Endless Caribbean - Grenada is the First Culinary Capital in the Caribbean

Grenada is the First Culinary Capital in the Caribbean

According to the Grenada Tourism Authority, the sister islands of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique are collectively now a Culinary Capital. The designation, which comes from the World Food Travel Association, is an honourable achievement that thrilled the authority. Although Grenada and its sister islands have a strong food culture, this honour will allow them to further expand their reach in the global tourism market.

How Countries Can Achieve Culinary Capital Status

Culinary Capitals is an alternative tourism programme by the World Food Travel Association to highlight culinary cultures around the world. The association is a “leading authority on food and beverage tourism”. Destinations go through a rigorous application process, and if they are successful, they are given marketing support for up to a year. They can use their accreditation to enhance their destination marketing initiatives and develop new tourism niche targets.

Grenada’s Food and Culture

Kirl Grant-Hoschtialek, acting Chief Executive Officer of the Grenada Tourism Authority, is happy with the achievement. She says that Grenada is the Spice of the Caribbean and the new designation fits with this title. Additionally, she believes that the islands will be in a better position to attract travellers who want to experience the links between food and culture.

The island’s national food profile consists of a mixture of fine dining, casual dining, and street food. However, the consistent variables in all these eateries are flavour and flair. Grenada has valuable culinary assets which include its national dish oil down, nutmeg ice-cream and chocolate. Now that the islands have received the Culinary Capital recognition, it will allow them to target cuisine connoisseurs who seek out food and beverage experiences.

The Executive Director of the World Food Travel Association, Erik Wolf, has a similar view. He also sees the Culinary Capitals as a boost for smaller destinations. He says that “food-loving” travellers are “adding destinations like Grenada to their bucket list.”

Press Release: The Grenada Tourism Authority (Pure Grenada)

Image Credit: The Grenada Tourism Authority (Pure Grenada)

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