the coast of Africa. A few days later on the September 05, 2017, Irma was a powerful 185 miles per hour monster wreaking havoc on the Caribbean. […]

Best Drinks in Puerto Rico
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Best Drinks in Puerto Rico

If you love your stomach, then sampling the local dishes and beverages in the Caribbean should be at the top of your list. For the best drinks in Puerto Rico, we searched high and low for the island’s long time favourites, which include beer, cocktails and rum concoctions. Disclaimer: Many of the beverages mentioned in […]