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What’s Happening in the Caribbean in 2020

Happy New Year and cheers to an awesome 2020! Is this your year to finally visit the Caribbean and cross off those amazing items on your bucket list? If so, we’ve highlighted a few must-experience events that are happening in the Caribbean in 2020. The Caribbean has shown itself to be a diverse destination that […]

Easter in the Caribbean - Foodica
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Easter in the Caribbean

Easter in the Caribbean is strongly rooted in deep religious faiths that recognize the crucifixion, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. At this time of year, several past times become the norm over a period that begins on the first day on Lent, and ends around the Easter Monday Bank Holiday. Although times have changed […]

Saint Patrick's Festival in Montserrat
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Saint Patrick’s Festival in Montserrat

In Montserrat, the Saint Patrick’s Festival highlights the island’s African and Irish heritage. It is a national holiday in the island which celebrates Montserrat’s history and is a Christian commemoration of the Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. Saint Patrick’s Day Saint Patrick’s Day which is also known as the Feast of […]